“What Does 4CR Mean To You?”

Since the inception of 4 Corners Radio and 4crwrestling.com, we’ve written many an article for the website. “Appraisals”, “Rambles”, “Rewinds”, reviews, “Fifth Elements”–all have been strong articles and reflective of each author’s personalities.  But here, we have our 100th article and this should be a proud moment–an achievement for all of us who are a part of this brand.  For this piece, I asked everyone who wanted to participate a simple question in which to write their part–“what does 4CR mean to you?”.  I got back some amazing responses, both in email for the article and on Twitter.  It seems that it means a great deal to some and without any further ado, it’s time to see what 4CR means to us.  


Murray Peterson (“The Indy Project”)

” In an essence 4 Corners Radio means freedom of expression. For those who are unaware I am a rather large advocate of free speech. I think in recent years there has been a suffocating strain placed on peoples opinions and thoughts, because of this publicly accepted need to consistently be congenial. Well I’m not really that person. I can’t smile and nod easily, I have too much conviction in my own thoughts to have them repressed. It is that freedom to express my wrestling beliefs, as well as the beliefs of all members that makes 4CR so special. We are a extremely eclectic group from literally all corners of the globe. We don’t always agree with one another but we can respect the wrestling opinions. I’ve dealt with a almost embarrassed feeling about wrestling for much of my life. At least where I have lived wrestling isn’t something that you really speak openly about enjoying. I do have my “wrestling” friends, but outside of them I had no outlet to express all of these bottled emotions and feelings towards a sport I love. Thankfully I was introduced to the passion of Billy one night while he watched Main Event and was live tweeting on the 4CR main twitter handle. I could tell from the way he spoke and promoted the group that he, and the rest of the 4CR staff at the time were proud and passionate about their product. I knew that I wanted to be a a part of that passion and be able to express myself to a completely new audience. This is what 4CR means to me.”


Sam DiMascio (“The Indy Project”, founding member of 4CR)

“What does 4CR mean to me? Honestly wasn’t sure if I was going to write anything for this. I thought whatever I wrote would not be nearly as deep as some of the stuff others would write and I’d look like a shit bag in comparison. 4CR is something I’m extremely thankful for since I was able to chat with wrestling fans in a way I never imagined I would be taking part in. I can proudly say I am one of the founding members of 4 Corners Radio which really began with a bunch of guys doing a year end award article. This lead to the Raw Roundtable which were a hell of a time but I wouldn’t be lying if a few weeks in I was feeling like I wasn’t sure if I could keep up with just doing Raw.


Didn’t take too long before 4CR was much more than only the Raw Roundtable, which is still as awesome as ever. We now practically cover everything in American wrestling. Murray and I are so happy to have a platform to share our thoughts on indy wrestling since that is a passion for us and 4CR has afforded that to us. Are his opinions usually wrong? Yeah, but he’s Canadian so I feel too bad for him to find a new partner. [NOTE: Murray is awesome and even though we have different opinions on some things in indy wrestling it is that much more fun to have someone to talk with that you respect and can go back and forth on things with.]


I won’t say I am a part of a takeover. I am a part of a group of people who love wrestling and enjoy sharing the experience with others. I never joined 4CR to become a part of a massively popular podcast. If it happens that’d be rad but fun was always my main goal in 4CR. Fun has been delivered by 4CR in spades. With that we just keep on getting more and more people to follow us and enjoy our discussions on various things.  That’s my favorite part of 4CR. Meeting new wrestling fans because they enjoy what we do.”


Alisa Carpenter-Koster (friend and member of the 4CR family)

