4CReaction: WWE Monday Night RAW (2/17/2014)

by Billy Carpenter (@4CR_Billy)

John Cena is out to kick off this week’s RAW. He talks about the road to WrestleMania before being interrupted by Cesaro. He says when he wins at the Elimination Chamber he’ll not only be the new champ but the new face of America. Sheamus interrupts next, followed by Christian. He brings up the errant Brogue Kick from SD! and says he’ll plant Sheamus with the Killswitch on Sunday. Randy Orton out next, he said something. Daniel Bryan out now and he vows to take advantage of his opportunity on Sunday. Kane is here now because…why not? He comes out and says the Authority has put him in charge for the night. He makes Cesaro vs Cena (!) & Christian vs Bryan, which happens now! We get the graphic for tonight’s show and we come back to Bryan taunting Kane to get in the ring. He’s attacked by Christian though and he gets heelish! Christian beating down Bryan as we go to break…

Christian working the arm of Bryan as we come back from break. Loving the new/old attitude from Christian and he’s ramps up the aggressiveness in working the arm. I like how the announcers help to explain the change in attitude, it’s the stuff like that that doesn’t get done enough by this team. Bryan eventually gets back some momentum by hitting a topè suicida as we go to break…

Bryan in control now and he hits the kicks before going up for the diving headbutt. Christian gets the knees into the shoulder to counter and gets 2. Bryan takes over again and gets the corner dropkick. He goes for another one but gets caught with a double boot from Christian. Diving forearm now and Christian looks for the Killswitch…countered by Bryan into the Yes Lock! Christian escapes, looks for the Killswitch again but Bryan rolls him up for the win!  Kane on the mic now and days he forgot to mention that Bryan has another match tonight–against him! We head into the THIRD commercial break of the first 30 minutes…


Back from break again and Kane is working Bryan over.  Bryan works in a missile dropkick but that’s about it. Kane targets the shoulder of Bryan and gets himself DQ’d. He continues to target the shoulder after the bell and leaves Bryan laying. Enjoyed the match with Bryan/Christian and I’m ok with the Kane stuff. It’s obviously just continuing that story and in that context, it’s fine.


The Shield cut a promo. They’re ready for the Wyatts on Sunday. Believe it.

Fandango vs Santino is next. The story of this was Santino & Emma sharing a moment outside, so there’s that. Santino goes for the kiss but eats a dropkick followed by the Falcon Arrow. Fandango is your winner. Also, check out Emma dropping Summer Rae on her face if you can. I laughed harder then I should have on that.


Roman Reigns vs Mark Henry now. Reigns looked awesome, what else did you expect? Such a presence. He hits a big Samoan drop followed by the Superman punch and a monster spear to beat Mark in pretty quick fashion.



Bray cuts another amazing promo. He’s the most gifted interview since Jake Roberts, he’s head & shoulders above anyone. This leads us to another face to face between the Wyatt Family & The Shield.  They get closer to coming to blows this week but Bray calls the Family off. The build to this match at EC has been off the charts, with everyone doing an exceptional job building to the crescendo that’s coming at the PPV.

Goldust & Cody Rhodes play with some new WWE toy set. Bad News Barrett kicks the toys. Next.

Jack Swagger & Kofi Kingston are in the ring, set for a 1 on 1 contest. Pretty quick match that Swagger wins, building momentum for his match against Big E on Sunday. Speaking of, he’s out now and apparently his match is next. Champion & challenger have a little stare down and we go to break…


Big E takes on both Drew McIntyre & Jinder Mahal. Drew Mac bringing back the trunks makes me hopeful for a return to his old self. Hey, it can’t hurt right? Zeb Colter grabs a mic and runs down E during his match. Big E eventually wins with the Big Ending and offers a retort to Zeb’s commentary.


Ron Simmons is the featured wrestler for this week’s Black History Month video.  DAMN!

John Cena with Renee Young. He says it’s time to find out what Cesaro is made of. He makes his way out and we head to break…

Cesaro & Cena locking up and this could be even bigger than Friday for Cesaro. He seems to be one step ahead of Cena in the early goings. We have a break, and Cesaro still dominates afterward. He goes for the Giant Swing but it’s countered into an STF! Cesaro rolls through & counters into the side suplex! Cena fights back and hits the Protobomb and the 5 Knuckle Shuffle. AA attempt, Cesaro is out of it–SWISS DEATH!!! Cesaro in control and this match is turning into something great. Cena up top and Cesaro hits another big uppercut, sending Cena to the floor! Cesaro hits the deadlift superplex on Cena for 2! Cena gets the STF again but Cesaro rolls and counters to the Giant Swing! He gets a near fall and a ‘this is awesome!’ chant breaks out. Cesaro looks for the Neutralizer but can’t get it…AA attempt by Cena but Cesaro flips out and hits a big boot! Cena fires back with a HUGE clothesline! Cena with a weird rolling pick up and gets Cesaro up for the AA and gets the win in a great TV match. Again, Cesaro looked right at home with not only a main eventer–but the top guy in the company. He made Cena work to HIS level and the match was great.


Randy Orton & HHH say things. Batista interrupts but he’s interrupted by Alberto Del Rio. He promises to break Dave’s arms and Batista pushes him into some equipment.

Titus O’Neil backstage with Renee Young. He’ll be taking on Darren Young at EC now and tells the locker room they’ll witness the rise of Titus. #URAHURAHURAH

Los Matadorès are here. They’ll be teaming with Sin Cara to take on then Wyatt Family in a rematch from Main Event…after this commercial break.

The match was actually more competitive then I thought it would be. I think the ME match was a little longer but this was fine. The Family was dominate for most of this but Cara & co. got some stuff in. A discus lariat by Harper and Bray’s Sister Abigail finish things and give the Wyatt Family more juice heading towards their showdown with The Shield on Sunday.



The New Age Outlaws are in the ring as we come back. The Usos make their way out next and it’s time for Jey Uso vs Billy Gunn. Road Dogg & Jimmy Uso on commentary and it’s annoying. Jey wins with a rollup and the brothers take out the champs to close things out. I’m hoping for the long overdue Usos title win this Sunday and for the Outlaws to ride back off into the sunset.



Sheamus talks to Byron Saxton.

Main event time, as the WWE World Champ Randy Orton takes on Sheamus. This won’t be as good as Cena/Cesaro but it might be good enough…after watching this, I can safely say it wasn’t good enough. It was pedestrian at best and nothing of note happened until The Shield came out for no reason as Sheamus looked for the brogue kick. John Cena & Daniel Bryan come out to even the odds and I think Christian made it in too before the Wyatt Family hit the ring. We finally got some physicality between the 2 factions (Shield, Wyatts) before Sunday as we fade to black…



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