4CReview: WWE Superstars (4/10/14)

by Billy Carpenter (@4CR_Billy)


Processed with Moldiv


Dolph Ziggler vs Ryback (w/ Curtis Axel)

Ryback attacks early so Dolph heads out to rethink his strategy. Ryback tries to start up his own chant! Back in, Ziggler uses his speed to avoid some clothesline before hitting a dropkick. ‘Back catches him though and press slams into the turnbuckle & once more across the top rope. A second rope splash by Ryback sends us to our first break…

Ryback still in control as we come back. Curtis Axel gets a shot in while the ref is distracted. A cobra clutch variant followed by a shoulder into the corner gets a 2 count on Dolph. Ryback grabs another headlock, Dolph tries to get some momentum but is cut off. Irish whip into the corner by ‘Back. He charges in but Dolph moves and Ryback goes outside. Back in and Dolph hits a cross body. Corner punches and a reverse neckbreaker follow by Dolph. Famouser attempt but Ryback hits a big spine buster for 2. Ryback goes up top but gets caught in a top rope X-Factor! Zig zag attempt, Dolph gets thrown off. He gets a sleeper until Ryback hits the backpack stunner. He’s looking for the meat hook clothesline but eats a nasty dropkick. BIG DDT–only gets 2! Axel up on the apron and Dolph nails him. Ziggler goes for another Famouser but ends up getting power bombed! SHELL SHOCK by Ryback and he gets the win!

WINNER: Ryback
Rating: ***

Recap of Paul Heyman’s sermon on the mount from this past Monday.

Highlights of The Wyatt Family vs John Cena/Big E/Sheamus

Kofi Kingston vs Titus O’Neil

Kofi’s quickness vs Titus’ strength early on. Kofi catches a back elbow before grabbing a headlock. Kofi runs the ropes but gets caught with a big boot for 2. BIG chops by Titus but Kofi fires back with some of his own. Off the ropes again but gets caught with a pair of back breakers & a fall away slam. URAHURAHURAH~! Kofi hits a top rope dropkick though and follows with a other one. BOOM DROP & now he’s looking for Trouble in Paradise. Back elbow cuts him off though. Kofi regroups and goes up top for the springboard crossbody and hits it! Kofi clutching his leg, looks like he might’ve injured his knee. He limps into the corner but Titus hits Snake Eyes before a Clash of the Titus finishes off Kofi!

WINNER: Titus O’Neil
Rating: **1/4

We recap the Bryan/Triple H/”Evolution”/SHIELD closing segment from Monday Night RAW to close out the show. Fun week of Superstars, and the match w/ Ryback & Dolph was better than I had anticipated. I have a feeling that this show will also serve as the place where Titus will fine tune his character. Thumbs up for Superstars this week!


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