Don’t Take the Fun Out of Wrestling

There is a giant issue in wrestling with fans and promoters. Somewhere along the lines they seem to have forgotten the purpose of this wonderful craft that we love so much. People tend to take wrestling so seriously but for what reason? Pro wrestling is not a legitimate sport. It has predetermined outcomes. The storylines are scripted. I say this because people don’t seem to understand this. Pro wrestling is a medium for the fans to enjoy and not for people to complain about. It is a form of entertainment to come out of carnivals. It is not meant for people to get insanely upset with. And this is where this whole piece springs from. People need to understand wrestling is supposed to be fun. I’m going to point to a few examples that bring large amounts of fun but some people don’t want to see it that way. Or some that simply bring lots of the fun. So here we go on this wonderful journey:

Team Hell NO!

Daniel Bryan and Kane. These guys are devising all fans these days. They are the current World Tag Team Champions and consist of one of the top wrestlers on the planet and one of the bigger characters still around from the beloved Attitude Era. On paper that sounds like something that people should like. And while they do there is one main thing working against them, comedy. People don’t want to see Daniel Bryan cracking jokes and being called a goat, they want him kicking heads in. Kane actually is probably gained The thing people have been blinded by a lot of the time as that Team Hell NO segments end up being some of the best of Raw whenever they take place. They have had those belts a little longer than needed but to be angry that D-Bry is being used HORRIBLY is a little strong. Could he be used better? Absolutely but I accept that right now I’m not going to be getting that so I embrace that him and Kane will deliver some pretty funny, if a little juvenile, stuff. And lets not forget them being part of a great match against The Shield in 2012 so its not like we are getting zero Daniel Bryan goodness.


Take note that he’s only killing Alex Riley. Pretty low on the totem pole.

This is a guy who has gotten a lot of flak for his new tag team with Brodus Clay. I understand but I refuse to accept it. Tensai is a phenomenal big man who showed off a lot of what he was about in Japan as Giant Bernard. When WWE picked him up people were expecting this awesome wrestler that they had already been familiar with between him being A-Train, Albert, and Giant Bernard. He came in and he flopped. I don’t know how WWE took this gem of an opportunity and muffed it but they did. So Tensai has been floundering about doing nothing of note but then he starts becoming a part of comedy bits on Raw. This did not settle well with many fans. Then came the infamous lingerie dance that Tensai gave and then fans bursted out in anger.  Why would they have this great talent DANCE IN LINGERIE! But while that was the worse of the happenings, and that was pretty bad, that dance more or less segued into a tag team between Tensai and Brodus Clay and they still dance. And the big men got some moves. So while fans are angry with this let’s take a step back. Tensai, a guy that many fans enjoyed the work of in Japan, is finding a little success in WWE which was not happening as he was a serious guy. He’s also doing it while having fun it looks like. Would he love to be a title contender? Yes, but I’d think he’d rather enjoy himself over being a super serious wrestler that no one cares about at all. Would he love to still be tagging with Anderson in Japan? Obviously but that has more with Anderson than his work in WWE so those tweets of “I bet you really wish you were back with Anderson in Japan” can be put to rest. Enjoy the fun that Tensai and Clay are doing and try not to let the fact that he isn’t a serious contender or anything take away from that.

Captain New Japan

Captain New Japan=Pure Awesome

NJPW is a promotion a lot of American fans have been getting into lately with being able to access shows more easily with NJPW doing iPPVs. I see a lot of fans saying they enjoy the promotion do to its almost sport like presentation. Here I bring you Captain New Japan. He is not quite what people associate with NJPW. Yet he is there and he is great. Captain NJ is fun as heck but do you see tons of fans complaining that he is on a show? Nope, you don’t because he is not meant to blow minds in the ring but to lighten the mood.


This is a company you may have realized that I enjoy an extreme amount. Calling Chikara a comic book come to life is a spot on description. Its characters are colorful and the world is incredibly rich with things to enjoy. That isn’t to mention that consistently fun cards they put out. This is a company chock full of fun with little bits of fun inside those other pieces of fun. It has come to my attention that people have confused that fun with being aimed at kids. Chikara is not AIMED at kids but rather is a product that greatly appeals to kids because the aforementioned characters and world plus there isn’t swearing or blood. That last bit is honestly one of the most appealing things to me as a 20 year old Chikara fan. People complain about WWE being PG. I complain about the WWE not being PG. Yes the rating says that but in actuality it is the product they’d run despite the rating with a few less swear words and a little less blood. And as you probably know they break both those rules on occasion. Chikara is a pure bred. They say they are family friendly and they mean it. You will not see blood or storylines that try to be edgy or even so much as the fans start a chant with a swear word. It is simply fun and this is why I get upset when someone calls it a “kiddie” promotion. Just because it allows for children to enjoy it without parents being afraid something inappropriate can happen doesn’t mean it is a “kiddie” promotion just a sensible one.  For wrestling fans that are maybe a little more mature these elements shouldn’t turn you off because that rich world is there for you to enjoy and explore. There are story arcs with moving bits and pieces that if you notice, the story just becomes that much more engrossing. The last bit on Chikara is about the comedy. They want to make wrestling fun. Humor perfectly belongs in wrestling and Chikara has wrestlers that do it than almost anywhere else on the planet. These comedy matches keep things light and so people don’t get too serious about things. Then when matches deserve to be taken seriously the comedy takes a back seat and the contrast makes important matches seem important. So in the end Chikara brings fun into wrestling in the best way possible. Don’t let the fact that some of the edgy aspects of wrestling are missing. Enjoy this promotion for what it is, a whimsical world of extraordinary characters and solid to great action.

So that’s all I wanted to say here. You will probably disagree with me and that’s fine. There is clearly a place for seriousness in wrestling but I think if something is fun that we shouldn’t shrug it off to the side purely based on the fat that its not taking its self too seriously. Enjoy wrestling. We were given this wonderful medium to enjoy every part of it and yes that includes that FUN parts. I’ve said FUN so many times that I’m pretty sure I’ve had to drive home the idea that you should have FUN when you watch wrestling for the most part. Not saying if you love the serious aspects than they can take priority but when a plate full of FUN is put in front of you don’t say “Fuck that,”.

-Sammy D


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