‘Corner of Honor’, 3/26/2013


Welcome back to another edition of the ‘Corner of Honor’ here on 4crwrestling.com!  This is our biggest column to date, as we have an exclusive interview with Ring of Honor’s newest sensation, ACH! He was kind enough to take some time and come back to 4CR after joining us on a podcast back in February to talk about his experience so far in ROH!  We also have the TV review, compiled of tweets from yours truly and all of you who used #4CRROH this weekend! Also, some news from the past week and the ‘COH Classic Match of the Week’ features Bryan Danielson taking on Austin Aries in a 2/3 Falls Match!  Let’s jump into the ‘Corner of Honor’!

ROH TV Review, 3/23/2013

Here’s my thoughts on the show, taken from my live tweet-up on the @4CRadio feed:

*Starting off with a recap of the events between S.C.U.M. & ROH thus far.

*Silas Young vs Michael Elgin is up first this week! Should be fun.

*Good match so far between Young & Elgin. Silas working the leg, Elgin using his power.

*O’Connor Roll into a dead lift German by Elgin!

*Spinning back fist! One to the back of the head! Turnbuckle bomb! Elgin Bomb! That’s the match!

*Charlie Haas making his way out. I’m oddly entertained by his pseudo-Stone Cold schtick.

*It’s not the REDhawks, Charles. #LetsGoBlackhawks

*Grizzly Redwood answers Charlie Haas’ open challenge!

*Haas wins fairly quick with ‘Haas of Pain’, but he won’t let go. Here comes Mike Mondo for the save!

*Veda Scott #MrsHashtagWrestling

*Mike Mondo still annoys me…but thankfully, S.C.U.M. attacks!

*Cliff Compton grabs #MrsHashtagWrestling! Here comes the ROH locker room!

*Nigel says that next week will be ROH vs S.C.U.M.!

*Corino back out to introduce Matt Hardy for the main event.

*There’s a fairly sizeable broad in the front row, wearing one glove for some reason, who is HYPED to see Matt Hardy.

*Here comes Adam Cole! Main event time on #4CRROH

*”Hey Corky, let me ask you a question…”-Steve Corino

*Florida Key on the floor by Cole!

*Rhino hops the rail and takes out Cole! C&C are out to take on Rhino! Now both S.C.U.M.& ROH are out to brawl!

*No winner in the main event, which was pretty good. I suspect a triple threat for the TV title at #SCOH7 w/ Matt Taven.

*Another good episode of ROH TV! Watch Young vs Elgin for sure!

So, what did YOU think of the show? Let’s see what you guys had to say, and thanks to all of you who keep using #4CRROH while you watch the show!

*@toddSmiller: Time for some Ring of Honor wrestling!!!! If only I could have a voice

*@TheEliSteele: Kick ass video package opening the show. Can’t wait to see how the SCUM vs Ring of Honor plays out.

*@hailmegatron: Silas Young is about to get bodied. Michael Elgin is about to body.

*@toddSmiller: Silas Young has the worst mustache in wrestling, let’s go Elgin!

*@hailmegatron: #ElginsGonnaKillYou

*@TheEliSteele: SICK rolling elbow followed by a German suplex into the top turnbuckle from Elgin!

*@hailmegatron: Michael Elgin strikes so hard it makes me hurt watching it.

*@toddSmiller: Good match between the two. Elgin is such a throwback, I love that, just shave the mullet. It’s not 1993 anymore.

*@hailmegatron: Elgin bomb…good night.

*@TheEliSteele: Great match. Elgin contines to look like a beast heading into his match against Jay Lethal at Supercard of Honor.

*@TheEliSteele: Charlie Haas’ *Burp* sound effect at the beginning of his theme proves that he’s trying really hard to be Stone Cold Steve Austin

*@toddSmiller: Shelton will destroy Haas

*@toddSmiller: Did Mondo dye his hair himself? That’s just awful.

*@TheEliSteele: SCUM invade the ring! Cliff Compton’s got Veda Scott! The ROH guys surround the ring!

*@hailmegatron: “You make a deal with the devil, and you prepare for hell” @McGuinnessNigel is the man.

*@hailmegatron: ROH v SCUM next week. Awesome.

*@TheEliSteele: Adam Cole vs Matt Hardy for a TV title shot as the main event.

*@hailmegatron: Fuckin nosebleed. Matt Hardy causes this.

