Live Report of 2CW’s Gets Lucky

-Sam DiMascio

Let me start with a disclaimer that I did not literally write this report on the spot. You probably could have assumed that though. Second disclaimer is that I also didn’t make any real notes plus I started writing this a day or so after. Things were fuzzy cause I have a crappy memory. Sorry, but I wanted to write this and shall continue to write these for shows I attend. Oh, last disclaimer, my phone’s camera app decided to be a real jerk and not work after I took a picture of a fortune telling machine, Zoltar. Probably not a coincidence. Next show though I plan on having at least a few pictures sprinkled in.Also this show took place in a mall. You’d see groups of people standing outside the show having no idea what was going on. It was awesome. For now this is a picture 2CW put up and that’ll get me going.

Loca Vida vs. EMT

This really wasn’t anything. Pretty much there to get both local guys on the card.

Result: Loca Vida pins EMT

Kage vs. “Studly” Steve McKenzie

This match was pretty basic and a rematch of Kage’s debut in 2CW where he lost to McKenzie in his hometown of Binghamton,NY. Both guys are babyfaces. Kage is a big guy. McKenzie not so much.

Result: Kage pins Steve McKenzie

ZSIII vs. Bin Hamin

This is one of the few elements I’ll say I actively dislike. The Bin Hamin character is terrible. We should be past an evil Arabic gimmick. ZSIII, or Zachary Springate III, is a 2CW original. That’s just some knowledge you now have. This was supposed to be an “All Out War” but it ended in DQ so I’ll say I don’t know what that meant.

Result: Bin Hamin wins by DQ when ZSIII throws the referee

-ZSIII tried talking Bin Hamin to come back and fight but Hamin wasn’t going to do that. This entire thing was meant to build-up a match involving ZSIII and Bin Hamin as well as Hamin’s lackey Matt Milan. Entire segment was probably the low point of the show for me.

“Juggernaut” Jason Axe vs. Sean Carr

This is a rematch from the 2011 2CW Grand Prix. Jason Axe can be good in matches that either involve a little bit more hardcore elements or in a heated feud. Otherwise Axe doesn’t seem to deliver. Carr is a young prospect in 2CW. I wouldn’t really say this match was anything special.

Result: Jason Axe pins Sean Carr

SWB vs. Isys Ephex

This match was less notable for what actually happened in it but the outside elements I suppose. First SWB, or Slyck Wagner Brown, introduced us to his big back pal “Big Business”. 2CW fans instantly referred to him as Urban Diesel though. He played a part into this match when Big Business caught a diving Isys Ephex on the outside and slammed him into the post. Pretty sure Jason Axe came out to attack Isys, who he’ll face on 4/20 in a Stairway to Hell Match, but Jay Freddie held his foot to stop that. Kevin Steen though came out and BOOM! Lots of build-up for Living on the Edge Weekend.

Result: SWB pins Isys Ephex after interference from Kevin Steen

-That ending was a little clusterfucky but it built up two matches that way so it is more than justifiable.


-This event was held in a mall so I went next door to Best Buy to grab an energy drink (NOS if you were wondering) and talked to the workers there about how Matt Hardy was wrestling tonight. Weird yet awesome.

2CW Tag Team Championship Match

3.0(Shane Matthews/Scott Parker) vs. First Class(Kevin Graham/Mike Vanslyke) ©

First Class is a local team and usually they are at least competent in the ring. I will say that Graham came into this match in the best shape I had seen him in. Mike Vanslyke though was the weak point of the entire thing. Usually he is there for some big power spots and while he did do some of those, he looked quite plodding out there. It was really unfortunate because it looked like 3.0 were willing to play ball. Couldn’t really figure out which team I was supposed to cheer in this match but 3.0 was too darn fun for me not to root for them. Bin Hamin came out in this match. I didn’t understand the purpose of it.

