The Double Underhook, Vol. 1



by Todd Miller


When you have something in life you love, you always hope that you can one day be involved in an area that deals with that true love. For me, that love has always been wrestling. For those that don’t know me, I am Todd Miller and I have been a wrestling fan for over 15 years. I have dealt with a lot of changes in life. I come from a broken home, I have switched schools at least 6 times that I can remember (and I’m not talking going from middle to high school) and I have moved 10 different times. I now reside in a little city outside of Cincinnati, Ohio. It was only fitting that I married my beautiful wife and then moved to the city of Loveland. I say all that to say this, you go through many changes in life, both good and bad, and not too long ago I went through a change I had always dreamed about. I now write an article and am involved in podcasts/radio shows that deal with my very first love,professional wrestling.
     Enough about me…When I was coming up with the idea to write an article a lot of different thoughts were going through my head. I wanted the name to be short, stand out and also have meaning. So I came up with the name, “The Double Underhook”. I decided to make it a play on words, since the name has the word, ‘Double’ in it, I decided that each article will deal with two different things in wrestling. It could range from two different things in history, two different companies, two different areas of news/rumors or in today’s case, two different people. So sit back, relax, clean off your glasses (if you wear them like I do) and get ready for the very first edition of….”The Double Underhook”!
     If we start to talk about the negative areas of the WWE, we could talk for awhile, but to me one of the first things that I would bring up would be the women’s division. Here in the United States it is almost impossible to turn on a weekly episodic wrestling show and see a good women’s match. I have always been a fan of good women’s wrestling. If you go back just 5 years you could still find plenty of women on the WWE roster that could put on a good match. Even when WWE’s women’s division started to fade you could still turn on TNA Wrestling to find the likes of Gail Kim, Awesome Kong, Alissa Flash, Hamada, Angelina Love and others, who really made a women’s match exciting and fun to watch. Those days seem to be no more as TNA has lost many of it best female wrestlers and ROH rarely displays their ‘Women of Honor’ in anything meaningful. So in this very first and very special edition of, “The Double Underhook”, I want to focus on two NXT divas that I really feel could put a jolt back in to the women’s division.
     I’ll have to admit, when I first saw her on NXT, I laughed. I watched more of her though, did some research and I am really starting to like what I see from this Australian superstar. For those that don’t know, Emma has been a wrestling fan since she was single digits in Imageage and actually started to train as an early teenager. She started from the bottom setting up rings for local shows and has now risen to stardom in NXT. Emma has held titles in many places, she had a short run in the famous SHIMMER promotion and she was trained by one of my favorites in Lance Storm. When I see Emma, I see someone that is different to any girl I have ever seen come through the curtain in the WWE. Backstage in interviews and the like she comes across very cocky and heelish. She uses her name to create her own words like EMMAtainment, EMMAlution and EMMAzing. Yet, once she comes out, with bubbles no less, and does her terrible dance, she gets the crowd going crazy for her. It’s like she doesn’t care about anyone but the fans. If you thought Fandango was a bad dancer just check out Emma, and by the time she gets to the ring you will be doing that goofy dance as well. She brings stage presence, she connects with the crowd, she has that awesome accent and most of all she is a good wrestler. She has every tool to be brought up to the main roster to help add good women’s wrestling back to the WWE.



     Now I may be biased writing this part of the article because Paige is my favorite girl going in all of WWE right now. Before I even saw her wrestle, I saw that she was billed as, “The Anti Diva”, and that caught my attention. Many people might not know that Paige Imagecomes from a wrestling family. Her father, mother and brothers are all wrestlers and they run the World Association of Wrestling promotion in the UK. In her first match ever she teamed with her mother in tag team action, she also beat her mother to win her first ever championship, which is pretty cool. Like Emma, Paige also wrestled for the SHIMMER promotion at one time and had a few tag title matches while teaming with her mother. Unfortunately they were unsuccessful in winning the titles. Paige is now a main focus for NXT’s women’s division. To me, she is the one that needs to win the women’s tournament to be the first ever NXT Women’s Champion (I don’t read spoilers so don’t let me know how that has turned out). Paige would stand out right away on the main roster, wrestling for a diva’s division yet being called, “The Anti Diva” would write her into any story right away and Paige looks nothing like anyone the WWE has. She’s intense, she can wrestle and she is only 20 years old. To me, Paige is the future of WWE Women’s wrestling more than any other girl they have, and being so young, she could be the main focus for many years to come.
    To sum it all up, if WWE even wants to go back to where they have women who show how well they can wrestle, they need to bring these girls up. We saw great era’s of girls like Sable & Jackie as well as the likes of Trish & Lita. Now it’s time for Emma & Paige to take their spot in the WWE.

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