*@toddSmiller: Matt Hardy’s move set is just as bad as he is, that’s why he will try for a side effect ten times a match.

*@TheEliSteele: Hardy has all of his groggy grapple moves set to “Side Effect”

*@hailmegatron: ADAM COLE HULKIN’ UP!

*@TheEliSteele: What a shining wizard from Cole!

*@TheEliSteele: Here comes SCUM, here comes the ROH guys! It’s a #Pier6Brawl!

Thanks to Todd, Eli and my boy Ant for being a part of the column this week!  Want to be in the next ‘Corner of Honor’? Simply tag your tweets while you watch ROH with #4CRROH and you can be a part of the column!

Quick News

*”WAR” is fast approaching, taking place on March 30th from Asheville, NC.  However, ROH fans in Charlotte and the surrounding area (Mooresville represent!) will have a chance to see the stars of Honor take on some great indy talent at the PWX show the day before at a place I’m familiar with, Tremont Hall.  Kevin Steen will be challenging the ‘Midnight Son’ Caleb Konley for the PWX Title, while Delirious will tangle with one of Sam’s faves, Chiva Kid.  Eddie Edwards & Michael Elgin will also be there, could be a good show!  If you’re attending, feel free to shoot me a live report from the show and be a part of the column!

*Some other matches added to the insanely stacked ‘Supercard of Honor VII’ iPPV since the last column include the rumored-but now confirmed-ROH TV title 3 way match featuring champion Matt Taven defending against both Matt Hardy and former champ Adam Cole.  Also, ACH & TD Thomas have signed on to do battle against QT Marshall and a mystery partner. So, let’s take an updated look at what is right now the show I’m most looking forward to WrestleMania weekend:

-ROH World Title: Kevin Steen vs Jay Briscoe

-ROH Tag Team Titles: reDRagon vs American Wolves

-Michael Elgin vs Jay Lethal for a future ROH title shot

-Karl Anderson vs Roderick Strong

-ROH TV Title: Matt Taven vs Adam Cole vs Matt Hardy

-Charlie Haas vs Shelton Benjamin

-A yet to be announced ROH vs S.C.U.M. tag match

-ACH & TD Thomas vs QT Marshall & a mystery partner

*ROH returns to Charleston, WV on June 7 with tickets for that show on sale now.  Also on sale, tickets to “Best in the World 2013” iPPV in Baltimore (along with the TV tapings the following day), and their return to Providence, RI on July 27th.  Check out rohwrestling.com for info getting tickets to those shows.

*For those attending the aforementioned ‘Supercard of Honor VII’, at the TV tapings the following day (4/6) you can meet some of the stars of ROH for free at a recently announced autograph session for 12:30 pm that day.  ACH, TD Thomas, Michael Elgin, The Briscoes, MsChif & TODD SINCLAIR will all be available to meet before the show!

*The ‘Tuesday Rollout’ on rohwrestling.com this week is a new 2 disc DVD set featuring Adam Cole!  Titled ‘Panama’s Finest’, disc 1 features a lengthy interview with Cole, as well as showcasing his matches with Kyle O’Reilly as ‘Future Shock’.  Disc 2 features his rise as a singles superstar in ROH.  It’s available right now for your purchase and looks like something that I’ll most definitely be adding to my collection.

(all news items above, credit Ring of Honor & rohwrestling.com)

‘Young Simba’ returns to #4CR!

ACH is quickly becoming one of Ring of Honor’s fastest rising stars.  In the short time that he’s been there, he’s put on some spectacular shows for the fans, including the recent 6 Man Mayhem match at the 11th Anniversary show in which he came out on top.  This week, he was kind enough to give us his thoughts on his journey in ROH thus far in this exclusive interview on 4crwrestling.com’s ‘Corner of Honor’! Hope all of you enjoy the return of ACH to #4CR and now, the man himself…

Ring of Honor's fastest rising phenomenon!
Ring of Honor’s fastest rising phenomenon!

Billy: First, welcome back to 4crwrestling.com, where you gave us our most listened-to interview to date, less than a week after you became an official member of the ROH roster.  It was a great time and the fans seemed to really like it too.

ACH: “Well, shucks! I enjoyed the interview as well. So, it’s pretty dope to know the fans enjoyed it as well.”

Billy: You inked your deal with Ring of Honor about a month ago now. How did it feel when you got the contract and you signed your name to it?

