From Cybertron With Love S1E4: New Slaves


From Cybertron With Love

Season 1: Episode 4

New Slaves

[This episode of From Cybertron With Love is inspired and brought to you by “New Slaves” by Kanye West ]

– the views and opinions expressed are by Ant, The Villain, and are not the opinions of everyone at 4 Corners Radio –

Welcome back. It’s been quite a while since you’ve ventured to the depths of Cybertron. The view hasn’t changed and, quite frankly, I’m quite alright with it. The broken pieces scattered around my feet are quite symbolic anymore, aren’t they? It seems as though there has been an uproar in the wrestling world and it has to do with a simple movement. #HijackRaw. It’s a simple concept… to denounce everything you don’t like about the WWE and to create a “movement” based on your disgust in the product. It was to take place in Chicago. The home of CM Punk. This is supposed to act like a protest. Problem is, with a protest, everyone has to be involved otherwise it fails. Look at the Civil Rights Movement. Everyone who attended a sit in protested. It wasn’t a few people participating. It was everyone involved. This past Monday on WWE’s Raw, the #HijackRaw movement fell flat on its face.

Everyone in attendance got worked.

I wear my heart on the sleeve
I know that we the new slaves
I see the blood on the leaves
I see the blood on the leaves
I see the blood on the leaves
I know that we the new slaves
I see the blood on the leaves


What happened on Monday was not by accident. This hijacking had been in the works for weeks now. Chicago, Illinois is known as a ruckus wrestling crowd. They are known for doing interesting things. Look back at Payback 2013 or even Money In The Bank 2011. The crowds there just insane. Loud, vocal, and ready to attack at a moments notice. This “gathering” was back by many people who, on Twitter, said they were to be vocal and turn their backs towards the bad things in WWE like a Batista and only cheer for Daniel Bryan, the hero of the WWE. That’s not all, friends, because the beloved CM Punk was rumored to be returning that night in his hometown. Not only did we not get CM Punk (we did get a lot of obnoxious CM Punk chants) but the WWE played the crowd to perfection. What better way to get the fans to not turn their back against Batista than to have him in a match against Daniel Bryan. It’s absolutely genius. However, let’s not forget the fact that the so called “hijackers” did not even turn their backs to what was going on in the ring? Why, you ask? Not everyone was involved in this protest. There were kids there with their parents who wanted to see their favorites wrestle. There were people there who wanted to watch wrestling and, honestly, the best in ring talent the WWE has had in quite some time. People wanted to actually enjoy their money they spent on the tickets. They didn’t want to throw their money away by turning their backs. You know what would have been an even bigger statement?

Not buying a ticket.

Let’s face it… as much as you want to turn your back to the ring WWE doesn’t care. They still sold out in Chicago on the basis of a CM Punk rumored return and possibly this whole “Hijack Raw” movement. WWE sold merchandise for a man who is no longer in the company. WWE made money off of your planned protest and they threw it back into your face. They provided you with great wrestling in the ring and they provided you with entertainment from cover to cover. They never let up and that’s where the hijacking went terribly wrong. You were worked over, severely, and for that you deserve this.

However, there WAS a planned outline for this hijacking.

y’all ’bout to turn shit up
i’m ’bout to tear shit down
i’m ’bout to air shit out
now what the fuck they gon’ say now?

Let’s look at this outline for a second, shall we?


“Embarrass The Brass”… let’s turn our backs to everything Triple H, Orton, Batista, and Stephanie McMahon. Did this happen? No and you know why? When those people were out there, so was Daniel Bryan. So, if you turn your backs to your savior Daniel Bryan. After all, like it says in your stupid creed, you are “Daniel Bryan fans”. As much as you think this is the “same ol shit” you were intrigued. You were interested in what was happening. You never once turned your backs. If you’re reading this and you were there and either turned your back or saw a few people turn their backs what good is it going to do if 10 people turn their backs in a crowd of thousands? That’s like you plucking 10 hairs out of a massive beard. You’re never going to notice. Neither did WWE.

What else does this say? Oh… “How Interested Are You In This Meaningless Match With No Stake Or Story? You’d rather watch a CM Punk match?” hmm… where do I begin?

First off, CM Punk has a DVD (which is actually pretty good) where you can watch a bunch of Punk matches. There’s also the WWE Network that has a plethora of CM Punk matches even dating back to when no one was cheering for him as World Heavyweight Champion. Let’s face it, people, putting CM Punk in a match or a title match THIS CLOSE to Wrestlemania has no merit. It is meaningless. It has no stake. It has no story. He left in January. It’s March… who could he possibly come back and feud with? You just want CM Punk back in WWE? Well, hate to tell you, but he left you. He took his Pepsi and went back to Chicago. He took your support and threw it in the garbage. Was he tired of the stuff going on? Possibly. If he came back and was thrown into the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match how is he any better than Batista? A man who left and just “deserves” a championship spot. Who deserves that spot more… CM Punk or Daniel Bryan?

Go ahead… I’ll wait.

CM Punk doesn’t deserve to be at Wrestlemania 30. He doesn’t deserve to be in the WWE. Do you think him being back will make the ENTIRE product better? That is what you are clamoring for isn’t it? You want the Road To Wrestlemania to be better so how is one man going to change that? It is a locker room effort to make things better not just one man. So as much as you want Punk think about if he does come back can you trust him? What if he leaves again out of nowhere? Then what… we start this all over again?

“Let’s Go Wyatts”… now this is an interesting beast. Wasn’t it you, the WWE audience in Chicago that wanted to “hijack raw” that were chanting CM PUNK during that awesome Wyatt Family promo? How about we stick that foot in your mouth down your throat. Your outline failed… miserably.

Not only that, the WWE turned the movement on you guys and you were too blinded to even realize it.

so go and grab the reporters
so I can smash their recorders
see they’ll confuse us with some bullshit like the New World Order

WWE came into this Raw with a gameplan. They had to curb the fans a bit and get them to see that this hijacking was stupid. What better way to exploit the masses than to take the Bryan and make HIM use the movement “hijack raw”. The people meant it to be to change the Road To Wrestlemania. Daniel Bryan used it to his advantage to get him more over. It’s like you all are birds and Vince opened his hand full of bird seed and you ate it up. Don’t you see WWE got one over on you? Not only that but that hashtag was TRENDING WORLDWIDE on Twitter. Not in the way you wanted it to go but for WWE’s advantage. Fans who knew nothing about the #HijackRaw movement were using that hashtag thinking the WWE came up with it. Not a movement but a corporate marketing tool. So now something that you had worked so hard for the WWE took it and stole it. They hijacked you.

Don’t you see… they hijacked you.

Now there are other places that want to try this. HijackRaw’s in Memphis and other places. Don’t you get it? It’s not going to work. You can try and hijack a show but WWE pays attention. They’re not as stupid as people make them out to be. They are not as blind as people think they are. They see what you’re saying and are going to use it to make money. Don’t be surprised if there is a “HijackRaw” shirt out soon. They will just take you over and pull on your strings and play you like puppets.

They made you New Slaves.


You can find me on Twitter @hailmegatron. Let’s talk about this. Credit to BotchedSpot for the fantastic comic strips. Someone gets it. Until next time, Decepticons…


you see there’s leaders and there’s followers
but I’d rather be a dick than a swallower

*roll credits*


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