From Cybertron With Love S1E2: The Reign Of Unending Terror

From Cybertron With Love

Season 1: Episode 2

The Reign Of Unending Terror


[This episode of From Cybertron With Love is inspired and brought to you by “The Reign Of Unending Terror” by Protest The Hero]

Welcome back. I see you have made your way back to this beautifully ruined planet. A planet where hopes come to die. I hope you didn’t bring any hopes with you. See, today, we are going to be discussing a company that had hopes and dreams for 2013 and they slipped by them with a few careless moves and a few shoots and embarrassing moments. Come sit down and listen while I tell you why there is no more code of honor in Ring of Honor.

Every hand that feeds is bitten
If it steals from hungry mouths
Convention be damned
I know who I am and some words
Are just to fucking loud
They can’t be ignored

In 2012, Ring of Honor had an off year. Fans as well as wrestlers are aware of this. It was a year where they just couldn’t get ahead. They couldn’t innovate (too much) and they just couldn’t take off like they once had before. Let’s face it, 02 to 07/08 were great times for Ring of Honor. The glory days of that promotion. Then it started to drift away. Tyler Black’s reign as ROH Champion was something special but after that it got boring, stale, and repetitive. I even stopped watching in 2012. I’m man enough to admit that. 2013, however, brought the hope of promise. Jim Cornette who, many have said, was trying to kill Ring Of Honor in had left and Delirious took over. It was a breath of fresh air. The SCUM storyline was taking off and everything seemed to be in place. The 11th Anniversary show happened and I ordered it because a hero told me I should and I enjoyed it. The ending was shocking as outside wrestlers who weren’t in ROH or haven’t been in quite some time joined the fray to proclaim the “death of ROH”. Ring of Honor was interesting again. I don’t think any of us knew the journey we were about to take.

Things I learned along the way
While listening to their music
So laugh then cry so I’ll try but to laugh again

So here we are. Ring Of Honor television was getting surprisingly better. Their next PPV, Super Card Of Honor VII, was where everything initially started drifting away from “a great 2013”. The ROH World Title Match was Kevin Steen who had been resisting temptation from SCUM (which was a hell of a storyline) to face Jay Briscoe, a man who has been in ROH since day one and has never held the most prestigious belt. This match was going to be a classic, no matter the winner. If Kevin Steen wins, SCUM still supports him and Ring of Honor slowly goes down the drain. If Jay wins, he becomes the savior of Ring Of Honor, stops SCUM in their tracks, and fulfills a destiny 11 years in the making. This was on iPPV and the entire show was fantastic.

Until the end.

How many of us, watching live, can say we saw the ending of Super Card Of Honor VII? I read the results on Twitter because my stream froze. Jay Briscoe had won the ROH World Title. A defining moment in ROH history and no one who paid $15 got to see it. It was depressing. I got the DVD/iPPV package and I have yet to open the DVD. Part of that is because of the bad taste it left in my mouth and part of that is because I have so much wrestling to watch. Different story for a different place, I suppose. Still, no one got to see it and Twitter and fans of ROH were outraged. We are all waiting for a response from ROH and we finally got one. Here’s a synopsis: Sorry everything went bad at the end of the stream, here’s $5 for your troubles. Use it for anything online. Cool, everyone thought, but then you look at shipping.

Shipping is $5. Really, ROH… that’s the best you can offer? Free shipping?

But spat and bit in such a way
That you just know how it felt

I’m not going to lie. I used the $5. I bought Final Battle 2012 because I heard it was really good. I know a hero and a villain went live after SCOH7 and we were pissed. I was livid. At least Ring of Honor corrected the issue. So Jay Briscoe was ROH Champion and everyone was happy. Now, I have an issue with people who are “closed minded” and being at the top of their company having social media. It’s just a bad idea. If I worked for ROH and I was a champion, I would put no political views on Twitter. I would use it to interact with fans, post funny pictures, and maybe look at news. So ROH decides to let Jay have a Twitter account and what does he post?

The Delaware Senate passed a bill yesterday that allows same sex couples to get married. If that makes you happy, then congratulations!!!!!! … try and teach my kids that there’s nothing wrong with that and I’ll f*cking shoot you”

Really, Jay? You’re seated at the top of a company as their CHAMPION and you say remarks like that? I understand Freedom of Speech and all but sometimes you have to bite your tongue. Wrestling is for fun but it is also a business and a political battleground. You have to watch your words… especially on a topic like this. It was said on one of our shows but it’s so true. Ring of Honor is too big to be an indy promotion and too small to be a big promotion. They are right on the cusp and this brings them down to a terrible level. Well, Ring Of Honor comes out with a written apology and later, Jay Briscoe delivers a verbal apology at a live show.

You really think this is sincere? Someone with such strong political beliefs isn’t just going to apologize and mean it. He did it because he was FORCED to do it. Which makes this apology empty. Along with that, he was also forced to give up his pay for the weekend to “Partners Against Hate” which I sure he hated doing. The downward spiral continues. However, it was still an enjoyable product. It was still something to proudly say you were a supporter of.

Until Best In The World Came along. And proved, on business and fan support, they are anything but best in the world.

