‘Corner of Honor’ (9/11/13)



Welcome back to the latest edition of 4CRWrestling.com’s weekly article on all things Ring of Honor, the ‘Corner of Honor’!  This will, in fact, be a weekly article from here on out as it was before now that my self-imposed hiatus from ROH is over.  All of the old features are here: ROH TV review, news and the classic ROH match of the week. This week’s particular article will be a little lighter in content, but I’ve got some things in the works for the upcoming weeks.  Enough with the intro, let’s jump into the newest edition of the ‘CoH’!


ROH TV Review, 9/7/13  

(This TV review is a little different than most, as it is made up entirely of my live tweets while watching the show.  Want to help me out with the next review? Make sure you tag your tweets with #4CRROH and YOU can be a part of the next ‘CoH’!)


*How about some #4CRROH? Let’s do it!

*This week, we kick off the show with Silas Young vs Tomasso Ciampa! I can dig this.

*@ProjectCiampa has my favorite entrance in all of wrestling. Shit gets me hyped.

*Suplex from the apron to the floor by Young on Ciampa! OUCH!

*Good match w/ Ciampa/Young—hard hitting, back & forth and Ciampa’s push continues. (Ciampa) Wins after hitting ‘Project Ciampa’.

*Michael Bennett vs BJ Whitmer is up next. Is this the “piledriver match”? And oh yeah, Maria is as hot as ever.

*Corner enzugiri! Exploder! Suicida! Whitmer starting off hot!

*Boos for Nigel ejecting Maria, followed by cheers for him spanking her all the way to the back.

*Perfect Combination by BJ!


*That was tough to watch, man. Get well, BJ. And how bad must Bennett feel.

*@LondonFu vs ROHMichaelElgin is up next. FUCK YEAH.

*Good sequences so far…Elgin’s power vs London’s speed.

*Paul London chops, Michael Elgin chops harder.

*Super delayed vertical suplex!

*Hurricanrana from the apron to the floor by London!

*Dead lift German by Elgin!

*Somersault plancha by London! Double stomp!!! Only gets 2!

*Springboard plancha countered by an Elgin dropkick! Suplex from the apron back in!

*Turnbuckle bomb! Elgin bo-NO, countered into a reverse rana that plants Elgin! SSP! Only a 2 count!

*Top rope powerbomb! Back fist! Buckle bomb! ELGIN BOMB!!! That does it for London, but that was a damn good match!

*Hell of a match between @LondonFu & @ROHMichaelElgin caps off a great episode of @ringofhonor TV. Definitely watch that match!


Quick News


-Ring of Honor has pulled their talent from an upcoming FWE show, according to sources.  Jay Lethal and ROH TV champion Matt Taven have both been removed from the October 12 iPPV, which is the start of FWE’s Grand Prix tournament.  I’ve got no problem with Taven being pulled as he is a current champion for ROH and they want to keep him from possibly losing and not looking strong. However, Lethal’s been working FWE shows for quite some time and is really doing nothing of note as of now on ROH TV. Not sure what the big deal is on a show that honestly, not many people are going to see.  In any event, i’m sure that there’ll be a sector of fans who will voice their disapproval of this move.

(credit: PWInsider.com)

-Here’s the quick results from ROH’s “Road to Greatness” Night 1 & 2

Night 1 Results:

* Roderick Strong defeated Raymond Rowe.

* Adrenaline Rush (ACH and Tadarius Thomas) defeated Alabama Attitude (Mike Posey and Corey Hollis).

* QT Marshall (w/Veda Scott) defeated Cheeseburger after Veda Scott distracted the ref.

* Davey Richards defeated ROH World TV Champion Matt Taven (w/Truth Martini) in a non-title match (submission).

* Jay Lethal defeated Luke Hawx.

*Bobby Fish defeated Caprice Coleman.

*Kyle O’Reilly defeated Cedric Alexander (submission).

*Kevin Steen and Michael Elgin defeated Adam Cole and Tommaso Ciampa.

Night 2 Results:

* Tommaso Ciampa def Luke Hawx

* Kevin Steen def QT Marshall

* Michael Elgin def Raymond Rowe

* Michael Bennett def Davey Richards

* Proving Ground Match: Jay Lethal def ROH TV Champ Matt Taven; Jay Lethal to challenge in Philly @ DBDH

* Proving Ground “Instant Reward” 4 Corner Tag: ROH Tag Champs reDRagon def C & C Wrestle Factory, Adrenaline RUSH & Alabama Attitude

Fall 1 – Adam Cole def Roderick Strong (pin)
Fall 2 – Strong def Cole (submission)
Fall 3- Roderick Strong takes first fall in Ironman
– Adam Cole right back to take a fall. Even at 1-1
– Cole strikes again to take 2-1 lead over
– Adam Cole kills clock to defeat Roderick Strong, 2 falls to 1

(credit: PWPonderings.com)



-Here’s the updated card for the big Ring of Honor ‘Death Before Dishonor XI’ card coming up on September 20:

World Title Tournament, Semi-Finals

*Adam Cole vs Tommaso Ciampa*

World Title Tournament, Semi-Finals

*Michael Elgin vs Kevin Steen*

Finals of the World Title Tournament

IWGP Jr. Heavyweight Tag Titles

*Forever Hooligans © vs American Wolves*

*Ricky Marvin vs Roderick Strong*

8 Man Tag Match

*reDRagon, Matt Taven & Michael Bennett vs ACH, TD Thomas and C & C Wrestle Factory*

*Jay Lethal vs Silas Young*


Will you be watching when it’s available? If you are join me and use #4CRDBDH and be a part of the review for this very article!