ACH: “(I’m bringing it from the bottom) IT WAS ONE OF THE GREATEST FEELINGS IN THE WORLD!!! Everyone goes though hardships in life, but only the strong live to tell their story. I’m not done with hard times in my life, but I know I have a story to tell so far. And signing that contract made all the rough up comings worth it!”

Billy: Some fans who don’t follow Ring of Honor as closely may not have known that you actually made your ROH debut against Kyle O’Reilly last September at ‘Death Before Dishonor X’.  How did that match come about and how did you feel about what you showed the ROH fans that night?

ACH: “I met Hunter ‘Delirious’ Johnson back in ‘09 in Texas at my lovely home Anarchy Championship Wrestling. Nothing happened from that first encounter, but I was told that he took a liking in my work. So, I continued to work around, getting my craft down, and trying to get my name out there. And I ran in to him once again in 2012 at CHIKARA in Everett, MA. He watched my match, pulled me aside; we talked about some things and …Boom!! I was booked.”

Billy: ROH officials obviously saw something in you–as they very well should have.  You continued to build this incredible buzz on the indy scene and the next time we saw you on ROH TV was for the ‘Top Prospect’ tournament, which kicked off in January. What was it like to be invited to that and did you know you were on the verge of being a full-time ROH competitor then?

ACH: “Thank you. I had no clue. In life I have learned to keep my feet to the ground, head to the sky, and mind on the stars. I just wanted to showcase to the world what I love to do.

Would I have loved to be offer a deal at the moment? Yeah. But everything happens for a reason.”

Billy: Just a few days after signing your ROH contract, you found yourself going one-on-one with a name synonymous with Ring of Honor, former World Champion Roderick Strong, in a much-touted match from ‘Honor vs EVIL’ in Cincinnati on February 16th.  Many called it the match of the show–how do you feel about that match?

ACH: “I loved it! When I first started wrestling I had no clue about Ring Of Honor, or any other indy wrestling promotion. But one of my best friends/ex-roommates Danny Donnavon had some ROH DVD’s that he let me watch and my first Ring Of Honor match ever watching was The No Remorse Corps vs The Resilience in a best of three match series. And on that day I became a fan. I also told myself that there was no way I could keep up with any of those guys. But that was back in the day…fast forward, I’m in the ring with a guy that I respect a whole lot, and not only that it’s in Ring Of Honor!!! It was a very special moment & memory for me that I will cherish dearly.”

Billy: Recently on ROH TV, you and TD Thomas had a great tag match and Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards, the American Wolves.  Is tag-team wrestling something that we’ll see you more frequently competing in going forward?

ACH: “As of right now…I can’t see. Just have to wait and see. But I did enjoy teaming up with TD Thomas. He’s very unique and has a style that is very fresh in the wrestling today.”

Billy: Coming up, you’ll have your biggest opportunity to date in Ring of Honor at “WAR” in Asheville on March 30th. You’ll be competing in a four way ‘Proving Ground’ match against Jay Lethal, Roderick Strong and the current TV champion Matt Taven. How excited are you for this upcoming match and what would it mean to ACH to come out on top here?

ACH: “Words cannot define the emotions going through me right now. Not only will I get a chance to one up Matt Taven, but I’ll be in the ring with Jay Lethal AND Roderick Strong. This is something like a dream to me!!!”

Billy: What does 2013 hold in store for you as you continue to build your name with the fan base in Ring of Honor?

ACH: “Only God has that answer, my friend. But I will continue to push past my limit, keep aiming for the top, and stay humble through it all. Word on the streets is I’m the prince, check the splenda…And I can’t wait to be the King, homie: Young Simba!”

Billy: Once again, I thank you for being a part of the ‘Corner of Honor’ this week.  As always, the staff of 4CR is behind you 100% and we see great things for you, not only this year but for years to come.  How can fans connect with you?

ACH: “Thank you for having me! Fans can stalk me on twitter at @GoGoACH and through Twitter you will find my Facebook page, and all that jazz.


The classic match this week comes from 2 names who’ve appeared in this segment before, and likely will again. A classic 2 out of 3 falls match between Austin Aries & ‘American Dragon’ Bryan Danielson is here for your viewing pleasure!  Hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s column, a big thank you to ACH for the interview and to all of you who’ve helped make this columns so enjoyable to do!  See you next week, and remember, just have fun with wrestling—that’s what it’s really all about.



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