Support Local Wrestling

by Jacob Godwin



I live in a section of the country that isn’t fortunate to get a lot of wrestling choices. WWE comes maybe once every other year for a house show and the locals aren’t exactly the best organized, or they in this area anymore. However, it wasn’t always the case in this area and that isn’t the case in many areas of the country. You should support your local scene. Some of the best events I have been to have been local events and it gives you the opportunity to see what could very well be the future of this business. It also is an opportunity to see the bigger names who may have had their spot light and their career is dwindling down. You can do this all for the fraction of a price of a WWE show.

My favorite wrestling event I ever attended was a local show at the county fair over 10 years ago. The ring was in the center of a fenced in area and was surrounded with maybe five rows of chairs. There was a long row of bleachers, three high. If this was your first night at the fair you may not have known that there was a rodeo held in this area the night before, but the smell in the air would have assured you this was true. It’s hard to recall but I believe admission was five dollars, or you could sit on the bleachers for free, however my stepdad and I paid the admission and set front row and what proceeded was fantastic. I’ll be honest, I don’t recall much of the event, but I do remember a hardcore match between this one fat guy with a metal gimmick ( think of a poor Axl Rotten rip off) vs this other fat guy playing the role of a redneck who was obviously Samoan. This hardcore had blood, it had chairs, barbed wire wrapped bats, stop signs, and trash cans. It also had a moment I would never forget. There were no guard rails for this event. Since, we were sitting front row, when the action came to the floor we were very close to it. I will never forget the look of fear on my stepdad’s face, as the metal guy hit the Samoan right on the head with a steel chair and the 400 plus pound Samoan came falling down toward my step dad’s lap only to fall short and take out the chair beside us. To this day we still laugh about it.

I would see that Samoan the next year as a member of the group 3 minutes. All wrestlers have to start somewhere and you can see them before they become superstars. The indies give these wrestlers a chance to learn the ropes and hone their skills. Going to an Indy show gives you the chance to be that guy who brags about seeing the stars before anyone knew who they were.

You never know who you might see at an indy show!

Also local shows are a good way to see wrestlers you grew up watching. Two years ago I watched a card that included Raven in the main event. It was awesome that I got to see someone that I loved watching, and for only ten dollars.

So folks support your local wrestling scene. You’re sure to have a good time, you’ll maybe see the future of the industry as well as get a chance to see some of the greats you grew up watching. As always, let’s keep the conversation going. Feel free to share some of your local show memories in the comments below.


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