Fixing the Broken Window

by Jacob Godwin


There aren’t many things wrestling fans agree on but one thing that we can is that the WWE is in desperate need of a reform of its tag team division again. We found ourselves in the same place less than a year ago, however the kindling was lit and we got off to a good start; tag team wrestling started being a focus again. However, it was only temporary.



Somewhere along the way of this Tag Genesis, Kane and Daniel Bryan won the titles and the tag team division started to fall apart. This is not a knock on Daniel Bryan or Kane. Bryan’s ring work is breath taking , and Kane has earned his spot and has held numerous titles including tag belts, multiple times. I was actually happy with them winning the titles at the time. It made sense. Someone such as the Prime Time Players or The Rhodes Scholars would eventually come along and beat them to take the belts. This would make the new champions look strong defeating the distinguished talent. However, this has yet to happen. In fact, Kane and Bryan have destroyed everyone in front of them, recently doing so while one was blind folded and the other had his hand tied behind his back. The tag division hadn’t suffered a blow this bad since Shawn Michaels super kicked Jannetty through the barber shop window.

I’ve heard a lot of people say the tag division again is dead especially after that match. However I think it could still have some life breathed into it. We know the division is better than this and the WWE knows it is too. They also know there is always a way to come out of a bad spot of every story.

I also feel WWE needs the tag division now more than ever. WWE puts out 8 hours of Imagetelevision a week. That’s a lot of air time. People are only going to want to see the main guys before they get tired of them and stop watching. Right now it is ‘Mania season, so a lot of this time will be taken up by the part timers, but that all ends next month.

WWE also has a huge roster. It’s so huge, talent gets cut out of video games that have 60+ playable characters. There are no longer brand rosters, so this gives you the freedom to Imagespread out and experiment. There are guys who would take a tag spot and run with it. Kofi Kingston, Zack Ryder, Justin Gabriel, even The Miz have all held tag belts, and would make solid champions again. New blood like Michael McGuillicutty or Bo Dallas, would be a great asset to the tag division. I only started to tolerate Sin Cara when he started teaming up with Rey Mysterio. Sure, everyone wants to be the main event, but you have start somewhere. Before he was opening up cans of whoop ass, Stone Cold was stunning by name with the Hollywood Blondes. Before he was King Booker or even the “FIVE TIME” World Champion, Booker T and his brother Stevie Ray, (and they were comin’ for you… well). These weren’t short term deals either, young fans believe it or not, some tag teams used to be together for years. Also, I haven’t even mentioned the fact they’re are tag teams that are under used/not usedImage as all such as the The Uso’s, Epico & Primo, Brodus Clay & Tensai, Prime Time Players, and the 3MB. The possibilities are near endless.

The last point I’m going to make is you’ve got the legends to help develop tag team wrestling behind the scenes. BooKer T, the New Age Outlaws, Scott Armstrong, William Regal, not to mention HHH, all know plenty about developing strong tag teams and spend a lot of time with these guys. They could help to develop some solid in ring work.

In conclusion the tag team division needs some work again. With a little time and effort it can be solid again. WWE has the time, talent, and the means to do it. The market is there. The people want it. It just needs the booking. I’m sure us fans have plenty of thoughts on that as well.


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