State Your Case: Creating Your Legacy By Cashing In Money In The Bank (Week 4)


State Your Case: Creating Your Legacy By Cashing In Money In The Bank

Sometimes, in the WWE, superstars can be made in a matter of minutes. Sometimes, it takes a long while for these superstars to be made. However, the Money In The Bank match can create lasting memories of careers and performances. This Money In The Bank match is no exception. When I originally watched this in 2008, I loved it. It is still one of my favorite MITB matches. Watching it again made me love it all over again. This match featured many young superstars and incredible spots. Don’t believe me? Do yourself a favor and watch it. You will not regret it. Let’s do work, shall we?

Wrestlemania 24 March 30th, 2008.


  • WWE Intercontinental Champion Chris Jericho
  • Carlito
  • Shelton Benjamin
  • Mr. Kennedy
  • CM Punk
  • WWE United States Champion MVP
  • WWE Tag Team Champion John Morrison

This was the first MITB match to feature more than one current champion in WWE. This is the third match for Shelton Benjamin and in the previous two I named him Star of The Match. Will he get that honor this time around? The bell rings and every superstar except MVP leaves the ring to grab a ladder. John Morrison slides in the ring with a ladder and MVP immediately hits him with a boot and takes his ladder. As wrestlers enter the ring, MVP takes them out. First Punk in the face and then Kennedy over his back. Shelton tries to get into the ring and MVP takes him out. MVP starts to taunt but Jericho stands behind him in the opposite corner and when MVP turns around, he hits MVP with his ladder. As Jericho turns around, John Morrison hits him with a mini ladder crushing Jericho’s fingers. Morrison sees an opportunity and grabs the ladder Jericho was holding and climbs the turnbuckle. In what can only be described as amazing Morrison moonsaults, ladder in hand, onto the outside hitting Shelton, Punk, Carlito, and MVP! The crowd erupts and rightfully so… it was an incredible spot.

Through all this chaos, Kennedy slides into the ring and attempts to become the first ever two time MITB winner. Jericho, on the other hand, has other ideas and throws him off the ladder. Jericho attempts to lock in the Walls Of Jericho but Kennedy gets to the ropes. Jericho sees a standing ladder and slingshots Kennedy to the ladder. Kennedy lands on the steps of the ladder and uses his momentum to climb the ladder. Morrison climbs the ladder and battles with Kennedy. Shelton sets up another ladder next to it. Kennedy can’t knock Morrison off the ladder so he attempts to hit a suplex off the ladder. What happens next is one of the best moments in Money In The Bank history. Shelton leaps from his ladder and hits a sunset flip powerbomb to Kennedy as Kennedy suplexes Morrison. A classic Tower Of Doom spot that gets the fans on their feet.

Shelton is the first one to his feet after the car crash and sees Carlito climbing the ladder. He climbs the opposite side and Carlito pushes Shelton off but Shelton lands on the top rope. He tries to jump off the ropes onto a ladder to attack Carlito but he loses his footing and crashes hard onto the mat. Punk is the next man to climb the ladder but it stopped by Kennedy. Shelton gets up and tries to climb but Punk yanks him off the ladder and hits him with a nasty Go 2 Sleep. Punk then goes to climb but Kennedy pulls him off the ladder and hits a Green Bay Plunge into a ladder lying on the mat. The sound of Punk’s back hitting the ladder is intense but Carlito is at the top of the ladder ready to grab the briefcase! MVP makes sure that doesn’t happen and both men fight on the mat. MVP pushes Carlito into the corner and attempts to hit a boot but Carlito moves and hits the back of MVP’s leg with a ladder. Shelton gets up and attempts to superkick Carlito. He catches the foot but, the ever innovative Shelton, counters it and hits Carlito with a spin kick to the back of his head. Shelton then climbs the ladder but Kennedy and Carlito need to put a stop to this. The push the ladder and it sends Shelton crashing to the outside through another ladder! Shelton’s body bends in two as Carlito and Kennedy look at each other in shock.

It’s not Carlito, Jericho, and Kennedy on one ladder and MVP pushes all three off as they hit the ropes. MVP tries to climb and Morrison knocks him off. Jericho, with his eyes on the prize, climbs the ladder on the same side as Morrison. Morrison turns around to fight Jericho but Jericho puts Morrison in the Walls of Jericho atop the ladder! Kennedy grabs another ladder, puts it next to the two, and tries to knock those two off. Morrison falls off the ladder and Punk leaps from the top rope to climb the ladder Kennedy is on and Carlito leaps from the top rope to climb the ladder Jericho is on. It’s an all-out war between these four as Punk hits his modified side effect clothesline off the ladder onto Kennedy. Carlito and Jericho are left fighting for the briefcase but Carlito hits Jericho with a Backstabber off the ladder! Everyone is laid out in the ring or outside the ring except for Montel Vontavious Porter.