“A Fans Prospective

I feel like this is such a loaded question! I would like to start from the beginning so you can get an understanding of who and am and how much 4CR means to me. First off, my name is Alisa, some of you prob know me from Twitter. But what you don’t know , is that i’ve been a wrestling fan on and off for the past 15 years. I have been watching the sport since I was 11 or 12 years old. I got into wrestling when it the Attitude Era was so popular. Me and my school- mates would talk about our favorite superstars and who we wanted to be. Then high school came along, and all of a sudden wrestling wasn’t so cool anymore. It sucked, because I was so alone in my love for wrestling, I got ridiculed and picked on because of it! When I graduated from high school, I went on to college, and wrestling was my secret shame. Finally I decided in 2008 that I would stop watching the sport that I loved so dearly, just to make friends. I got into music very heavily. Then in 2011, I experienced the worst year of my adult life. I won’t get too much into detail, but lets just say any weak person would have cracked under the pressure me and my husband were under. My husband was channel surfing one day (May 2011 I remember specifically) and he stopped on the USA network. Raw was on. I looked at the tv in wonder. I missed my old friend! I started to get back into wrestling very heavy after that. It was like a wonderful escape from everything that was going on in our life. I started getting into more than just the WWE as well (Ring of Honor, Shimmer, Shine). But inside, I felt that ugly secret shame I had in college watching wrestling,so only my husband knew what the sport really meant to me. Fast forward to 2012. everything in my life starts to pick up. I start a twitter, just to follow my favorite wrestlers and to see what they were up too. Slowly but surely, I started to get wrestling fans to follow me. I owe Answertheten or Cj Mullins quite a bit, as I believe they were my 1st followers. They did a follow Friday, and one of the people they did that with was Billy. I think at the time he was trying to get to 300 followers. I followed him, and he followed me back. Then the 4CR product was introduced. It was amazing to me! I enjoyed all the tweets. Then if I remember correctly, Ant and Michael Monsoon were having a conversation about the Superbowl, and I jumped in. It felt so awesome talking to people with common interest! I’ve been forever grateful to the 4CR hosts and followers ever since. No longer did I feel like the weirdo who liked this “fake sport” as people so often call it. I felt so good about this, that I told my family and my friends about my love of professional wrestling.It felt so great to be honest and not feel ashamed of who I am. 4CR taught me to fly my freak flag high. 4CR has been a place where I feel like I belong and where I can be myself without any hang-ups.I love tweeting with the guys and girls of 4CR every Monday night. Its the highlight of my day. I feel like my opinion is valued. I am so very glad I’ve gotten to know you all at 4CR. I wish all you guys continued success. When you guys get bigger and bigger and bigger, just know that I am so happy to be along for this ride and journey you are taking! And know i’ll be there every step of the way.
So very Sincerely, A forever fan
Alisa Carpenter-Koster “
Todd Miller (newest member of 4CR)

As the newest official member of the 4CR family, I think it is pretty cool that the first thing I write for the site is my contribution for the 100th article. The question is simple, what does 4CR mean to you? Well, for me, it is not the simplest answer. Yes, I am new to the 4CR family but I have been a contributor and fan from the start, and 4CR has many meanings to me.
     The first thing that comes to mind is passion. No matter if we are talking about the creators or just the loyal fans, 4CR is a group of people that is bound together due to their passion for professional wrestling. Most of us are life long fans that have always had a love for the business, and 4CR is our platform to display that passion.
     The topic of passion leads me right into the next point of what 4CR means. To me, 4CR is a community. Some of us are real life best friends and some of us have made friends that we have never met personally, but know each other better than most people that see each other everyday. Before I started talking and interacting with the guys of 4CR I had around 40 followers or so on twitter. I used it mainly for venting out about random things I saw throughout the day that got on my nerves and mostly during sports games. Now, because of this 4CR community, I have gained over 150 followers on twitter that share the same love and passion that I do.
     To sum it all up, 4CR means a lot to everyone. It’s a place for friends, it’s a place for everyone to have a voice, somewhere to talk about the good and bad of wrestling, where people will listen, respond and care. No matter what kind of wrestling you like, you can find someone at 4CR that likes the same thing as you do. 4CR will always respond, will always include everyone and will always deliver on just about every aspect of professional wrestling their is. It’s simple…Four Corner’s Radio means everything, and I am glad it is here.”
Martin Dixon (“RAW Roundtable”, “4CRetro”, founding member of 4CR)
“It’s going to be hard getting down just what being involved in 4CR means to me right now, so I think I’d better start off with just where I was before it all began. I suppose it really starts for me on New Year’s Eve of 2012. 

I was coming off a really bad year (and not a fake bad year like John Cena) and was looking to do something with my time I could escape into. I finally settled on writing a blog about videogames I liked, loved & hated, not a huge stretch given that in my day job I work in a game store, although I’d never written anything before I thought someone might find it & enjoy something on there and that would be enough. I’d also found myself listening to wrestling podcasts such as What a Maneuver & Wrestlespective, where I could just switch off for an hour or two and forget my cares. So as the early days of 2013 rolled along my blog got modest views & some good feedback, my self confidence grew a little and life was good, and then I posted THAT pic on twitter, which for those familiar with the story set me on the road to becoming part of the 4CR family, which come to think of it, it’s a great advertisement for the connections and opportunities that can be achieved through social media. Oh, and for those who are curious my old blog can be found at www.thebunnysuicida.wordpress.com It doesn’t get the love & attention it used to, but hopefully I’ll be able to rejuvenate it soon. 

