4CReaction: WWE Superstars 1/23/14

by Billy Carpenter (@4CR_Billy)


Hey, look who’s back to review your favorite “B” show! It’s been awhile but I’m ready so let’s jump right into this week’s Superstars!

Brie Bella is out with her sister Nikki to take on Alicia Fox, accompanied by her new BFF Aksana. A continuance of the stuff that happened from Main Event? B-Show continuity, I love it! Aloha looking pretty impressive, breaking out tilt-a-whirl back breakers & northern light vertical suplexes. I was about to make a comment about how well this was going until a top rope move by Brie got a very obvious edit job. Alicia back in control until Brie fires off some dropkicks & knee strikes. Brie up top again (uh oh) but Aksana distracts her long enough for Alicia to yank her off the ropes. Nikki isn’t having it though and nails her version of Shock Treatment on Aksana. Back in, a sitting knee followed by the X-Factor gets the win for Brie Bella. *3/4

At least they went with the two who could put on a decent match this week. Now comes the inevitable Aksana/Nikki match…

The ANIMAL is back! Highlights from Batista’s return are shown, as he makes his intentions known.

More highlights, this time of the Big Show/Brock Lesnar confrontation from RAW.

Back to the action and we’ve got a 6-man tag match next! Sin Cara is out first followed by his partners, Los Matadorès! Their opponents: 3MB. Pretty standard fare, but it was fun enough. I say this all the time but Drew McIntyre feels like he’s being built to leave this group. It might be the ultra-slow build, but we’re getting there. Los Matadorès isn’t a team I’ve actually watched a lot of for one reason or another but they looked pretty decent in there. Like I said, nothing that’ll blow you away but this was a fun, solid match. Senton bomb by Sin Cara gets the win for his team. **3/4

Closing things out with the closing segment from RAW. JIP with Kofi Kingston & Randy Orton battling it out. John Cena comes down and gets his revenge. The one thing that bothered me: why didn’t Kofi go for the pin when Orton was distracted? He could’ve gotten the win again over the champ and still gotten the desired effect of helping Cena get his hands on Randy. Oh well…

Another edition of Superstars in the books! Did you watch? If so, what did you think? Let’s talk about it on Twitter and make sure you join me again next time for 4CReaction!



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