10 Spot: Halloween Havoc!


Anyone expecting these 10 Spots on time by now are just wishfully thinking! Welcome back to 4CR’s most delayed article, the 10 Spot! If you don’t know how this works yet, I’ll break it down: I throw out a topic on Twitter when it’s time to start a new article. You send me your top 10 on the subject in question, we make a composite top 10 with everyone’s lists and we come up with the article! A few weeks back, I asked “What are your top 10 Halloween Havoc matches of all-time?”. Yes, this article was supposed to go live on Halloween and it’s now almost Thanksgiving. But, better late than never–let’s see how the list came together after counting your votes! Real quick before we get started–in the interest of time, I won’t be doing the normal write-ups for each match, opting to go with a quick blurb followed by the video. SO, without any further ado, it’s time for the “10 Spot”!


10. Davey Boy Smith vs Lord Steven Regal (WCW World Television Title), Halloween Havoc 1993

Davey Boy when he still could go mixed with the awesomeness of his Lordship and the outcome was a forgotten bit of greatness. 

9. Randy Savage vs DDP, Halloween Havoc 1997

One of my favorite feuds of all-time and DDP owes pretty much his entire run in WCW to the ‘Macho Man’. This feud got DDP over for good and his rise to main event status can be directly linked to this feud. This match was the launching pad.

(Start at 2:00:38)

8. Doom vs Ric Flair vs Arn Anderson,(NWA World Tag Team Titles),  Halloween Havoc 1990

 Doom vs the Horsemen was a great mini-feud that produced two ****+ matches in the span of two months. This was the first and is an a thing of beauty.

7. Brian Pillman vs Richard Morton, (WCW Light Heavyweight Title), Halloween Havoc 1991

 This is the only one I couldn’t find a working link for, but here’s this instead:


6. Bobby Eaton vs Terrence Taylor, Halloween Havoc 1991

WordPress seems to not like Dailymotion’s embed links, so here’s the direct link to the match on the site. Just good, old fashioned southern style wrestling.  A bright spot on a card where there’s not too many, and worth your time to check out.

5. Dean Malenko vs Rey Mysterio, Jr., (WCW Cruiserweight Title), Halloween Havoc 1996

 Look at the names involved, how hard do I need to convince you to click the video?

4. Raven vs Chris Jericho, WCW World Television Title, Halloween Havoc 1998

 Two guys who should’ve been better utilized in WCW show you why by turning in an awesome contest for the TV title.

3. Brian Pillman vs Lex Luger (NWA United States Title), Halloween Havoc 1989

Brian Pillman in early WCW was something to behold. He has a catalogue of great matches–Flair, Steamboat, Brad Armstrong, Steve Austin–and you can add Luger to that list. I don’t get excited about many Lex Luger matches, but this is fantastic and proved that Pillman was more than capable of carrying guys to great matches.

2. Diamond Dallas Page vs Goldberg (WCW World Heavyweight Title), Halloween Havoc 1998

WCW’s hottest star taking on a man who had been through some great wars in the year or so prior (Raven, Savage) and had built himself into a legit main eventer. This is by far Goldberg’s best match and is a true classic in the annals of WCW history.

1. Eddy Guerrero vs Rey Mysterio, Jr. (WCW Crusierweight Title vs Rey’s Mask), Halloween Havoc 1997


There you have it, the top 10 Halloween Havoc matches of all-time, as voted on by you! What did you think of the list? Let me know on Twitter and let your voice be heard! Now, the next TWO 10 Spot lists aren’t going to be articles, but will be part of the next 2 episodes of 4CRetro! First one goes down on 11/25 as we count down the top 10 singles matches in Survivor Series history. Then on 12/1, we rank the greatest “classic” Survivor Series 5-vs-5 matches in history! If you want to take part, let me know by Thursday, 11/21 and get those lists ready! Until then, have fun with this thing called wrestling–that’s what its all about!


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