The State of WWE Booking And The Predictability Of The Product

by setsugekka

I have been a fan of professional wrestling for probably over 20 years. I’ve been through a lot of the most notable moments in wrestling. The Coconut, the Montreal Screwjob, The Finger Poke of Doom, Victory Road 2011 and all points in between. Which leads me to ask myself one question. “What happened? What happened to the times we popped when Vince pulled back that hood and revealed himself to be the ‘Higher Power’ or we found out it was actually Triple H that ‘ran down’ Stone Cold that night at Survivor Series almost a year later”

What happened to professional wre- oh sorry Vince “SPORTS ENTERTAINMENT” that aside from the occasional swerve (and no I’m not talking Russo swerves that are so out of left field it’s ridiculous) are things so predictable nowadays? Now this isn’t going to be a 200 line diatribe about John Cena and how he’s booked to lose a match once a century up until 2012 because he’s not the central figure of this new wave of predictable booking. I’m talking top to bottom from the curtain jerkers to the main eventers.

Let’s take a look at a prime example:

Dolph Ziggler

Mr. Money In The Bank. The Show-off. The guy who …has won only four out of his 17 matches since his arguably surprising win over Cena at TLC?

Okay okay I get it. This is the part where you say “Well Daniel Bryan had the same thing happen to him and then he cashed in at TLC which basically lead to him becoming the most over star in probably the last 5-7 years!” which is absolutely true. Here’s my issue with that. Number one this supports my stance that booking is generic and repetitive and number two they’re two completely different people with the only common thread being AJ somehow injecting herself into the situation.

So by this line of thinking I’m guessing Creative’s idea of making the cash in feel more epic is to almost bury him by making him look so weak that he can’t even win with Big E and AJ interfering? Don’t get me wrong it’s better than his Spirit Squad or “Hi I’m Dolph Ziggler” by a mile but can you at least try to not make your next World Heavyweight Champion look like such a chump? I still see him cashing in after Del Rio/Swagger but I also wouldn’t be surprised if he has the briefcase just weeks before MitB 2013.

This is just one example out of many. Let’s all be completely honest. You knew who was going to fight Taker at Wrestlemania 29 even before that Fatal Four way was announced whether or not you read dirtsheets or even know what they are to begin with. The WWE was not going to allow their former champion of over a year be left off the card entirely let alone be in some squash match at their biggest event of the year. We all knew after Cena won the Rumble that Rock was going over at the Rumble that Punk wasn’t getting his win back at Elimination Chamber leaving him only one of two options: Taker can’t go and he get’s shoehorned into Rock/Cena II or go after the Streak. Whether or not he can is a completely different story for another time.

Don’t get me wrong I love wrestling and on the whole I don’t think WWE is doing a bad job by any stretch of the imagination. In fact I think that things will pick up instead of the typical fizzle that happens after Mania with some really great storylines heading into Extreme Rules and hopefully past that. I just wish there were more unexpected moments and a little more intrigue rather than hearing a match announced and having it be met with an eye roll and a sarcastic “gee I wonder who’s going over in that one”.



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