Corner of Honor, 3/12/2013



Welcome back to the latest edition of ‘Corner of Honor’!  Thanks to all of you who have checked this little column out so far and have left me some positive words!  No time to waste though, let’s jump right in to this week’s COH!


ROH TV Review; 3/10/2013

Here’s my Twitter-style review, taken from my thoughts on the @4CRadio feed while watching the show!  Follow along with me every week and use #4CRROH and maybe your tweets will be featured in a future column!

*We start things off w/ a recap of last week’s good tag match between WGTT & The Briscoes, which saw Haas turn on Benjamin!

*I hope we get some more @MariaLKanellis on the show this week. We love Maria here @ #4CR!

*Our first match this week is between Rhett Titus & Eddie Edwards!

*Good back and forth match so far.  I’m not hating this one bit.

*Edwards w/ the win following an Achilles Lock/Head Stomp combo (ref stoppage)!

*Now, Mia Yim battles MsChif in a ‘Women of Honor’ match!


*THIS is how you showcase women’s wrestling…good stuff so far!

*MsChif pins Mia following the Desecrator!

*4 Corner Survival up next as Roderick Strong, Michael Elgin, Matt Hardy & Davey Richards battle in the main event!

*Real solid action all around here, I’m digging it.

*Elgin comes up with the victory after an Elginbomb on Strong!


Join me next time for #4CRROH and, like I said, maybe your tweets will be included in this very recap next week!


Quick News

  • A few new matches have been added to March 30th’s “WAR” event in Asheville, NC.  In addition to Kevin Steen defending the ROH World title against Mark Briscoe, BJ Whitmer will do battle against one of S.C.U.M.’s newest members, Rhett Titus.  Also signed is a four man ‘Proving Ground’ match featuring new TV champ Matt Taven, Jay Lethal, ACH and Roderick Strong.  This is shaping up to be another good card from ROH, and I’ll have more info on it as it becomes available.
  • There’s been some talk of removing Caleb Seltzer from his position at the announce table.  Certainly still a rumor, but I’m a little indifferent to the whole situation, I guess.  Bring back Lenny Leonard & Dave Prazak!
  • As we discussed in the last ‘Corner of Honor’, tickets for ‘Supercard of Honor VII’ are sold out, and fans who happen to have tickets to the show will be treated to a match just signed.  Joining the ROH title main event featuring (currently) Kevin Steen defending against Jay Briscoe, ROH has signed a World Tag Team title match that will see reDRagon defend their belts against the American Wolves.  It should be a great encounter against two great tag teams who have a bit of history with each other. Another match just announced for the iPPV will have former WGTT teammates squaring off, as Charlie Haas continues his budding feud with Shelton Benjmain!
  • Tickets are now on sale for ROH’s debut in San Antonio! Ring of Honor invades the San Antonio Shrine Auditorium on June 1st
  • This week’s ‘Tuesday Rollout’ on is the DVD release of their recent ‘HONOR vs EVIL’ show that took place in Cincinnati on February 16 (which our good buddy Todd Miller attended!). The highlight of the show was a much talked about match between friend of 4CR, the one and only ACH, taking on Roderick Strong.  There’s also a few new shirts available, so head over and check them out!
  • Ring of Honor is returning to the site of ‘Boiling Point 2012’, Providence RI, on July 27th!  Tickets will go on sale on March 15th for Ringside Members and March 18th to the general public.  Tickets will be an exclusivity to
  • Going back to ‘Supercard of Honor’ for just a moment, the first 2 matches have been signed for the TV tapings the following day.  The 1st match will see Davey Richards go up against Kyle O’Reilly; meanwhile, the other half of the American Wolves, Eddie Edwards will go one-on-one with his frequent partner from Pro Wrestling NOAH, the super talented Bobby Fish. 

