4CReview: WWE Main Event (4/8/2014)

by Billy Carpenter (@4CR_Billy)




Main Event kicks off with a recap of the Bryan/Triple H/pseudo Evolution/Shield happenings from Monday’s awesome RAW.


The Shield make their way out and they’re ready to do war….


The Wyatt Family make their way out and they look just as ready.


Wyatt Family vs The Shield
Ambrose & Rowan start off, and Ambrose slaps the sheep mask off of Rowan! Ambrose isolates him and Rollins is in now. Double suplex gets 2. Rollins grabs the beard of Rowan and hammers away! Rollins was looking for a sleeper (I think) but ends up turning it into some sort of choke. Rowan breaks free though and all 6 men hit the ring for a standoff as we go to break…

Bray in control as we come back and hits a face buster into his knee on Rollins for 2. Rowan gets the tag and he’s mauling Rollins. Big belly to back suplex gets a 2 and here comes Luke Harper. Big splash in the corner…”yeah yeahyeahyeah”.
He goes to pull Rollins off the turnbuckle but Seth backflips out of it! Flatliner into the buckle and he gets the tag to Roman Reigns! Two big clotheslines followed by a flying clothesline. Ambrose in and they hit a double team neck breaker for 2! Ambrose nails Rowan on the apron but turns into a HUGE boot. Bray in now…avalanche in the corner. He slaps Ambrose around before tagging in Rowan. Rowan grinds his knuckles into Ambrose’s temples. Sidewalk slam gets 2 for Rowan. Harper tags himself in and nails Ambrose with a nasty European uppercut. He & Ambrose trade some more shots before Rowan comes back in. Rowan tries to toss Ambrose out but he skins the cat–Rowan knocks him outside with a knee as we go back to break…

Back again and Bray tosses Ambrose back in for Harper to continue to work over. Ambrose fights back but gets yanked down by the leg. Ouch! Quick tags by the Family as they take turns beating the hell out of Dean. Rowan cinches in a bearhug but Dean eventually fights his way out and locks in a sleeper! Rowan throws his weight back sending Dean down to the mat and getting a 2 count. Harper back in and hits a pair of European uppercuts. He hits a third, but Dean rocks him with a jawbreaker lariat!!! Shades of Nigel McGuinnes!!! Bray is in and he charges the corner but gets caught with a pair of boots to the face. Ambrose up top, but Wyatt cuts him off. Superplex attempt is blocked. Headbutts by Dean send Bray off the top. Double axe handle attempt but Bray hits a uranage slam for 2. Everyone is in now and bodies are flying everywhere! Harper sends reigns over the announce table. Back in and Bray’s looking for Sister Abigail, reversed into a rollup! Dean w/ a DDT! Hot tag to Seth! Planchas & dropkicks all around! Standing sliced bread on Rowan gets a near fall! Harper breaks it up but he gets taken out by Dean! Bray takes out Ambrose…SUPERMAN PUNCH BY REIGNS!!! Rowan send Reigns outside. Enziguri to Rowan by Seth! Pelè kick to Harper! Reigns hits the apron dropkick on Luke! Dean with a dropkick on Erick Rowan, Seth follows up with a flying curb stomp! Dirty Deeds on Rowan by Ambrose and that gets the 3 count!

Winners: The Shield
Rating: ****1/2

Renee Young is in the ring now and she interviews the victors. They’re not faceless, they’re not anonymous. The Cajundome knows Roman’s name. The Authority fired the first shot, but they’ll fire the final shot. You can believe that and you can BELIEVE IN THE SHIELD!

The Adam Rose Experience is coming!

Zeb Colter has some words for Antonio Cesaro before we get to…

Jack Swagger vs Dolph Ziggler

Dolph hits a dropkick to start the match but Kack gets the advantage back and hits a Swagger bomb for 2. Some knees in the corner is followed up by a double under hook submission. Dolph catches him with an elbow before dumping Jack out. Swagger goes on the attack but misses and Dolph hits a cross body for 2. Corner punches, neck breaker attempt by Ziggler is reversed and Jack hits a chop block. Another Swagger Bomb attempt is stopped. Big DDT blocked, but Dolph gets a sunset flip for 2. Patriot Lock! Dolph gets free and hits the Fame Asser! Swagger tries to hit a gutwrench power bomb but Dolph flips out of it and hits the DDT! Looking for the Zig Zag perhaps? Electric chair by Swagger, but Ziggler with a roll up for 2! Swagger throws Dolph up and catches him in the Patriot Lock and Dolph taps!

Winner: Jack Swagger
Rating: **3/4


Alexander Rusev vs Sin Cara

Big side kick by Rusev. Spinning uranage. Accolade is locked in and Cara taps.

Winner: Alexander Rusev
Rating: SQUASH

Really good episode of Main Event tonight, with a fantastic Shield/Wyatts match taking a majority of the show. There’s a renewed spark in ME since it became a Network exclusive and I hope it continues. Ziggler & Swagger had a pretty fun 5 minute match as well. Definitely worth finding if you haven’t seen it. It’ll be in the Network all week, I’m sure. Thumbs up for Main Event tonight!


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