John Cena vs Hulk Hogan: Who’s Better?

by Dee Smith


John Cena vs Hulk Hogan

Who’s Really Better?




Everyone keeps debating the issue of who’s better, Hulk Hogan or John Cena. Both have in ring strengths and weaknesses. Both receive immense crowd reaction, whether it be positive or negative. They both have been the face, or “hero”, of the WWE. We all seem to have our opinions on the matter so let me tell you what I think.



John Cena, our favorite champ and WWE’s current hero, has ample mic abilities yet his in-ring skills lack variety. We don’t want to see the same moves every match. On the other hand, Hulk Hogan tops Cena on the mic yet his in ring skills are far worse. This being said, have you ever been bored during a Hogan match? Who even watches Cena’s matches for Cena anymore? When Hogan was popular back in the 80’s it wasn’t necessary to have the in-ring skills to be labeled as great yet it is required today.  Both are 13 time world champs with numerous other championships under their belts. Hogan was the best face of the 80’s and early 90’s. He also had the most astonishing heel turn in wrestling history and was able to make the character one of the most hated in WCW at the time. At this point if Cena turned heel could he make it work as well as Hogan did? Another point I would like to add is when Hogan was face did anyone ever boo him? Cena is the most overrated superstar today. Is Hogan overrated? Maybe, but he is one of the men that made wrestling what it is today.



People will have their own opinions no matter what. Both are gods on the mic. Cena may top Hogan on in-ring capabilities however Hogan is more controversial and entertaining than Cena ever could be. Do either have the wrestling skills needed to work a match labeled as great today?  Here’s something to think about, who would you choose as the face of your company? 



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