The 10 Spot: Chikara’s Best

Welcome to the much-delayed third installment of the column created by 4CR’s social media interaction, The 10 Spot! Each week, I bring a topic to the table and ask for friends & followers to send me their top 10 on whatever the subject may be.  After all the lists have been gathered, a composite list is created and an article is born. This week’s topic is not one that I’m particular versed in, but I knew there were alot of people out there who were waiting for this to be a 10 Spot topic.  No input from me on this week’s list, as it was totally created by those who sent in ballots–and videos, because everyone likes videos. So without any further ado, let’s jump into the 10 Spot and see who you voted as…


The 10 Greatest Chikara Wrestlers





#10: Vin Gerard


*Young Lions Cup (1-time)



#9: Sara Del Rey



Torneo Cibernetico (2011)



#8: Tim Donst



Young Lions Cup (1 time)

Torneo Cibernetico (2012)



#7: Icarus



Campeonatos de Parejas (1 time w/ Gran Akuma)

King of Trios 2009 (w/ Chuck Taylor & Gran Akuma)

Torneo Cibernetico (2006)



6: Hallowicked



Campeonatos de Parejas (1-time with Delirious)

Young Lions Cup (1-time)

King of Trios 2012 (w/ Frightmare & Ultramantis Black)

Tag World Grand Prix (2003-w/ Blind Rage)



#5: UltraMantis Black



King of Trios 2012 (w/ Frightmare & Hallowicked)



#4: Jigsaw



Campeonatos de Parejas (2 times) – with Mike Quackenbush (1) and The Shard (1)
Young Lions Cup (1 time)
King of Trios (2007) – with Mike Quackenbush and Shane Storm
Tag World Grand Prix (2013) – with The Shard
Torneo Cibernetico (2004)



#3: Claudio Castagnoli


Chikara Campeonatos de Parejas (2 times) – with Chris Hero (1) and Ares (1)
King of Trios (2010) – with Ares and Tursas
Tag World Grand Prix (2005) – with Arik Cannon
Tag World Grand Prix (2006) – with Chris Hero
Torneo Cibernético (2007)



#2: Mike Quackenbush


Founder of Chikara

Chikara Campeonatos de Parejas (1 time) – with Jigsaw

King of Trios (2007) – with Jigsaw and Shane Storm



#1: Eddie Kingston



Chikara Grand Championship (1st & only title holder)
12 Large: Summit (2011)
Torneo Cibernetico (2010)



There you have it, Chikara’s ten best ever as voted on by all of YOU! What did you think of the list? Who got left off? Who shouldn’t have made it on? I wanna hear from you! As always, tweet me @4CR_Billy or on the official 4CR Twitter feed and let me know how you feel.  The next 10 Spot should be cause for a great discussion, as we count down the best finishing moves of all-time! Want to participate? Tweet me and ask how you can be a part of 4CR’s only article built by social media! Until then, just have fun with wrestling and listen to the 4 Corners Radio shows & podcasts!

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