‘Corner of Honor’ 4/27/2013




It’s been awhile, but welcome back to another edition of the ‘Corner of Honor’ here on 4crwrestling.com!  Much has happened since the last ‘COH’ column in the world of Ring of Honor—a new World champ was crowned, Kevin Steen has found himself ousted from S.C.U.M. and much more!  This edition will feature the biggest news of the past week, the Twitter-style TV review, what could be next for former champ Kevin Steen and our match of the week features an American Wolf taking on a Generic Luchador!  So, without any further ado…


#4CRROH TV Report, 4/20/2013

*Time to watch some ROH in prep for the new ‘Corner of Honor’…

*Here comes former ROH champ Kevin Steen! I NEED that shirt. #guilty

*I like Steen but he needs to do some crunches & cardio. That gut is crazy.

*SCUM is attacking Steen!

*Future #4CR guest Mike Bennett is set to go 1-on-1 with Roddy Strong! Should be a fun match-up.

*Bennett just called Mike Mondo a “stupid bitch” and I couldn’t agree more.

*Mondo interferes and drops Bennett throat first on the top rope. Vertical suplex backbreaker by Roddy gets the win! **3/4

*Mike Mondo attacks Strong and Bennett after the match! Possible 3-way for Border Wars?

*Jorge Santi vs TD Thomas is up next!

*TD with the Sling blade, but here comes SCUM! They attack both men.

*Nigel is out now, and I’m just wondering if we eventually end up with a Nigel vs Corino match.

*”You don’t tell God what to do, Nigel.”—Steve Corino

*An @GoGoACH promo!

*Mark Briscoe’s promo is highlighted by talk of getting an STD.

*Main event time, as ACH challenges Matt Taven for the TV title!

*I need to make the “Hoopla” theme my ringtone.


Swinging neck breaker from the apron looked NASTY.

*Taven gets the win after some distractions and hitting his finisher that I still don’t know the name of. ***

*Pretty good hour of ROH. ACH is a star, Mike Mondo is annoying and what’s next for Kevin Steen?


Next week, tag your tweets while watching the show with #4CRROH and your thoughts could be posted in the next ‘Corner of Honor’!


***Check out our interview with the one and only ‘Unbreakable’ Michael Elgin!***



*With ROH’s next iPPV-“Border Wars” from Toronto, Ontario—just 8 days away, this week has seen some shaking up of the card.  As had been previously reported, Naomichi Marufuji was scheduled to compete against Davey Richards at the iPPV and then go 1-on-1 with Michael Elgin at the TV tapings.  However, he has suffered an injury that will keep him away from the ring for some time.  This past Wednesday, Ring of Honor announced the man who would be replacing him at those events, and making his return to ROH in almost a decade is none other than Paul London!


Some were hoping for another NOAH competitor to take Marufuji’s place but I’m extremely happy to see the ‘Intrepid Traveler’ back in an ROH ring.  His matches with Davey and Elgin should be show stealers and I’m very pumped for this—maybe even more than when it was to be Naomichi in that slot.


So, here’s the current card for “Border Wars”, taking place on May 5th on iPPV:

-ROH World Title: Jay Briscoe © vs Adam Cole

-ROH TV Title: Matt Taven © w/ Truth Martini vs Mark Briscoe

-Davey Richards vs Paul London

-Eddie Edwards vs GHC Jr. Heavyweight Champion, Taiji Ishimori

-‘I Quit’ match: BJ Whitmer vs Rhett Titus

-Michael Elgin & Jay Lethal vs SCUM members of Steve Corino’s choosing (If Elgin/Lethal win, then Corino is gone from ROH. If SCUM wins, then Matt Hardy gets a ROH title shot)

-ACH & TD Thomas vs Caprice Coleman & Cedric Alexander

Plus, Kevin Steen vows to be in attendance!


Looks like another stacked card, and you can follow along during the live show with Ant & I and use #4CRBW2013 on Twitter!


*Belle Vernon, PA looks to be getting a great card from ROH as well on May 11th.  Signed for the show is a ‘Proving Ground’ match between current TV champ Matt Taven vs TD Thomas, RD Evans & QT Marshall vs The American Wolves, Jay Lethal vs Jimmy Jacobs and, as announced by Michael Elgin on ‘4CR Live’ this past Wednesday, he will be going up against ACH!  Sounds like it’s shaping up to be a phenomenal card and as more matches are announced, we will update you on those right here in this column.


