The EMMAlution Will Be Televised

by Shanna Harris (@AbsoluteSmark)

I would first like to start off by saying that I’m a very big fan of women’s wrestling, and have been for a very long time. In fact, if the climate is right and it’s a great story, a ladies match will get me more excited for a PPV than many of the other men’s matches. Batista’s coming back? Snore. Emma on Raw? YES! That’s me in a nutshell.

One of the main reasons I so quickly fell in love with NXT is because of their version of women’s wrestling. NXT women’s wrestling is nowhere in the same league as Raw women’s wrestling. NXT’s ladies have diverse personalities and all of them mingle and fight with each other in one way or another, and you’re spared tired “puppies” chants and Michael Cole trying to get himself over.

I fell hard for Summer Rae not because she started dancing with Fandango and flipping her hair around, but because I witnessed her execute a dangerously delicious heel tactic of dumping bubble solution in (super face) Emma’s eyes and mocking her dancing while the NXT crowd loudly booed her out of the building. It was great stuff.

But, NXT is not Raw. None of the NXT talent can stay down at NXT forever. They have to move up. As it stands,
Emma is a popular character on NXT, and fans have been not so patiently waiting and wondering when it was going to be Emm’s turn to be called up.

If this week of WWE television is any indication of future plans, it appears that Emma’s time is coming. She made a very brief appearance on Raw this past Monday and another brief showing on Smackdown where she was acknowledged by The Funkadactlys while holding up her EMMAtaining sign. 

On a personal level, I am VERY excited that Emma is finally going to get a chance to play on the big stages. It’s her dream and hard work being realized, and I know she wants to make a big impact.

But, on the other hand, I’m frightened of the storyline possibilities that might be given to Emma. 

You see, Raw’s writing team can’t seem to move beyond thinking that it’s female personalities are, collectively, ho’s or raging bitches who like to kiss. Which I can excuse in some cases if the story is good. “Good” and “women’s wrestling stories” in WWE haven’t been used in a sentence together in a long while. 

Speaking as a woman, I can tell you that us ladies are a far more emotionally diverse creature than the WWE writing team seems to be able to grasp. And I don’t mean difficult as in hard to understand, I mean difficult as in “we are more than one or two comfy stereotypes”. 

One good example of that inability to diversify is AJ. She went from being a breath of fresh air, division changing character, to one that’s essentially been phoning it in for half a year..She’s also been saddled with an array of unneeded bodyguards, boyfriends, and other female partners without explanation or much thought put behind the pairing. Sure, there are other ladies that she could be facing, but the idea of another “SHE’S ON A REALITY SHOW INSTEAD OF ME AND I HATE HER” story is boring, tired and trite. They’ve already tried this thinking down at NXT with Emma, and it’s positively eye rolling (and contrary to her character) to watch Emma try to believably deliver this drivel.

WWE, It’s time to think beyond these childish stories and get back to the ladies having epic sagas that end at Wrestlemania for the women’s title. Or Diva’s title. Whatever title you prefer.

To do that, we must all turn off our doubtful minds, delve into our imaginations, and play a little game of fantasy booking. I’ll go first and give you what I think would be a great first few weeks to PPV for Emma. 

While I enjoy the idea of Emma going straight for a title opportunity with AJ, I don’t think that should be her first move on TV. Here’s something I’d like to see.

Emma continues to sit in the audience for at least 2 more weeks, but the camera’s spend a longer time on her each time showing her dancing and being as awesome as she normally is. Emma is a natural babyface, and can pull this off flawlessly. After the two weeks are up, we get a view of her backstage in an interview with Renee. Emma continues being adorable in the interview when, out of nowhere, Paige comes into the camera view. She wordlessly stares at Emma with hate, and Emma returns the death glare hate in her eyes. Renee, in that amazing way that she does, tells Paige that she knows that she hates Emma, but now is not the time to fight. Paige walks away without a word, and Renee and Emma are left standing to deal with the aftermath.

The next week on the show, Emma is shown backstage again. Renee tries to get a more detailed interview with her about why Paige hates her, and when Emma tries to respond, Paige returns to view. Paige gets directly in Emma’s face and tells Emma that she and Emma have unfinished business. Then, Paige slaps her, which causes a big pull apart fight. Somewhere in the midst of this episode, NXT footage of Emma and Paige fighting and interacting can be shown, which would not only hype the fight, but give NXT a nice little boost before the WWE Network premiere. 

The choice from there would be to either have Paige and Emma fight with each other right at the next PPV, or, if WWE knows the gold it has on it’s hands, it teases the tension between the two until it EXPLODES into some kind of huge fisticuffs during a match and causes the GM of the moment to make a match between the two at the next PPV.

Personally, I find that story to be tantalizing. It continues a story that’s been well told down at NXT and which is made for WWE, and allows NXT to get a spotlight as a show that you can miss.

All that said, I do not want Emma to fail. Her and Paige have the potential to have some great matches and tells some amazing stories. With these two, I do not want to see the typical stories that we’ve seen before. Emma should not be lumped in with the Funkkadactlys BECAUSE DANCING, nor should she be treated as a person you throw in randomly during PPV’s. Given the chance, and she will impress and be a big money maker for WWE.

Let’s hope that WWE handles Emma with care, because the EMMAlution is upon is. I’m ready. Are you?


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