The 5th Element: 5 Things I Learned In Wrestling This Week (2/11-2/15)

Always imitated. Never duplicated. #4CR

Here is a new series I will do every Friday from here on out. Every week we watch so much wrestling and interact with our followers on Twitter and our friends in real life that we forget the things we learned in wrestling throughout the week. Whether it be good or bad, we learned something. It makes us a smarter wrestling fan and it makes us better for the sport we love. Now, everything in these articles does not have to relate to the current week. It might be something we watched or something we saw or listened to or happened to come across. Hopefully you learn something from this and if not… oh well, at least you read it

5. The Rock is not The Rock.

Did anyone happen to catch this?

Apart from the CM Punk part where Punk lays him out, The Rock is simply talking out the side of his mouth. This isn’t The Rock that some of us grew up with. Now, I’ve known that he isn’t his best and I’ve read that he even had to have promo coaches to get him back into “form”. I don’t know who is coach was but he did a really, really bad job. I used to hang on The Rock’s every word back in 1998-2000 but now I could care less. Promos and mic ability is all about the psychological damage you can do to your opponent. The Rock used to be able to captivate an audience. Now, he puts that same audience to sleep.

Just remember this Rock and remember the days of good mic skills and promos from The Great One.

4. ACH is the best Indy Talent out.

You see this right here?

These are my two personal favorite indy wrestlers out there. However, ACH is the best of these two in my humble opinion. He has the in ring ability to get it done. He reminds me of a young Bryan Danielson (who we all know is my favorite) and that excites me. This is a talent that needs to go on a lot of world tours, enhance his wrestling style, and he will be over the top. Look out for this kid because he will be HUGE in 2013.

3. Sometimes, less is really more.


Is there really anymore that needs to be said? I don’t need to see any videos. I don’t need anymore photos. El Generico is El Generico. To me, that is awesome. I just wish Chris Hero could have been Chris Hero. Because I don’t care what anyone says, that was one of the best gimmicks in wrestling history.

2. Let’s not get carried away anytime soon.


As much as I like The Shield and their “mission” don’t forget who they are fighting. The Royal Rumble winner, John Cena, Ryback who hasn’t beaten The Shield yet, and Sheamus who is a fan favorite for whatever reason. If John Cena, the golden boy, loses here I will really shocked. He will be heading into WrestleMania with a loss and they expect him to win? Not smart booking but this is WWE… they’ve done worse.

Am I Right?

1. You can find the best of anything if you just look hard enough.

I like wrestling theme mashups. I found this and I thought it would be awesome if CM Punk and The Miz teamed.

Which I hope never happens. Ever. But sometimes good things come out of bad people. Just don’t ever forget this… because this is the greatest thing you’ll probably see for a while:


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– Ant


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