The reign of unending terror
The rain that brings us warning
The rain that breaks the sky and gives us hope
For the end of this long night
Red sky morning light

Ring Of Honor has never been one to do things really, really backwards. However, at their TV tapings there were having the “blow off” the Ring of Honor versus SCUM. Steel Cage Warfare. I was scratching my head wondering why this was on TV and not on PPV. That’s something people would pay money for. Now, It was time to give Ring Of Honor a chance with their latest iPPV: Best In The World. It was a PPV I was looking forward to because of Michael Elgin v Tomasso Ciampa and Adam Cole v Roderick Strong. Those matches were the only reason I bought this iPPV. I definitely wasn’t looking forward to Briscoe v Briscoe because, let be honest, I hate The Briscoes. So I loaded the iPPV up 5 minutes before it started and it was buffering. The PPV started and it was buffering. It buffered the entire time until intermission. I missed the matches that I paid money to see. Needless to say I was pissed. While this was going on, I checked to see if I was the only one having issues and EVERYONE was having issues. Had we heard anything from Ring of Honor? Nothing. Michael Elgin was the ONLY person to tweet fans about the issues ROH was having and he’s just a wrestler. He’s not a production/tech guy. I found this interesting. Now, during intermission, the stream was buffering. I immediately stopped watching. If I read that the stream got better, I was going to tune back in.

It never did.

Fans who paid good money to watch a promotion they liked, and even loved, were left in the dark. Had Ring Of Honor said anything? Nope, not a word. Instead, they tweeted out hype Vine videos for the main event. I would have respected them more if they would have came out and said “Hey, we are aware of the technical issues and we are working hard on getting those fixed”. I would have been alright with that. Three of us from 4 Corners Radio were going to do a post show but we couldn’t. You know what we talked about instead? How Ring Of Honor mishandled the entire situation. We made the statement that we would never order another ROH iPPV and that is a claim I still hold to this day. Monday came and did we hear anything? Nope, we didn’t hear anything. No $5 promo code or nothing. It was making me mad. Finally, on Tuesday, we got a word from Ring Of Honor that the “replay was available” and people could watch it. No “official” statement. It was on Twitter and they just kind of let everything settle. It wasn’t done settling though. There was an announcement to be made that would rock Ring Of Honor, and it’s fans, to the core.

No more live iPPV’s. What?

And that’s the kind of enemy that obscures
The very core of me

This was a HUGE announcement. Not in a good way, either. Instead of addressing their issues with iPPV’s they just decide to not do anymore live iPPV’s. To me, this is one of the biggest cop outs in wrestling history. Why would you deny your fans of seeing it live? It would be if WWE had a stream issue they would deny live PPV’s. Do you know how much money that costs? Do you understand that a lot of us aren’t going to watch a “pre recorded” iPPV? TNA does this with their “One Night Only” PPV’s and I personally don’t know a lot who watch those. It was one of the worst ideas of all. It only got worse for ROH after that. I know, it gets worse and that is the sad part. Here’s a little spoiler alert so if you don’t want to read it, I understand but I think 99% of ROH fans know what the result is of this match. Jay Briscoe and Matt Hardy were to have a match on TV for the ROH Championship. Jay Briscoe won that match and retained. Not too long after ROH announced that they were getting rid of iPPV’s, we find out that Jay and Mark Briscoe had been working without a contract for quite some time and they were leaving Ring Of Honor.

Really? So what sense did it make to leave the title on Jay Briscoe if you knew they could just leave whenever? Oh, and SCUM loses the Steel Cage Warfare and the SCUM angle is dead. Now, if I was a booker and knew that these two had an opportunity to leave, why not continue the SCUM angle through the summer and build to have someone else come back and “save” ROH? Why not have another match between Hardy and Steen? No, Ring Of Honor decides to have a tournament for the vacated ROH title and, wait for it, it’s not going to be at Death Before Dishonor XI but it will be on TV.

Talk about not wanting to build a company.

So there’s a background on the destruction of ROH by themselves. Not by the fans who have been loyal but by the company themselves. I refuse to give ROH anymore of my money for the way they handled the BITW situation. The last $20 I will give them will be for the Live And Let Die DVD because I was there. Other than that, I will read results. I can’t back a company who has no customer support and can’t even give their paying customers any kind of update. Ring of Honor really needs to step their game up. They’re slipping and it’s turning to 2012 all over again. So now you have to ask the question “Was it Jim Cornette’s fault or something higher than him?” My biggest problem with all of this is that they seem to be directionless. The SCUM storyline is dead… what else do they have? They have built no storylines besides the SCUM one and “maybe” Adam Cole and Roderick Strong. Besides that, they have nothing. I like great matches but I also like a little story in my wrestling. Maybe I’m just an old fashioned fan but there has to be a reason these two want to fight each other. If Ring of Honor can fix these issues maybe I’ll give their paid products another chance. I can’t justify it without some kind of advancement.

It’s a reign of unending terror. As a fan, I would be terrified.

We can continue this conversation on twitter if you like. I am @hailmegatron and I am always down for a great debate. Do you agree? Do you disagree? Do you think I’m full of it and I need to shut up? Tell me. Now you must leave Cybertron. Until next time, I am the villain…

From Cybertron With Love,

Ant The Villain

When you look in my eyes who do you see
When you look in my eyes who is it
When you look in my eyes who do you see
When you look in my eyes who is it

*roll credits*

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