At first I was prepared to just be a writing contributor to the site, even as a podcast was being discussed, but I’d always listened to these shows & thought “I’d like to do one of these someday” so I thought I’d jump on the inaugural show, just so I could say I’d done one and ticked something off the “bucket list” and then go back to being a writer for the site. I think we all know now that wasn’t the case. 
I can’t begin to describe just how much being part of 4CR means to me, I’ve met so many wonderful people, been involved in episodes that have had live listeners in the hundreds, interviewed a legendary British wrestling promoter/booker/writer/manager/ journalist in Greg “The Truth” Lambert, been invited to write articles for blogs and been approached to be interviewed myself. Me, the very definition of “some guy”. This is all so unreal and it’s only been 6 months. So thank you, thank you to every single person who’s listened to a show, who’s ever called in, who’s joined along the live tweets on twitter, read any article & visited the site. You make it all worthwhile, so thank you from the bottom of my heart.”
Anthony Johns (“RAW Roundtable”, “A Hero and a Villain”, co-founder of 4CR)
“2013. It is a year that bring us great challenges, obstacles, and rewards. At the beginning of the year, I had goals and ideas in my head. I’m the kind of person who is always looking in the future. I never look in the present or the past. I drive myself forward. 2013. A year where I wanted to dive into new things and new adventures. I wanted to challenge myself… do something I had never done.

2013. The rise of Four Corners Radio.

There were so many names before Four Corners Radio. Most of them I can’t remember but this one always stuck out to me. Then came the idea of 4CR. Shorten it. Get it known. It’s something that I will never forget and something that will live forever.

What does 4CR mean to me?

When we first started 4CR, it was a 4 man group with a guy named Martin Dixon as a “fill in guy”. He was on the first podcast and has done everyone since. So much for a fill in guy, huh? Back to basics. It was a five man podcast. I was nervous. I was talking one of the things I love in this world with strangers that I had never talked to, in person, before this podcast. You can go back to the first podcast and hear all of us being nervous, timid, and excited all at the same time. I used my government name but now the world calls me Ant. Or the villain. How I have evolved, huh?

The first podcast was right around Royal Rumble. It was an awesome time and I couldn’t wait to do it again. I started podcasting on my iPad because my computer was awful. I remember all of this like it was yesterday. That was January and its June now. It’s unbelievable to see how we have evolved. Since the time of the first podcast, we have added writers, podcasters (lost some along the way), and fans. It’s crazy to have fans, ya know? People that WANT to hear your opinions and thoughts.

What does 4CR mean to me?

The people mean the world to me. These are people who I didn’t think I would have ANYTHING in common with. I couldn’t imagine doing this with anyone else. Everyone associated with 4CR has a great redeeming quality to them. Martin has his humor and his knowledge, Sam knows more about independent wrestling than I could ever imagine to know, Murray is like the coolest Canadian I know, and Billy… well, Billy is my brother. If Billy and I are the “bawses” of 4CR, I wouldn’t want to do it with anyone else. He brings out the best in me and I can never thank him enough for everything he has done. I will forever be in your debt. Everyone who works on the site and calls in are special. They share the same interest I have. That, to me, is awesome.

What does 4CR mean to me?

It gives me an outlet to share my stories, my passion, my life. I have been a wrestling fan pretty much my entire life. It’s surprising to see how many people I share common interests in. I know not everyone is a Randy Orton mark like myself but HEY!!

There’s my Orton joke for the year.

What does 4CR mean to me?

It gives me a chance to interact with the world. When I had the idea for #4CRUNITE, the hashtag extravaganza that has become popular, I didn’t think it would catch on. I thought it would be just an idea that would fizzle. It has taken off and not only with wrestling, people hashtag 4CR in everything. It’s mindblowing to me that something like that could take off. I feel like I was a pioneer for that. I’ve seen others try to do their own style of it but nothing compares to the original. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, they always say.

