Experiencing Adam Rose

by Billy Carpenter (@4CR_Billy)

Last night’s NXT saw the debut of Adam Rose & his ‘experience’. I have to say that when I heard of the repackaging of the former Leo Kruger I was VERY skeptical. I thought that his Kraven the Hunter inspired gimmick had some serious legs and could’ve been a good addition to the WWE Intercontinental title scene at some point. To say that I was displeased with the character being nixed would’ve been an understatement. I’ve been watching him since his days as FCW champion when I was looking for new episodes every Wednesday on YouTube a few years back and always thought of him as a solid performer. I also know he’s getting up there in age and another repackage wasn’t something that I thought could play into his favor. But to be honest, last night was something else…


I admittedly didn’t recognize Leo under his new guise at first. It took an extra glance to get it situated in my mind that Rose & Kruger were one and the same. I had spouted on Twitter that I wasn’t sure how to feel about this change at first. It was certainly a drastic change from the deranged hunter of NXT to a guy who resembled Russell Brand if he lifted weights. As he entered the NXT arena in front of the Full Sail crowd, my acceptance of him grew even more and by the time he had won and rejoined the party at the top of the ramp, I was sold. I became a “rosebud”.

I have a mantra when it comes to viewing pro wrestling that I’ve carried over to 4CR podcasts, as well as with this very website: just have fun with wrestling. It’s not that serious–it’s grown men wrestling in tights, masks & costumes for our entertainment. I had fun with Adam Rose’s debut and perhaps more importantly, it looked like the man portraying the character was having fun being Adam Rose. I know he’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Much like the Santino’s & Dr. Cube’s of the wrestling world, people will love this or not care. Also, if you got into watching wrestling strictly because you wanted to give everything star ratings, Adam Rose will probably not be for you. Don’t get me wrong–I’m as big a fan of the serious side of the sport as anyone. NJPW is regular viewing here and I was raised in the Mid-Atlantic territory during the glory years of JCP. The sport aspect of professional wrestling is what I love the most and keeps me coming back. But you have to have fun with this too. As much as we crave the “sport”, we should enjoy the “entertainment” side as well.

I’m not bashing anyone who doesn’t like ‘The Adam Rose Experience’. It’s not my job to judge what drives you to watch pro wresting each & every week. We all love pro wrestling for different reasons and that is amazing. But I would implore you to at least let yourself have some fun and give this guy a try. Have a little fun and take in the “Experience”. It’s not too late–the party’s just getting started!



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