4CR Grab Bag #1

I wanted to try out something new since I have lots of free time on my hands because of Winter Break. I have quirky tastes in wrestling and I thought there had to be a way to expand on that. When we started 4CR I wanted to do a Match of the Week sort of thing. I wanted to watch matches either that any of us thought were great or found oddly entertaining. Well because of life it wasn’t the easiest thing to pull off on a podcast so I thought maybe I could just seek out odd or interesting matches to watch and write about. I haven’t had the time to do so until now. I’m going to watch, write down some thoughts and hopefully you enjoy it. If not that’s unfortunate cause I plan on doing this throughout my break. I don’t have a real set amount of matches per post but I feel like 4-6 seems like a good number for this sort of thing. Without further ado here is my first 4CR Grab Bag:

Goldberg vs. Raven-WCW Nitro 4/20/1998

Never was a fan of WCW growing up. My friends and I were all WWF kids yet they always seemed to have WCW games for the N64 or PlayStation. It was solely because of LA Parka and Pyschosis.  There were only two “WCW guys” that I was familiar with at the time which was Sting and the one and only Goldberg.  Here we have a match for the WCW United States Championship and the 75th match in Goldberg’s streak. This video came with the pre-match segments that were used throughout the show. So very glad about that since I get to see Raven look like an evil, homeless, poet which will always be awesomely weird. On the other hand we have Goldberg who I assume did crack. He huffs and puffs and uses stretchy bands.

The match itself is under Raven Rules so anything goes kids. Raven and Diamond Dallas Page feel really similar to me in that they aren’t these technical gurus or anything but they’ll bump big and are at least effective on offense. Also, they both were able to get something enteraining out of Goldberg which isn’t the easiest thing to do in the world. Raven drawing the line in the sand with the title made him look like one ballsy dude, the fact that he actually initiated the action made him look like he had a death wish. Goldberg is such a douche. Raven tosses Goldberg outside of the ring so of course he lands on his feet but when he whips Raven into the guardrails he throws his body into it. I don’t think I’ve watched enough Goldberg to decide if his rolling ankle lock always looks like shit or if it was just in this. At one point the “fans” throw Raven back over the guardrail from which he came and I have no idea who thought that was a good precedent for real fans. Outside of the part where Goldberg murders three people between spears on Raven this felt like it accomplished a similar goal as did Goldberg’s match against DDP, make Goldberg look like a destroyer of worlds  against a comparatively average looking wrestler while giving the slightest thought that the opponent has a chance. The real difference is in one case you get the main event version and in the other, this one, you get the midcard version with a little more heel antics.

Tatsumi Fujinami vs. Sid Vicious-NJPW 2/22/1989

The fact that this was a match blows my mind. Fujinami is considered by some to be one of the greatest Japanese wrestlers in history. Vicious almost killed Brian Pillman with a powerbomb. I guess you could say they’re pretty similar. Sid was going by Vicious Warrior in Japan at this time which feels like they put that through a Gaijin name generator. Fun fact Sid=Warrior. Who knew? Sid works a super short matwork section with Fujinami which is instantl going on the list of most interesting things I’ve watched in 2013. Fujinami somehow makes Sid looks like he has a reason for what he is doing from the bottom. Honestly though Sid did a lot more than I thought he would in this. He does a nip up. A FRIGGIN’ NIP UP! Fujinami works the legs of Sid over with vicious kicks. Not proud of that but it needed to be done. One kick in particular looked like he wanted to dislocate Sid’s knee which was super-duper cringe worthy. Not a great match by any stretch of the imagination but knowing this match exists makes me life a little brighter.

Kazarian vs. Christian Cage-TNA 11/11/2007

This match is one I remember being really well received at the time. After Hogan came in it seems 2009 is the last year of recollection and matches like this are mostly forgotten. This is a ladder match for a shot at the heavyweight title. A title that was being defended that night in a TAG match with Kurt Angle, Kevin Nash, Sting, and Booker T! So deserving of #TNAwful.  Ladder matches tend to have inherent flaws and this falls for a few of them. That being said they still made this a solid contest for sure. Christian is a man with a moveset for being a face and someone manages to work as such a better heel. The fact that he’ll never be viewed in the same light as Edge will always be a great disappointment in my eyes. He takes some crazy bumps here and even gets busted open. There’s some contrived spots in this like where Kazarian puts his own body by the post so Christian could T-bone him with a ladder. Honestly though they do a lot of the right things to make a ladder match. They don’t do anything crazy ridiculous where it seems unreasonable for them to be able to continue yet at the same time do enough crazy stuff to get the violence of the match across. The ending was silly but in the end I was treated to a rather fine ladder match which doesn’t happen more often than it does.

Wrestle Society X RUMBLE! (Justin Credible, Teddy Hart, Kaos, Vampiro, Puma, Alcatraz, 6-Pac, Chris Hamrick, New Jack, Youth Suicide)

Wrestling Society X not getting a second season is one of the all-time great tragedies in pro wrestling history. The company did everything I loved about TNA in nothing making any sense in context, spots for the sake of spots and over the top theatrics because why not. This match was WSX in a nutshell. The match is a 10-man over the top batter royal mixed with a ladder match with two contracts hanging from the rafters. For one of our MOTW’s Martin chose the Monster Mash Battle Royal from WWE ECW and people say that is one of the worst matches ever. For my money that match has nothing on this. There seems to be no point in 90% of what happens in this match. Best moment is Teddy Hart doing a backflip from the top for no reason just to get superkicked by Justin Credible. Hilarious. New Jack hit a ref with a guitar and then does his signature elbow drop through a table through a really high place. This match was all the signature spots with nothing with them. I wonder how many times they shot those table spots since they looked surprisingly clean. There was no logic, there was massive explosions and yet I find myself amused by the insanity. WSX I miss you too hard.

-Sam DiMascio



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