4CReaction: WWE Main Event (2/5/2014)

by Billy Carpenter (@4CR_Billy)

(credit: WWE’s Facebook page)

Not sure about that new theme song, but anyhow, welcome to the 4CReaction for WWE Main Event! Multitasking this week as I’m juggling this review while making dinner for the kids, so it’s probably going to be a little lighter on the word count then usual. But enough about that, let’s get to the rasslin’!

Fandango & Summer Rae are out to kick off the show. He’ll be taking on The Miz. Before the match gets started, Santino comes to the announce desk and grabs a mic. He introduces Emma, who gets the full intro this time. Miz is dominant for the first half, but the attention is on the announce team. Miz hits a dropkick through the ropes and dances with Emma to send us to commercial break…

Back from break and Fandango takes control after throwing Miz into the ring post from the apron. Much of his offense was not seen as they kept cutting to the announce table. A big boot gets The Miz the upper hand and he follows up with the ‘Mizard of Oz’ for 2. Fandango fights back though and hits a nice hammerlock suplex for 2! Match is starting to pick up nicely. MY KIDS HIT THE POWER BUTTON! We’re back and Miz has the figure 4 locked on and–he’s selling the arm that’s been worked on! Amazing. Fandango taps and Miz picks up the win.

HHH & Michael Cole’s weekly interview now and H announces Cena vs Orton for RAW. -_-

Alberto Del Rio vs Zack Ryder is next. Del Rio in a foul mood coming off of Monday’s altercation with Batista while Ryder is making his 2nd TV appearance this week! Del Rio in control but Ryder hits a clothesline to get a 2 count. Single arm DDT into the knees sends things back Del Rio’s way, who then looks for the cross arm breaker. Counter by Ryder and he hits the Broski Boot! He looks for the Rough Ryder but Del Rio tosses him into the corner and hits the hanging stomp. Kneeling superkick seals the deal and Del Rio looked good here.

Recap of Daniel Bryan vs Randy Orton from RAW.

Big E Langston is out for the main event, decked out in the colors of his alma mater. His opponent tonight is the man he defeated for the IC title, Curtis Axel. Langston, not surprisingly, was in control for most of this. His power was able to counter everything that Axel tried. Axel tried to pull out his dad’s old “kicked in the leg” rope spot but it wasn’t quite the same. Not bad, but not perfect. Axel heads to the floor as we head to break…

Back to the match and E is still in control. He’s absolutely mauling Axel but when they head back outside, Axel runs E into the apron to finally grab control. Sleeper attempt countered by Langston but Curtis hits a dropkick for 2. He looks for a forearm off the top after maintaining control but eats a boot. Langston tries to build momentum but is stopped by a Perfect Plex for a near fall! Axel looks to finish off Langston but gets caught in the Big Ending and E picks up the win! Longest Axel match I can remember in some time.

Decent Main Event this week ft. the normal ‘B’ show players. Del Rio looked vicious, Ryder got more TV time, Axel was (kinda) competitive and Miz & Fandango wasn’t too bad either. Check it out if you have a spare hour to give.


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