MVP sees the prize in sight. The Money In The Bank briefcase and a trip to immortality. MVP has his hands on the briefcase when out of nowhere Matt Hardy comes through the crowd! MVP injured Matt Hardy’s knee and it kept Hardy out of action for 5 months. Now he’s returning to stop MVP from getting his once in a lifetime chance! Hardy climbs the ladder and hits a Twist Of Fate to MVP off the ladder! Matt Hardy gets his revenge and there are still bodies everywhere as he leaves the ring. Morrison is trapped under a ladder in the corner and Jericho gets up and sets up another ladder in the one laying in the corner to resemble the letter “V”. Jericho slingshots the ladder to hit Carlito and while the ladder is standing straight in the air, Morrison uses this to his advantage and climbs the ladder. Carlito gets up and knocks Morrison off the ladder. Jericho takes the ladder off and sets it up in the middle of the ring to get the briefcase. He climbs and Carlito goes on the opposite side and spits an apple in the face of Jericho. Carlito has his hands on the case but Kennedy pushes him off. Kennedy has his hands on the case and Punk hits Kennedy in the face with the ladder. This is what Kennedy did to Punk last year and helped Kennedy win Money In The Bank. Jericho is up and, while Punk has the mini ladder from before, he hits Punk with the Codebreaker! The ladder smashes Punk’s face as Jericho climbs the ladder. Punk gets up and tries to shake the ladder and get Jericho off. Punk climbs the ladder and the two go back and forth. They both are at the top of the ladder and Punk takes a shot from the case to the face. Jericho tries to readjust himself but his foot gets caught up in the steps of the ladder. Punk uses this opportunity to grab the briefcase and etch his name in history as Mr. Money In The Bank!



CM Punk


Like I said previously, this is one of the best Money In The Bank ladder matches in history. Everyone performed and showed out. Watch the video above and make the judgment for yourself. Was there a solo star of this match or did everyone put on a career making match?

2008-2009 YEAR IN REVIEW

After winning MITB, Punk would team with Kane and challenge John Morrison and The Miz for the WWE Tag Team championship. The ECW brand stars would come up short. On June 23rd, CM Punk would be drafted to Raw. No one was quite sure how the Straight Edge Superstar would hang on WWE’s flagship show but, on his first appearance on his new show, he would make an immediate impact.

WWE Monday Night Raw June 30th, 2008

Cashed In On: Edge
What Championship: World Heavyweight Championship
What Was The Opportunity: Edge had been beaten down by Raw’s newest Superstar, Batista, and left lying in the ring barely able to stand.

Time Of Cash In – :10


CM Punk would win his first major WWE Championship and doing so in very quick fashion. JBL would challenge him later in the evening for that title but Punk would leave him lying and walk out with his championship. He would defend the title successfully against Batista and JBL. However, CM Punk’s luck would run out. At Unforgiven 2008, he would be attacked before his Championship Scramble match by Legacy. While Punk was on the ground, trying to get up, Randy Orton would punt Punk and leave him unable to defend his World Heavyweight Championship. He was stripped of the title that night and Jericho took his spot in the match and ultimately won the World Heavyweight Championship. On September 15th, CM Punk would get his rematch against Chris Jericho in a steel cage match but he wouldn’t be able to regain the World Heavyweight Championship.

On October 27th, Punk and Kofi Kingston would win the World Tag Team Championships from Legacy (Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase). It would be a nice little bit of revenge for Punk as he would take what Legacy took from him a month ago: a championship. Punk and Kofi would join Team Batista at Survivor Series along with Matt Hardy and R-Truth to take on Team Orton. Randy Orton’s team would ultimately win the classic 5 on 5 Elimination tag team match.

After Survivor Series, Punk would enter the Intercontinental Championship Tournament to name a Number 1 Contender to William Regal’s Intercontinental Championship. On 12/14 he and Kofi would lose the Tag Team Championships to The Miz and John Morrison but that weekend wouldn’t end on a bad note. That following day, at Armageddon, Punk would defeat Rey Mysterio to win the IC Title Tournament. He got his match against William Regal on the January 5th episode of Raw but William Regal got himself disqualified by pulling on the referee’s shirt. The following week he would get a rematch but Punk himself would get disqualified. Finally, on January 19th, Punk would win the Intercontinental Championship from William Regal. This was a record setting night for CM Punk. Not only would he become a Triple Crown Champion but he would be the fastest to do it. The previous holder of that record, Diesel, got the Triple Crown Championship in 227 days.

CM Punk did it in 203 days.

CM Punk would lose the belt in March of 2009 but he had his eyes set on something else. He was in on this year’s Money In The Bank match. On the grandest stage of them all and the 25th anniversary of WrestleMania.

Could the Straight Edge Superstar do something that no one else could do before him? Could he becomes a 2 time Money In The Bank winner?

What did you think about Punk winning MITB? Was it the smart decision at the time? Was he the right call to win the briefcase or should someone else have won it? Should his title reign have been longer? I’m always down for discussion so let’s keep it going on Twitter. You can follow me @hailmegatron and we can talk about MITB. Until next time, have fun with wrestling and enjoy everything you watch.

If you don’t, why watch it? Wrestling isn’t supposed to make you hate it.

Don’t outsmark yourself.

–          Ant

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