What does 4CR mean to me?

It’s about having fun. There are too many people who take wrestling seriously and look at numbers, buyrates, and the like in arguments and discussions about wrestling. What does that matter in the grand scheme of things? Do I enjoy it? That’s all that should matter. Take, for instance, $5 Wrestling and Chikara. No one cares about their buy rates or ratings. It’s fun. 4CR has a lot of people who have fun with wrestling. That’s probably one of the most important things for me is people having fun. Like I said before, that’s what the #4CRUNITE was meant to do. Join likeminded people together and have fun. Once you take it seriously, you lose sight of what wrestling is all about.

4CR is my passion. It is something I enjoy. I never dread doing a podcast or writing an article or doing a video. 4CR is within all of us wrestling fans. It’s not just a fancy name it’s about being a proud wrestling fan. We are all 4CR. Whether you like The Miz or you love Tanahashi, we all are wrestling fans and should be treated as such. It’s the best thrill in the world and I wouldn’t be the man I am today without it.

Thank you everyone who has ever called in, written an article, listened to a podcast, watched A Hero And A Villain, 2 Corporate Minutes, or tweeted me (which you can do @hailmegatron).

What does 4CR mean to me? It means everything.”


Billy Carpenter (“RAW Roundtable”, “4CRetro”, “A Hero and A Villain”,co-founder of 4CR)

“When I first started on Twitter as ‘@HashTWrestling’ about a year ago, the only thing I really wanted to do on there was post videos that people would hopefully enjoy.  A few RT’s from Hulk Hogan gained me a bit of following and I started to expand my activity on Twitter.  Soon, I started tweeting during shows and somehow Ant & I found each other.  We always seemed to have good rapport and soon, the idea of starting a podcast got kicked around.  After some start & stop discussions on the subject, we got serious about it and decided to meet up and on a Sunday in January, 4CR was born.  The early shows were awkward–Ant, Martin, Sam, Pope & myself didn’t really know each other, and it reflects in the early recordings.  With time, however, we gelled and the shows got better and better.  We started off with the RAW Roundtable and soon expanded to a second show when Sam & I launched the Indy Project.  Saturday podcasts became a forum for any subject and we dubbed them “Freestyles”.  We went live leading into WrestleMania weekend, added a YouTube show and have continued to grow at a pace that even I’m astounded at.  On the website side of things, I stayed up late one night after the first or second podcast recording, bought the domain name and launched 4crwrestling.com.  The concept of the site was simple–just a place where we could write about what we love.  I didn’t want to do news, there’s a ton of news sites out there.  This website needed to be a representation of what the founding fathers agreed 4CR should be–fun.  No restrictions, no guidelines.  I’m proud of what this website has become and I think that we all bring something different and great to the table.  Ant, Sam, Martin, Murray, Jimmo, Jacob, Justin, Nick & myself have helped build 4crwrestling.com and shape its identity and I hope that everyone who’s clicked on the site has found at least one thing that they’ve liked.

Now, what does 4CR mean to me? It’s freedom to be what we are–wrestling fans.  No matter how long you’ve watched, what brand you watch or anything like that, you have a place to congregate with other fans.  We have staff from all points of the US, guys from Canada and our own “British Invasion’–all with different levels of experience as a fan and tastes in what we like as fans.  We can relate to almost any wrestling fan because we collectively represent every wrestling fan–WWE, TNA, Ring of Honor, independent wrestling, puro, lucha, European.  No matter what you watch, you have somewhere to go to talk about it and not be ridiculed or rejected for it.

4CR means interacting with fans, just like myself.  4CR means creative expression, and the freedom to do so in whatever manner we see fit.  4CR means brotherhood, family & friendship.  4CR means just having fun with wrestling, because that’s what it’s all about. But most of all, 4CR means the world to me.  It’s something special and something that I’m proud to be doing with the people that I’m doing this with.  4CR means Billy, Ant, Martin, Todd, Sam, Murray, Nick, Justin, Jacob & Jimmo.  But most of all, to all of you who have supported this thing from the jump, 4CR means…you.”


One thought on ““What Does 4CR Mean To You?”

  1. This article is brilliant. Everything that was said rings true. 4CR is a family, a community, where people love and respect each other for their opinions, no matter what they are. A big thank you to all the people who contribute in one way or another. I’m absolutely thrilled to be part of this community.


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