State Your Case: Creating Your Legacy By Cashing In Money In The Bank (Week 5)


State Your Case: Creating Your Legacy By Cashing In Money In The Bank

It’s Week 5 of State Your Case and I just want to say that I have had a blast writing these and rewatching these matches and living through the history with everyone. 2009’s Money In The Bank match would create some interesting emotions from the crowd. Watching it, it seemed like they wanted everyone to win the match. The crowd just wanted a great match and who can blame them. It was the 25th Anniversary of WrestleMania and, as a show opener, Money In The Bank had to get the crowd excited for a great night of wrestling. As we talked about in the last edition of State Your Case, CM Punk was the winner and cashed in on a defenseless Edge. Could he be the first man to win the Money In The Bank match? Or was it the time of the World’s Strongest Man? Let’s get straight to it, shall we?

Wrestlemania 25 April 5th, 2009


  • Mark Henry
  • Finlay
  • Shelton Benjamin
  • Kofi Kingston
  • CM Punk
  • WWE United States Champion MVP
  • Christian
  • Kane

Shelton Benjamin would be making his fourth Money In The Bank match and he was out to prove that he could steal the show like he has so many times before. The bell rings and everyone scrambles around and eventually get taken out by the two biggest men in the ring: Kane and Mark Henry. The Big Red Machine and the World’s Strongest Man would trade blows before Henry takes Kane out with a splash in the corner. There is a heavy “Let’s Go Christian” chant in the background as he and Shelton slide into the ring, ladders in hand, and take out both big men. Kofi is the next man to enter the ring and Shelton and Christian attempt to take him out holding one ladder. Kofi, in an amazing feat of strength, leaps over the ladder before hitting an impressive dropkick to the ladder which causes both men to be trapped under the ladder. In a move we have seen many times from Kofi he hits the Boom Drop onto the ladder, putting pressure on Christian and Shelton’s chest, but takes damage himself as he rolls around the ring grasping his leg.

Kane and Henry make their way onto the ladder but all men are into the ring to stop these two monsters from taking what they want. Two ladders are now set up in the ring and, with Kane and Henry down on the mat, Shelton and Punk climb one ladder and MVP and Finlay climb another. However, Kane and Henry don’t take their beating too lightly. The two big men stand in between the ladder and split the ladders, causing all four men to fall hard to either the outside or into the ring. Kane, however, hits Mark Henry with a solid big boot to establish his dominance for the time being. Kane grabs a ladder and starts to climb but Henry gets up and pushes Kane off the ladder. Finlay comes into the ring and Henry throws the ladder at Finlay, full force, but Finlay ducks it and it flies to the outside of the ring hitting the announcers table. Finlay takes Henry down and he has his eyes set on Kane and Shelton outside the ring. In a move not too familiar with Finlay, he dives through the ropes and takes out both Kane and Shelton. Christian wants in on the fun and hops the turnbuckle and attacks Kane and Finlay standing on the outside. MVP, being the one upsman that he is, he sees a chance to take a few men out and shouts “BALLIN” before hitting a rolling senton to Kane and Christian on the outside. Kofi and Punk are inside the ring as they look at each other before both men dive through the ropes and attack MVP, Kane, and Christian. Shelton, who hasn’t been seen for a while, climbs a ladder on the entrance ramp and hits a diving senton onto every man standing outside the ring! All of a sudden, in what feels like an earthquake shaking the arena, Mark Henry looks as though he is going to climb the ropes! The crowd pops but Finlay is there to take out his ribs with a shillelagh.

Hornswoggle, who accompanied Finlay to the ring, searches under the ring and finds a mini ladder much to the crowds enjoyment. Finlay sees Hornswoggle wanting some attention and sets the ladder along the ribs of Mark Henry, who is still hanging over the turnbuckle, as Hornswoggle leaps off the turnbuckle and hits the Tadpole splash onto all men outside the ring! Finlay, who remained in the ring, sees Henry starting to stir and attacks him with the mini ladder. Finlay sets up the ladder as we see Kofi slide into the ring. Kofi does what Kofi does best and uses his acrobatics and leaps through the ladder and dropkicks Finlay. Once Finlay gets up he grabs the small ladder and throws it straight at Kofi. Punk gets in the ring but he quickly regrets that decision as Finlay hits Punk with a Finlay Roll onto the small ladder. Finlay stands alone and climbs the ladder but Kofi hops up and hits a nasty Trouble In Paradise onto Finlay with takes him off the ladder instantly. Kofi climbs the ladder but Henry is up and pushes Kofi off the ladder. Henry has the ladder standing upright right below the briefcase and Kofi sees an opportunity. He runs up the ladder and climbs the ladder and has fingertips on the briefcase. Henry has other ideas and shakes him off the ladder. The ladder falls onto the ropes as Kofi comes crashing down. Henry catches him mid air and turns it into a World Strongest Slam onto the steel ladder!

