The Code Of Ant



Hey, what is this? An article by Ant? I know, this is a rarity anymore but I have been working hard with the rest of the 4 Corners Radio crew to bring you the best in professional wrestling. Be it podcasts, videos, interaction or anything in between, we have been hard at work. So I haven’t had a good chance to bring you an article but I feel it is time.

I have been watching wrestling for roughly 20 years. I have seen it all. The glory days of the WWF in the early 90’s, the rise of WCW, the rise of the Attitude Era, the fall of WCW, and the creation of many independent wrestling promotions. Throughout those years, I have kept a personal code of honor (if you will) to myself that I have always upheld. I call it the Code Of Ant. It didn’t always have that name but I feel like it needs one. There are five things I remind myself when I’m watching wrestling, talking wrestling, or enjoying wrestling. What are they? Well, let’s get into it shall we?

Have fun with wrestling.

It’s one of those things that Billy reminds the masses whenever we wrap up a podcast or video. Have fun with wrestling. I feel that you cannot take wrestling seriously. This is one of the reason I try not to give matches star ratings. I, personally, am not a fan and even when I do my Match Of The Year listings I don’t give them star ratings. I just list them. Why don’t I give star ratings? I feel that wrestlers should not be given star ratings and “pressure” from us; the fans. I know they do it for us and all that but star ratings are not for me. I watch wrestling to enjoy it. I’m never overly critical of a wrestling match because there are some things I enjoy. For example, I find Santino Marella enjoyable to watch wrestle. No, he’s not the greatest wrestler of all time but he’s funny. The cobra is funny. His mannerisms are funny to me. He’s having fun with wrestling. He gets it, ya know? You might be thinking about the many times I’ve bashed The Miz and his in ring work. There’s a difference when you crap all over the people who are paying to see you. Once you do that I can’t have respect for you. Still, the number one goal, I think, is to have fun with it. This is why I love $5 Wrestling so much. It’s fun.

Don’t constantly criticize a single promotion

This is reasons why I hate smarks. They watch a promotion and then say they hate it and the like. If you hate it, don’t watch it. What enjoyment are you getting, as a fan, if you hate everything you are seeing? If you wish you are seeing something else go find something else. There are hundreds of wrestling promotions in the world for you to check out. You’ll find something. For example, John Cena being the lead guy in WWE. It’s not going to change because you complain about it. He’s been the face of the company for the better part of 10 years. If you think it’s going to change now then you’re in disbelief. If you don’t like it then don’t watch. People don’t watch TNA because they think it is bad and that’s fine. I’ve done that before where it was not something I wanted to watch and I turned it off. If I’m not enjoying it I won’t watch. 2CW is an example. I watched it, gave it a chance, and it wasn’t for me. So I don’t think I will give it another chance. I could be a smark and constantly bash it but they have a HUGE fanbase. Their fans look for that kind of wrestling and story and atmosphere. I will not judge them for their liking of certain promotions. Another example is big death match wrestling. CZW and Big Japan have been known for this. It just happens to be something I don’t enjoy. So instead of me constantly bashing it I don’t watch it. It’s pretty easy to turn the channel to something else.

Numbers never matter

In all honesty, I don’t care about buyrates, DVD sales, and numbers. Those things don’t, and shouldn’t, matter to us as fans. We are not behind the scenes looking at spreadsheets and in presentations about where the money is going. I think that’s part of the reason of what is wrong with some wrestling fans anymore. They care about how many buys Wrestlemania got. Why? Because you want to see them fail? Why should you care about who sold the most merchandise in the last six months? It shouldn’t matter. As a fan, I will buy what I want. It baffles me that fans worry so much about buyrates like they are the VP of Marketing for the WWE or TNA. Are your rants on Twitter going to affect anything WWE does? No, it really isn’t. The numbers have never mattered to me because I am a fan… that should be left behind the scenes

Sometimes, The Internet Kills Wrestling

I fall into this sometimes but only because it is presented to me. I hardly ever search out news and backstage spoilers. It is always presented to me. I’ve asked this question many times but I will ask it again. If Twitter/Facebook were around during the Attitude Era, would it be so special? Would it have had the impact that it did during its time? I, personally, don’t think it would. Look at how the internet has shaped certain things. Even the promotions do it themselves. Take for instance the Raw after WrestleMania 28. WWE tweeted a picture of Brock Lesnar backstage before he even showed up out of gorilla. Why do that? Why ruin the surprise? Especially knowing that many wrestling fans have Twitter? It’s the little things like that that ruin the disbelief. This ties into the numbers point I previously made. The point of wrestling, for me, is to suspend disbelief. It’s an escape for the real world and what is going on around you. I don’t want it ruined with dirt sheets and spoilers. If anyone tweets me legit spoilers, I will exile you. I don’t like that stuff. Sometimes I accidentally read them or am tricked into reading them but I prefer not to. I like to enjoy the product at hand.

Much like religion, don’t shove your beliefs down my throat.

This is my number one belief and thing I try to keep to myself. I try and follow this every day. We, as wrestling fans, have our promotions and federations that we like. We have loyalties that we try and follow and uphold. However, don’t shove some new independent promotion or wrestler in my face and down my throat to force me to like it. If you force me to like or do something I will not like it and I will not do it. I’m a Randy Orton fan and I don’t shove it down your throat. I like Ring Of Honor and Pro Wrestling NOAH and I don’t shove it down your throat. Don’t shove your wrestling promotions and wrestlers down mine. It’s about being respectful as wrestling fans. It’s not about being an asshole.


Well, there you have it. It’s not much but it’s my creed. It’s firm beliefs that I try and stand by when I watch wrestling or discuss the sport. Hopefully this will give you an insight to how I am and how I think about wrestling. @hailmegatron is the twitter. You can catch my #4CRDRAFT class at 4CRWRESTLING.COM

Champ… out.

–          Ant


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