An Open Letter…

posted by Billy Carpenter

I need to preface this by saying that the following is from me, and me alone. It may or may not be how my partners at feel, so if you want to spew some hate after reading this, send it my way. Just make sure your arms aren’t too short to box with God…

This may or may not get me a few ‘unfollowers’ in the Twitter-verse. I really don’t care, as I don’t get paid by the amount of followers I have on my account. If the following strikes a nerve with you, then maybe you’re the one that this letter is about.

There will always be people for and against whatever the current product on WWE TV is at any given time–that goes without saying. As long as there has been pro wrestling/sports entertainment, there have been fans who argue as to what is and what isn’t “good for business”. I get into those discussions quite a bit, especially when there are some blatantly terrible things that are put on our television screens. Look no further than the wretched segment from this past Monday’s RAW featuring Tensai–in lingerie–dancing in the ring with a guy who’s nickname is the ‘Funkasaurus’. That’s not why I fell in love with wrestling, and if you happened to listen to the Four Corners Radio podcast from last night (cheap plug), you would’ve heard my sentiments on the segment.

With that being said, there seems to be this increasingly larger section of fans clogging up my inbox, DM’s and Twitter feeds with nothing but sheer negativity in regards to every aspect of every show that comes on. STOP. For the love of Christ, just stop. What we all need to understand as fans is that the WWE is a corporation–a publicly traded corporation. They have an obligation to share holders, of which I am a former, to reach as broad of an audience as possible. For every great CM Punk promo or great match from the likes of Daniel Bryan or Antonio Cesaro, we are subjected to dance-offs, Khali sing-alongs and ‘Super Cena’ squashes in return. Doesn’t mean that I like it, but it’s going to happen. Kids, whether we want to face this fact or not, are still the target demo for much of their product and these are things that interest them. They decide what the parents buy for them, and most of the time it’s not necessarily what we would buy for ourselves. Case in point; the last house show I went to in Spokane back in October. My kids, like almost every kid in the building (and more than a few adults) were buying John Cena merchandise, with Zack Ryder the only superstar coming close to be second. I’ve heard that John Cena ‘”doesn’t sell anymore”, and I would like to see where those stats came from, because it sounds ridiculously skewed. You can complain about The Rock being WWE Champion. and even I have to some degree. The fact is that he is THE biggest crossover star in the history of professional wrestling, bigger than Hulk Hogan now, in my view. I say that in terms of being a bonafied A-list Hollywood movie star, someone who’s a legit household name outside of “Oh, the wrestling guy?”. Do you have to like how he won the WWE title at the Royal Rumble, or even that he’s the champion at all? I don’t necessarily like how he won the gold either, but you can’t argue that he brings in more money, bigger PPV buyrates and larger television audiences every week. The general consensus among older wrestling fans is that we don’t want Cena/Rock II at this year’s WrestleMania, but can you tell me of another match that will make more money? It’s not what I personally want to see, but the goal of WWE, and every other wrestling promotion in the WORLD, is to make as much money as they possibly can. John Cena vs The Rock made WWE a ton of money last year in Miami, and will figure to do so again this year if that’s how the storyline plays out.

That last bit was kind of making a point inside of a point, so I’ll digress back to where I was originally going. If you hate every single segment of every single show, every single week–then why do you watch wrestling? Why subject yourself to something that you absolutely loathe? It’s a bit like running head first into a brick wall over and over again and expecting a different result every time–you’ll just end up with a brick wall and a headache. If you don’t like what’s being put forth by WWE,or whatever company you follow, FIND SOMETHING ELSE. I don’t understand why someone would sit and watch something that they will only complain about for 3 hours. Is it to portray this image of what you think is a ‘smart fan’? Maybe get a few more Twitter followers? There’s a ton of options out there as far as wrestling viewing goes, more so now than when I was growing up. If the WWE is really that bad to you, check out New Japan, who are right now putting out the best stuff in the world. Dragon Gate & DGUSA are two of my favorites, as well. PWG, ROH, AIW, Chikara, the Wrestling Is… promotions, EVOLVE, 2CW, even TNA…there ARE alternatives, and lots of them. Wrestling should be fun to watch–for me, it’s escapism. A chance to go into a another world and just enjoy myself. That’s what it should be for all of you. Don’t worry about financials, buyrate numbers, PPV numbers and the like. Don’t be a jaded, ‘I hate everything because it’s not what I like’ fan…JUST HAVE FUN. If you can’t, then maybe pro wrestling just isn’t for you.


2 thoughts on “An Open Letter…

  1. A lot of sense being spoken here, in this Internet age a wider range of wrestling has never been more attainable. While WWE may not be perfect (at times it’s quite the opposite), I’m more than willing to sit through awful segments like those seen at Raw Roulette if it means I can see performers such as Punk, Bryan, Jericho, Ziggler et al on my TV every week. Focus on what you liked about the show, not what you hated, “glass half full” & all that, eh? (Just don’t ask me about Bo Dallas, okay?).


  2. Exactly! Escapism is the word that ‘escaped’ me the other day when I wrote an article along the same lines as this! I’ve recently started to just ‘enjoy’ the shows again and not crap all over everything, every week! I’m happier for it! Good article pal 🙂


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