The crowd explodes as Henry climbs the ladder to make history as Mr. Money In The Bank. MVP has other ideas and attacks him with a ladder through the ropes. He sets up the ladder from the ropes to the other ladder. MVP climbs into the ring to climb the ladder but is taken down quickly by Shelton. Shelton and MVP fight around the propped up ladder and after a few reversals, Shelton hops over the ladder to attempt a hurricanrana to MVP but the United States Champion has other ideas and slams Shelton hard onto the mat with a powerbomb! MVP starts to climb the ladder. He is almost the new holder of the briefcase but the reigning MITB winner stops MVP with kicks to the head. Christian comes behind MVP and throws him off the ladder. Christian sees Punk going for his second briefcase and stops him before he can grab the case. The two fight on the propped up ladder and Punk attempts to hit a Super Go 2 Sleep but Christian reverses it. Christian hits it and nails an Unprettier off the propped ladder onto the mat!

As Shelton and Kane battle on the outside, MVP takes another chance to climb the ladder and reach for destiny. Shelton leaps off the ropes onto the propped ladder, climbs it, and attempts to hit a Sunset Flip Powerbomb, a Shelton MITB special, but he slips and the move never connects. The two fight near the ropes and Shelton gains the upper hand and throws MVP up for a powerbomb outside the ring onto Mark Henry, Tony Atlas, and Kofi Kingston! Finlay and Shelton go up the ladder but Shelton pushes Finlay off onto the propped ladder and his back takes a hard hit. Christian grabs Shelton but Shelton gains the upper hand over Christian.  Christian takes the propped ladder down, finally, and sets it up next to Shelton’s ladder. The two fight back and forth as the ladders teeter back and forth. Christian jumps to the ladder Shelton is on and uses his momentum to push the ladder. The ladder falls towards the entrance ramp as Shelton goes flying outside the ring. Christian, having been in plenty of ladder matches in his career, uses the ropes to catch his balance and slingshot his way back towards the standing ladder in hopes to grab the briefcase and cement his legacy. Punk leapfrogs off the ropes onto the ladder and tries to stop Christian. Kane climbs the second ladder as Punk’s leg gets caught up like Jericho’s did the previous year. Christian and Kane battle back and forth as Punk tries to regain himself and grab his second briefcase. Kane grabs Christian’s throat and chokeslams him off the ladder onto the mat. Now it is just Kane. Punk finally gets himself together and the two trade blows. Kane grabs Punk’s throat as if he is going to chokeslam him. Punk hits Kane with a series of kicks that make the big man sluggish. Punk then uses all his strength to knock the Big Red Machine off the ladder and create history as becoming the first ever two time Money In The Bank winner!


punkwm25CM Punk

Shelton Benjamin & Kofi Kingston

Shelton Benjamin always makes Money In The Bank fun to watch. His high risk and agility make the matches exciting and solidify himself as the athlete that he is. His spot off the ladder onto all men and the powerbomb spot were a few shining moments in the match. Kofi Kingston shined in his first Wrestlemania match. His Boom Drop to Christian and Shelton and the Trouble In Paradise to Finlay were all great moments. However, his shining moment was taking a nasty World’s Strongest Slam onto a ladder.

2009-2010 YEAR IN REVIEW

CM Punk reveled in the fact that he was the only Two Time MITB winner. In the 2009 WWE Draft, CM Punk would be drafted from Monday Night Raw to Friday Night Smackdown, giving him the opportunity to challenge for the Smackdown brand championship, the World Heavyweight Championship. Once coming to Smackdown, Punk would feud with Umaga which would lead to a Samoan Strap Match at Extreme Rules where Punk would win. However, this would not be the last time we saw CM Punk that night.

