Retro Reaction: ‘NWA Pro Wrestling’ (June 7, 1986)

Something new from yours truly for! My name is Billy Carpenter and if you’re reading this, you may or may not know that. You might know me as the guy who does the ‘4CReaction’ posts for the 4 Corners Radio Tumblr page. Or perhaps you’ve heard me hosting ‘4CRetro‘, 4CR’s look back at wrestling from yesteryear. I’ve decided to sort of combine those 2 things and bring you this–the first ever ‘Retro Reaction’! The idea came as I was scouring for some old NWA footage and I happened upon a ton of old NWA (and later, WCW) Pro television shows. So the plan for now is to recap these in a weekly or twice weekly format and post them to the website! And yeah, I kinda borrowed some of this concept from Martin Dixon


Footage of a contract signing between Magnum TA & Nikita Koloff for GAB ’86 kicks things off. It breaks down quickly and Nikita, along with his uncle Ivan, leave Magnum laying. After the intro, Bob Caudle welcomes in Nikita, Ivan & Krusher Kruschev. Caudle explains that Magnum has been stripped of the US championship and Ivan makes the case for Nikita Koloff to be awarded the title.


To the ring we go, and the ‘Boogie Woogie Man’ Jimmy Valiant, Hector Guerrero & Manny Fernandez make their way down the aisle! Johnny Weaver joins Bob Caudle on commentary. I didn’t even catch the name of the 3 on the other side of the ring, and I’m sure it didn’t matter. This was a squash to get them ready to face Paul Jones’ Army during the Great American Bash tour.

Bob Caudle is now standing by with James J Dillon & the National Heavyweight champion, Tully Blanchard. They rundown recent events in their feud with Ronnie Garvin.

Back from break, and here’s the Rock ‘n Roll Express! Ricky is sporting a protective mask thanks to a broken nose suffered at the hands of Ric Flair & the Horsemen, which we get clips of. Ricky wants Ric in a cage where he knows he can beat Flair.

To the ring, and Ronnie Garvin is set to square off with Vernon Deaton (?). ‘Hands of Stone’ works him over for a minute or so before nailing a KO Punch (eat your heart out, Big Show!) for the 3.

Back to Bob, standing by once again with Tully Blanchard Enterprises (Dillon & Blanchard). We get highlights from the Norfolk Scope, where Blanchard took out Garvin. More hype for an upcoming taped fist match between the two.

Magnum TA makes his way to the ring to take on the IMMORTAL Randy Mulkey!!! Mulkey’s legs have the skin tone of a white crayon. It’s like his white boots just turned into legs. Anyhow, a belly-to-belly ends this in about 30 seconds. He gives him one more for good measure.

A mustachioed Tony Schiavone runs down the card coming up July 1st in Philly as part of the Great American Bash tour. Arn Anderson cuts a promo behind a cage and reminds us why he’s such a badass. Ric Flair comes in and let’s Hawk know he’s ready for him in Philly–WOOOO~!

We get the footage of Magnum TA nailing Bob Geigel after being ‘reprimanded’ for ‘conduct unbecoming’ in reference to the video that kicked off the show. I lost it when Magnum hit him–it’s glorious and I’ll make sure to watch it once a day from now on. We then get a statement from Bob Geigel, representing the Board of Directors, stating that they have officially stripped Magnum of the United States title.


Jim Cornette is in the ring with Big Bubba Rogers and intros the NWA World Tag Team Champions, the Midnight Express. Todd Champion & Sam Houston provide the opposition. Crowd is SOLIDLY behind Todd & Sam, but the Midnights are pretty dominate. Condrey & Eaton go for the Rocket Launcher but Champion is out of place. Condrey walks Todd through the finish and they hit the second attempt.

JCP President Jim Crockett, Jr. comes out to let everyone know that JCP has convinced the Board to let Magnum TA & Nikita Koloff decide the fate of the US title in a Best of 7 series during the GAB tour!

Baron Von Raschke & Shaska Whatley vs Italian Stallion & George South is next. Raschke comes in after Whatley beats down South and slips on the claw to end this quickly.

Ronnie Garvin comes out to talk about his upcoming match with Tully Blanchard. Promos weren’t his thing.

Back to action, and here comes Gorgeous Jimmy Garvin and the lovely Precious. The Brainbuster ends this literally in about 15 seconds. I didn’t even catch the other guy’s name.


Tony Schiavone runs down the July 1st Philly card again. Jimmy Valiant talks gibberish, Baby Doll & the RnR Express talk about the Midnights and Magnum promises to beat Nikita.

Back from break, and here’s the World TV champion Arn Anderson. Again, badass.

Wahoo McDaniel vs a guy in a yellow suit & mask. You know, for as much shit as we give the current announcers for not focusing on the match, these two have done a terrible job on this episode. Wahoo wins after a chop but is then attacked by Jimmy Garvin & ‘Mr Electricity’ Steve Regal! They whip the chief with a strap before reinforcements come out to chase them off. Bob Caudle recaps what just happened and we finally get the masked man’s name (Thunderfoot).

That’s gonna wrap it up for this edition of NWA Pro & the first ever ‘Retro Reaction’! What else will happen on the road to the Great American Bash? What’s next for Magnum TA & Nikita Koloff as they vie for the US title? Find out on the next edition of NWA Pro right here on ‘Retro Reaction’!


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