*Nigel McGuinness recently did an interview with Kayfabe Wrestling Radio, and if you’d like to check it out, you can do so by clicking the link.


*Rohwrestling.com is having a ‘Spring Cleaning’ sale, and all of their DVD’s from 2012 are only $12.99!  If you’ve been waiting to pick up an event from last year, now’s a great time to pick up 1 or 2.



Kevin Steen: What’s Next?

If you’ve watched last week’s ROH TV yet, then you know that the imminent split between S.C.U.M. and now former World champion Kevin Steen came to a head when Steve Corino had the members of the group attack Steen to kick off the episode.  This left many to question what might be next for the man who, quite honestly, kept ROH afloat for the last year-and-a-half.  Is he done with the company? Will he return to side with ROH in their continuing war with the rest of S.C.U.M.? Let’s examine some of these possibilities…

Moving On?

There is a growing number of fans who are starting to think that maybe Kevin Steen is moving on from the independents, considering events that have occurred in the last few weeks.  Not only did Steen lose the ROH World Title at ‘Supercard of Honor VII’ but at last weekend’s 2CW event, “Living on the Edge”, he dropped the 2CW title to Isis Ephyx.  He has seemingly conquered all he has set out to do on the independents, and of course, his next move could be to make the jump to one of the “Big 2”—WWE or TNA.  But in reality, how likely would that be? I don’t know that someone with Steen’s physical stature would be given a real shot to succeed in WWE.  He doesn’t really look like a wrestler, which is fine—it’s part of what makes him so great.  He’s a sort of anti-hero, anti-establishment guy who doesn’t look the part of a “normal” champion or competitor. But like I said, I don’t see the upper management of either of the big 2 giving him an opportunity to do what he does best, and that makes a jump very unlikely in my opinion.


What’s next for this man?


The (anti) Savior of ROH?

Last week’s episode of ROH TV saw the culmination of something that had been brewing since at least the 11th Anniversary show, and truth be told, probably a little longer than that—Steve Corino and SCUM finally turned their angst on its own leader.  It became apparent at the 11th Anniversary iPPV’s conclusion that Steve Corino’s vision for SCUM was different than what Kevin Steen had envisioned a year or so prior.  The closing shot of the show saw Steen stand off to the side alone as Corino, Jacobs and the new members of SCUM stood amongst the carnage that they had created. Prior to the iPPV, Steen went so far as to say that he “loved Ring of Honor” and made it known that the reason he did the things that he did was beacause he knew he had to get rid of Jim Cornette or kill the company trying.  But now, there’s no Cornette—Steen got his wish. Move forward to earlier this month at ‘Supercard of Honor VII’, Jimmy Jacobs actually tried to interfere in the World title match on behalf of ‘Mr. Wrestling’, but he would have none of it.  After Steen lost the strap to new champ Jay Briscoe, he went so far as to shake his hand—certainly not in the code of conduct for a member of SCUM. All of these little things led up to the unceremonious dismissal of Kevin from the group that he had spearheaded since its inception.  Steve Corino looked as though he proclaimed none other than Matt Hardy as the new ‘de facto’ chosen one for SCUM as he delivered a Twist of Fate to Kevin.  I think we’re in for a war this summer, as SCUM is taking a stand and ROH is looking for ways to rid them from the company.  Would Ring of Honor accept Kevin Steen back into the fold?  Or will he be the proverbial ‘man unto an island of himself’?  Either way, the summer’s about to get hot in ROH and I think that ‘Wrestling’s Worst Nightmare’ is about to become ‘SCUM’s Worst Nightmare’.


Now, I turn it to you guys—what do you think is next for Kevin Steen?  Tweet me @4CR_Billy and let me know what you see for what is sure to be Ring of Honor’s biggest angle of at least the summer.  Looking forward to getting some feedback from you guys!



This week’s COH ‘Classic Match of the Week’ comes from the 8th Anniversary Show on February 13, 2010.  ‘The Generic Luchador’ El Generico goes one-on-one with ‘American Wolf’ Davey Richards!  A tremendous contest between two of the best in the world awaits you!  Enjoy the video, and in the meantime just have fun with wrestling—that’s what it’s all about.  Hope you enjoyed the column and I’ll be back soon with another edition of the ‘Corner of Honor’!



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