-Our friends over at Wrestling Heads Radio recently sat down with the ‘Sicilian Psychopath’ Tommaso Ciampa! Check out the interview here.


4CReaction—ROH’s ‘Manhattan Mayhem 5’

In case you missed it, here’s my review of the show from the official 4CR Tumblr feed, which you can check out here!


4CReaction: ROH’s ‘Manhattan Mayhem 5’ Review

by Billy Carpenter

Silas Young vs Adam Page kicks off the show. Both men making their ROH NY debuts here. This was a good, fun opener. Great counters and action throughout. During my hiatus from ROH I haven’t seen any of Adam Page since June but he looked good in there with the ‘Last Real Man’ on this night. Finish saw Silas hit the Finlay Roll and then hit his turnbuckle handstand/ springboard seated moonsault for the win. ***

Adrenaline Rush vs C&C Wrestle Factory up next in a ‘Scramble Rules’ tag match. Action from start to finish. Not everyone’s cup of tea, but I really like TD Thomas in the ring. Unique offense and he’s getting better every time I see him. And what more can I say about 4CR favorite ACH. Insane how smooth he is. Good tag match that possibly had future tag title implications. ACH’s “Air Jordan” might be my favorite move in all of wrestling, so damn smooth when he hits it. I feel like I haven’t said enough about C&C, a great tag team in their own right. Cedric Alexander is going to be a big time star for ROH of they present him right. He’s on the cusp of being absolutely great in that ring. C&C pick up the win in a non-stop tag match following Overtime. ***

TV champ Matt Taven taking on the returning Mike Mondo (-_-) in a ‘Proving Ground’ match is next. There’s a dude pestering Seleziya at ringside that I’m waiting for her to knock out. Anyhow, I’m not a fan of Mondo and Taven’s not bad so my expectations weren’t super high. A pretty decent match followed. Just glad they named Taven’s finisher since I last watched ROH. **3/4

The Young Bucks vs Forever Hooligans. Go watch this. ****


QT Marshall & RD Evans are out to take a stand & are going by the name “Marshall Law” now. Prince Nana grabs the mic and says he’s signed two guys who are going to destroy them tonight. Out come 2 guys, 1 in a clown mask and the other in a another latex mask. They’re soon revealed to be Homicide & Eddie Kingston! Later in the match, Nana says they’re known now as ‘Outlaw Inc.’ They of course won the match, but the bigger story is that these two are back (seemingly full-time). It’ll be interesting to see their agenda and what they do next. **


Tomasso Ciampa vs Michael Bennett next in the first ROH title tournament match on the card. Good back and forth match, with Ciampa bringing the high octane offense and Bennett focusing on Ciampa’s knee. This is Bennett’s first match following the BJ Whitmer piledriver incident and they, of course, worked the teased piledriver spots into the match. ‘Kryptonite Krunch’ on the floor by Ciampa is enough for the win. I see Ciampa in the finals of this tournament, really looks like ROH is pushing the man hard. ***1/2



Roderick Strong vs Kevin Steen started off with both men going right at it. Hot start to the match with a near fall by Roddy, then Steen taking control following an apron powerbomb. The match inevitably slowed a little before picking back up in the closing minutes. Kevin Steen advances in the tournament following a sleeper suplex and the package piledriver. ***1/2

“Machine Gun” Karl Anderson looks to go 2-0 against Michael Elgin next. This match was even better than the 1st encounter between the 2. Hard strikes, power moves and hey—it’s Elgin & Anderson, two of the best going. Both men threw their best at each other down the stretch, including Karl nailing a top-rope TKO on Elgin. Turnbuckle bomb followed by the Elgin bomb sends the “Unbreakable” one to the semi-finals of the ROH World title tournament. ***3/4


Main event time as The American Wolves defend the ROH World Tag Team titles against former champs reDRagon. On par with their match from SCOH 7, perhaps even a little better overall. Action kept building as the match went on so the match felt as if it were structured better. Back half of this match was filled with great sequences by both teams and in the end, Fish & O’Reilly defeat the Wolves for the tag straps following ‘Chasing the Dragon’ and then a cross armbreaker on Davey Richards. Fantastic main event to close out perhaps Ring of Honor’s best top-to-bottom show of the year. ****

Post-match, Outlaw Inc. comes out and attacks reDRagon! Homicide breaks Kyle’s fingers in the same fashion as he did RD Evans earlier in the evening. Show closes with Homicide & Eddie Kingston in the ring (didn’t think I’d be saying that earlier this year).

Alright ROH, you’ve won me back. This felt like an older ROH show to me and there’s nothing wrong with that. I’ve seen reviews that praised the show and some that have dismissed it. I personally loved it: 2 4 star matches, everything else at or around 3 & up. Plus, the emergence of Outlaw, Inc. is certainly something to shake things up in ROH. Check this out if you can, especially of you’re a Ringside Member and can get the discount. Won’t be disappointed.




Well, that was the return of 4CR’s ‘Corner of Honor’! Felt good to get back into the mix and talk about a promotion that I’ve loved for so many years now.  Like I said, I’ve got some features planned for upcoming articles so make sure you stay tuned. In the meantime, I leave you with the classic match of the week—from ‘Epic Encounter 3’, a match up that you may see again in NXT in the near future, as Chris Hero goes one-on-one with El Generico!  Thanks for reading the column where honor lives, and as always, keep the conversation going with me on Twitter!



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