Result: Mike Vanslyke pins Scott Parker

2CW Heavyweight Championship Match

Kevin Steen© vs. Michael Elgin

This match started out with Steen working his killer enjoyable quasi-heel shtick. Actually before the match even started Steen said that given the date, 3/16, he would be announced as “Stone Cold” Kevin Steen. If that was how the entire match went then I wouldn’t have complained since it would have been a ton of fun. Steen was getting in little kids’ faces, prying away at Elgin’s face, and hilariously acting like a chicken shit towards the manhood of Elgin. Steen could have the crowd cracking up one moment and the next booing the crap out of him. This match though was not solely Steen doing his shtick. This match turned competitive and it was really good. At no point did this go into overkill mode and yet we were eating it all up. Steen said he was going to end this match with a Stunner so we hits the Stunner on Elgin I was going to buy it as a legit finish at that point. When Elgin responds with a Stunner of his own Steen adds that extra flip that you’d see back on TV. Instant awesomeness. At some point 3.0 comes out to interfere on Steen’s behalf but Elgin busts out Samoan Drop/Fallaway Slam on 3.0 and Elgin has officially been solidified as a force to 2CW fans unfamiliar with him. Elgin didn’t bust out his entire repertoire but more than enough to leave everyone wanting more. One of the two matches I’d put up for MOTN.

Result: Kevin Steen pins Michael Elgin after a low blow followed by the Package Piledriver

-3.0 come in to congratulate Steen but they both get Stunners for their trouble. They then try to act like they are upset for Elgin. Elgin delivers a Double Stunner. Its 3/16 bitches. Elgin gets the “Please come back” chants. 3.0 are stumbling to the back acting as if the chants were for them. I’m laughing like there is no one around for miles.

Matt Hardy vs. Colin Delaney

Before the match even started Hardy took off his shirt and had the crowd in the palm of his hand while deciding who to throw his shirt to. All he had to do was raise his hand to a side of the ring and that side would ERUPT! It was sweet. Then the match happened and it lived up to the hype. I can’t overstate how good of condition Delaney has got himself into or how it has helped him in the ring. Colin has become so crisp. Always has been a talent but now he looks almost elite with the speed he is doing things. Hardy certainly held up his end of the bargain as well.

This match started with some TECHNICAL RASSLIN’. Lots of holds. They certainly made it mean something by struggling for each submission and refusing to allow their opponent to shake the submission. It was really interesting to watch. At some point during the middle though Delaney responded to a hard strike from Hardy with one of his own. Matt Hardy asks Delaney out loud if he wants to do this. Pretty much saying “If you want to play hard ball, I’ll play hard ball”. And the intensity of the match ratcheted up a little and continued to be a good contest. In the end Hardy won it by the skin of his teeth. It made Colin look real good in a lost and hopefully puts him a few notches higher in the 2CW pecking order. The 2nd MOTN contender.

Result: Matt Hardy pins Colin Delaney with a roll-up

-Hardy puts both Delaney and 2CW over to end the show.

MOTN: Matt Hardy vs. Colin Delaney-When push came to shove I liked the logical contrast between the early portions and latter portions of this match over the really good big man spotfest of Steen vs. Elgin. Both were neck and neck though so when the DVD comes out you should get it for both

WOTN: Colin Delaney- Major bias here is I am a huge fan of Colin. His match against Hardy though I feel made him look like more than a really good midcarder. Honestly I would love to see him versus Steen sometime in the future.

Ending Thoughts: Get Lucky certainly had a little bit of a “B-Show” feel up to intermission. The matches weren’t really that good. A few of the matches built towards Living on the Edge Weekend, aka 2CW’s biggest weekend of the year, so they did have value. Crowd wasn’t into it either for the most part so the guys had no reason to put in that extra effort when they have probably the biggest show of their careers to that point. The second half of this show though was highly enjoyable. The tag title match was at the least fun with 3.0. Both Elgin and Steen put on a little show for everyone and got the relatively quiet Ithaca fans on their feet. Then Hardy and Delaney brought it all home. Last three matches made the trip and tickets well more than worth it.

Not sure if I’ll say you need to go buy the DVD as soon as it comes out but if you live within a day’s drive of a show you should make that trip. Especially if that show is in Binghamton or Watertown where either the crowd is as electric as anywhere in the world or you the crowd comes near the 1000 range.

NOW, make sure you check out 2CW’s HUGE iPPV or should I say iFFV. That stands for Internet Free For View. That’s right, a card that consists of Kevin Steen vs. John Morrison as well as Masada vs. Spike Dudley in a No Holds Barred Match is for free on the internet.

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