WWE NXT Presents…

WWE NXT Presents: Smooth and Fluid




by Shanna Harris

Wrestling Friends! 
My name is Shanna Harris, and I will be your window into the wonderful world of NXT.

I breakdown WWE wrestling’s best kept secret and I (try) to do it every week. And what a week it’s been. I had a birthday on Monday, got to watch Raw for the first time in awhile and witnessed Daniel Bryan yessing up the end of Raw. Combine that with the WWE Network going live in Feburary and I’m feeling great about wrestling in general. And I’m very happy to be writing about NXT for 4CR.

If you aren’t familiar with NXT, this is an incredible and unique show. It gives you a chance to get to know and love a superstar before they ever hit the main stage of Raw or Smackdown. You may watch one episode of a show and not get it, but you’ll get hooked after awhile. You can’t help yourself.

I can’t believe it took me as long to get into NXT as it did, but now that I’m here, I can’t stop watching.

Anyway. I’m all hooked up to Hulu and ready to break down this show. LET’S GO.

This episode begins with our King of Kings and COO of WWE, Triple H! 
He makes his way down to the ring shaking hands and looking happy. 

Meanwhile; In-Ring: Triple H says it’s an exciting time to be in the WWE universe. He also says that he’s especially happy to be here tonight to announce that the WWE Network will be airing a LIVE NXT special on Feburary 27th. HOLY CRAP. As your resident NXT expert and it’s number one supporter of this show, you are darn skippy that I will have a recap of that special for all of you.

We fade to black and the show starts.

Match 1: Tyler Breeze vs Adrian Neville


(Credit: NXT Facebook page)

It’s a new year, but I’m still 100% Team Breeze. I cannot believe just how much I continue to love this guy. When he beat Mason Ryan last week, I very nearly lost my shit. As I said before, I think 2014 will be the year of Breeze, and that year continues to roll with this match against Adrian Nevillle.

The in ring action was very good. It’s not Brock vs Punk good, but certainly fun to watch. Tyler Breeze is miles ahead of other wrestlers at his level. He’s a fluid, smooth wrestler. While other talent just can’t seem to grasp the concept of hitting a move and making it look natural, Breeze’s movement and expression just seem to flow naturally. It all looks so effortless. Combine that with Neville doing what he does best and him taking some crazy shots, you’ve got yourself a solid NXT opening bout. Since the NXT audience was cursed with weeks of Tyler being stuck with CJ Parker, I can only hope that Adrian vs Tyler is given enough time to blossom into something memorable. There’s undeniable potential in this feud, and I think NXT hasn’t even scratched the surface on this yet.

Move of the match: Adrian Neville dives off the top rope. Tyler Breeze meets him (and connects with) a midair drop kick. SICK.

Winner: Adrian Neville

Match 2: Jason Jordan vs CJ Parker

CJ Parker is back at NXT, and I couldn’t possibly be less enthused. CJ is the same man who brought down the shining talents of Tyler Breeze last year. He also happens to be a boring, shit wrestler in general.

Thankfully, this match was kept short. There isn’t much to see other than Jason Jordan outclassing CJ in what little offense he did get before CJ Parker gave him his deadly (and stupidly named) THIRD EYE.

Too much UGH to see here. Skip it would be my advice.

Move of the match: N/A

Winner: CJ Parker

Match 3: Bo Dallas vs Mojo Rawley


(Credit: NXT’s Facebook page)

So. Mojo Rawley. I’ve reserved my opinion on him because I didn’t think he had enough time to get acclimated to NXT. So I gave him time. That time is now up. My thoughts on Mojo Rawley? I’m not impressed. I like his gimmick of a guy WHO ALWAYS NEEDS TO BE UP AND HAS MONDO ENERGY, but beyond that, he leaves too much up in the air. Take this match for example. He did some impressive 3 point football stances in the beginning to intimidate Bo, but he quickly lost his HYPE after that. I want to believe in Mojo Rawley, but he’s not selling it enough for me.

Watching this show has helped me realize what I need in my wrestling to be entertained. I need a wrestler to be partially entertaining enough to capture my attention, and then I need him to blow me away with his wrestling abilities. If you can’t do both, you’ve got a long way to go to earn my adulation. Being a big man with lots of muscles just doesn’t do it for me like it used to. I need to BELIEVE in you. Sadly, I do not believe in Mojo Rawley. 

Bo Dallas won me over last year with his “Everybody loves me!” promo with Sami Zayn, and has continued to impress me with his wrestling ability. He’s a hoot and can wrestle pretty well. What’s not to like?

In the end, Mojo’s inability to stay hyped cost him, and Bo Dallas snuck in another victory. You could say that Bo won the match by the seat of Mojo’s wrestling trunks, if you know what I mean.

Move of the match: N/A

Winner: Bo Dallas

Match 4: Kofi Kingston vs Alexander Rusev


(Credit: NXT’s Facebook page)

I can’t lie to you, folks. I did it again. I blacked out on this rematch AGAIN. I don’t know how it happened. One minute I was watching entrances, and the next minute I was on Tumblr looking for Emma pictures.I managed to sneak back for quick peeks, but overall, this is one long borefest. Nothing held my attention for longer than 2 minutes. Everything about this was match was terrible, including Lana’s wooden opening introduction in BULGARIAN. 

There’s not a match more skippable than this one. Trust me.

Move of the match: N/A

Winner: Kofi Kingston

And that’s it! Another NXT episode in the books.

Thanks so much for reading along with me. Should you want to talk NXT with me, or about wrestling in general, you can find me on twitter at www.twitter.com/AbsoluteSmark

Until next week, wrestling friends…


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