WWE Extreme Rules Sunday, June 7th, 2009

Cashed In On: Jeff Hardy
What Championship: World Heavyweight Championship
What Was The Opportunity: Jeff Hardy had just defeated Edge to win the World Heavyweight Championship in a ladder match.

Time Of Cash In – 1:01


Interestingly enough, CM Punk would cash in for the second time in the month of June and would defeat a man who defeated the man he cashed in on previously, Edge, and win his second World Heavyweight Championship. On the June 1st episode of Raw, he would retain the championship by defeating Jeff Hardy and Edge in a triple threat match. Later, at The Bash (Or The Great American Bash to wrestling purists), he would lose to Jeff Hardy via DQ after he “accidentally” hit the referee. Punk had injured his eye and would use that as a crutch to say he didn’t know who he was attacking. Jeff Hardy would call him out on it and Punk would officially become the bad guy as seeds of the Straight Edge Society would be planted by telling Jeff he was just simply better than him because he lived a Straight Edge lifestyle.

At Night of Champions, CM Punk would lose the World Heavyweight Championship to Jeff Hardy but would regain it at SummerSlam in a Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match. After the match, it would be Punk’s first encounter with The Undertaker as Taker would attack CM Punk after gaining his third World Heavyweight Championship. On August 28th, Punk would end his feud with Jeff Hardy in a “Loser Leaves WWE” Steel Cage match in which Jeff Hardy ultimately lost. Punk would then revive his feud with Taker and at Breaking Point, Punk would defeat Taker in a submission match.

But with a catch.

The Undertaker had the match won. He made Punk tap out to the Hell’s Gate submission. However, former GM Vickie Guerrero would ban that move from being used and Teddy Long would uphold that ban and restart the match. Punk would lock in the Anaconda Vice and the ref would call for the bell even though Taker would not tap. Knowing this, The Undertaker wanted his revenge. He would challenge Punk to a match at the Hell In A Cell PPV… in a Hell In A Cell match. CM Punk could not overcome Taker in his own playground and would lose his World Heavyweight Championship. Punk would have two more opportunities to regain the WHC. Once at an episode of Smackdown and at Bragging Rights and he would come up short on both occasions.

However, CM Punk wasn’t done stealing the show. On November 27th, he would reveal the rebirth of Festus as Luke Gallows. Festus was a mentally challenged wrestler and had been reborn into this heavyweight monster. CM Punk stated that he showed Festus the ways of a straight edge lifestyle and would rid him of his mental problems and Luke Gallows was born. Over the next few months, Punk would take tributes, or recruits, from the audience and have them convert their ways to the ways of straight edge. Punk would then create his appearance and aura like Jesus Christ. Long hair, full beard, and full sermons describing the better ways of straight edge. People who wanted to pledge their allegiance would have to shave their head to “wash away their sins” and be born again. Serena would later join Punk and Gallows and the Straight Edge Society would be born.


There would be some that would oppose this way of thinking and “manipulating” and one of those people would be Rey Mysterio. Punk and Mysterio would feud for a while, ultimately leading Rey to eliminate Punk from an Elimination Chamber match which would set up a match at Wrestlemania XXVI. There was a catch though. If Punk won, Mysterio would have to join the Straight Edge Society. Mysterio would ultimately win but at Wrestlemania XXVI, we would crown a new Money In The Bank winner.

Who would it be? A man with confidence, pride, and swagger?

Well, we saw the runs for CM Punk and his reigns. One thing I’ve always been a fan of is the Straight Edge Society. It was something we haven’t seen in wrestling for a long time and it was highly enjoyable. Punk’s WHC reigns would run fairly short but he faced some great competition this time around. It would also start his history with The Undertaker which we know came to a head at Wrestlemania 29. Let me know what you think of CM Punk’s reign from WM XXV to XM XXVI. What are your thoughts on the Straight Edge Society? Was he right to cash in on Jeff Hardy and mock him like he did? Also, feedback on the State Your Case series is always welcomed. You can let me know all of your thoughts via twitter @hailmegatron. Until next time, have fun with wrestling and don’t take it too seriously.

That’s when you become a smark. We all know… smarks ruin wrestling.

–          Ant

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