(all above news courtesy of 


The Future of ROH

There have been some new names popping up in Ring of Honor over the last few months, and many were introduced during the Top Prospect 2013 tournament earlier this year.  I thought it a good idea to introduce some of these men to you and get you more familiar with them before they take the company by storm.  One of the following profiled guys has already shocked ROH by claiming the TV title…

Matt Taven

Like I said, Taven shocked the wrestling world by defeating the much-favored former TV champ, Adam Cole, as the 11th Anniversary iPPV. Matt Taven is quite a talent however, Imageplying his trade in such companies as DGUSA, FWE, OVW, Chaotic and various NWA promotions.  Taven is not necessarily a new name among Ring of Honor fans, as he has competed here and there for the promotion over the last few years.  He received a tryout for a roster spot in January of last year and competed semi-regularly from there.  His highest profile match with the company prior to this year was at ‘Boiling Point 2012’, where he competed in a four-way match for a roster spot, which was subsequently won by QT Marshall.  Taven did, however, win the aforementioned Top Prospect Tournament when he aligned himself with Truth Martini after his interference in the finals against TD Thomas.  That victory earned him a TV title opportunity, of which he made the most of.  It will be interesting to see what 2013 holds for the new TV champ and newest member of the HoT.



Unless you’ve been living under the proverbial ‘rock’ in the past 12 months, than you’ve most certainly heard the name of wrestling’s fastest rising star, ACH.  Incredibly athletic with charisma to match, he has been a star and a success in every promotion that he’s appeared for.  2013 has been no different than 2012 in terms of his continued rise to stardom, and he has already begun to establish himself with the ROH fanbase.  His first Imagetaste of Ring of Honor competition came in a great match on the ‘Death Before Dishonor X’ live iPPV against Kyle O’Reilly.  Even though he came up short there, he definitely caught the eye of ROH officials.  He was invited back to compete in the Top Prospect tourney, and soon thereafter, was offered a full-time spot in Ring of Honor.  His much-touted match against Roderick Strong at last month’s ‘Honor vs EVIL’ show was, for many, the highlight of the card.  He followed that up with a spectacular performance to open the 11th Anniversary iPPV, winning the 6 Man Mayhem match and earning himself a spot in the upcoming Proving Ground match at ‘WAR’ on March 30th in Asheville NC.  If you’re not familiar with this exponentially gifted and talented man, get familiar.  You’ll be seeing A LOT of him for years to come.


Silas Young

The nephew of the legendary Stan ‘The Lariat’ Hansen has already established himself in many promotions throughout the country. He’s also another man that is not unfamiliar with the ROH audience, making appearances for the promotion dating as far back as 2007.  He’s also racked up the gold in other places as well, claiming championships in AAW, ACW and the NWA just to name a few.  He was actually called to OVW after working some dark matches for WWE, but the relationship dissolved between WWE & OVW before he could Imageget there.  Nevertheless, he continued to work and make a name for himself, and now finds himself ready to make a big name for himself competing n Ring of Honor.  As technically sound as you’ll find, Young has a skillset that is sure to make him a favorite with many fans of a promotion known for its emphasis on the in-ring product.  Definitely a name to keep your eye on in the coming year, Silas Young could be on the cusp of making his biggest impact yet.





TaDarius Thomas

Beginning his journey in Ring of Honor last April, TD has already competed against some of the best in the promotion—Jay Lethal, Kyle O’Reilly, Bobby Fish, Adam Cole and even ROH World champ Kevin Steen.  Very naturally gifted athletically, he also has extensive training in a variety of martial arts.  If you’ve seen a TD match, that you know that he loves to incorporate those skills, in particular the Capoeira style.  He’s recently been teaming with ImageACH at the past set of TV tapings, which could be something to watch if that’s a partnership that continues into the future.  No matter what, the future looks bright for Mr. Thomas in ROH and 2013 should see his stock continue to rise.










ROH TV Preview, 3/17/2013

We’ll see the fallout from the 11th Anniversary iPPV, as well as get some announcements for matches for the next iPPV, “Supercard of Honor VII”. Also, as announced on our show a few weeks back, ACH & TD Thomas will team up to battle The American Wolves!  We’ll also see BJ Whitmer take on QT Marshall in one-on-one action, and in your television main event, Roderick Strong and Jay Lethal will do battle!  Should be a great week of TV in front of an always-hot Chicago crowd!





This week’s ‘Corner of Honor’ classic is between two of my boy Ant’s (@hailmegatron) favorite guys…and truth be told, these are 2 of my favorites as well.  From the 2009 Anniversary Show, Nigel McGuiness defends the ROH World Title against KENTA! 

Thanks for joining me for another ‘Corner of Honor’, hope you enjoyed it.  In the meantime, have fun with wrestling and your fandom, as that’s what it’s really all about.  See you this weekend for another ‘COH’!



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