The 10 Spot: Wrestling’s Best Entrance Themes

by Billy Carpenter (@4CR_Billy)

It’s been WAY too long, but your favorite weekly countdown series is back on! For those of you new to the 10 Spot, here’s a quick breakdown of how it works: I throw out the subject to be voted on (usually on Twitter) and you guys send me your top 10 on whatever that subject may be. From there, I create a big composite list based on your votes and that’s how we get here! This week was a fun subject to get us back into the swing of things, as we list the 10 best entrance themes of all time according to all of you! Plus there’s an added bonus: making his debut for, America’s favorite android Robot Hammer is here to help me count ’em down this week! So let’s get started–it’s time to turn your speakers up and have some fun as we get into the return of the ‘10 Spot’!



Top 10 Entrance Themes of All-Time



Robot Hammer: “The spray paint. The grainy black and white videos. The backstage muggings. The nWo was home to some of wrestling’s biggest names when they were terrorizing the WCW locker room. There’s no shortage of topics when discussing Hollywood Hulk Hogan, the Outsiders, and their posse. But if you were to play word association with a wrestling fan, and say nWo, chances are that they’ll imitate that twanging opening guitar riff. It sounded like a Jimi Hendrix mash fest of guitar licks and heralded the nWo’s sense of anarchy.

Even though they went through a few variations of the theme, and the Wolfpac had their own song by C Murder of No Limit Records (HOODY HOO), it’s the original version that’s found it’s way onto the 10 Spot.


Edge- ‘Metalingus’


Billy: “Frenetic energy is what Hall of Famer Edge brought to his matches and the WWE mix of this Alter Bridge song fit him perfectly. When he debuted this theme back in ’04-05, the lyrics seemed to fit like a glove, capturing the next evolution of one of WWE’s greatest World champions. From the opening riff, ‘Metalingus’ created the rock star vibe that Edge is most associated with and even when he makes his rare appearances now, the crowd is whipped into a frenzy when it hits. Few times have song & superstar come together quite like this and hearing this song signal Edge’s arrival on Friday nights is one of the things that l miss the most these days.”


The Undertaker-‘Ministry of Darkness’

Billy: “The legendary ‘Deadman’ has had a few theme songs over his storied career but perhaps none are more ominous than this cut. In the height of the Attitude Era, ‘Taker underwent a demonic transformation of sorts and became one of the most evil entities in pro wrestling history. As the leader of the cult-like Ministry of Darkness, The Undertaker of 1999 saw perhaps his most frightening incarnation and this song was equally as dark. An almost satanic sermon welcomes the Phenom’s opponents to a 16’ x 20’ Hell:

Anail Nathrak, Dorthnei Diednei,
(Accept the Lord of Darkness as your savior)
Bathnal Nathra, de era
(Allow the purity of evil to guide you)
Anail Nathrak, Dorthnei Diednei,
Anail Nathrak, de era umbrana

Certainly one of the most remembered themes from wrestling’s most profitable time period and by far the most unsettling entrant on this edition of the 10 Spot.”

Mark Henry-‘Somebody’s Gonna Get It’


Robot Hammer: “Mark Henry is a very intimidating man. That’s as big of an understatement as anyone could ever make, but it’s true. And a man like Mark Henry needs a theme song that makes his mission statement abundantly clear, and Three 6 Mafia’s “Some Bodies Gonna Get It” does the job.

Proclaiming that some body’s going to get their ass kicked and their wig split, this song is a declaration of violent intent. There’s little doubt of Mark Henry’s purpose or abilities when his theme blasts throughout the arena’s speakers. He’s there to beat’em up and break their necks, and the world is a better place when he’s done.”


Shawn Michaels-‘Sexy Boy’


Billy: “What happens when a vain, cocky, arrogant heel decides to sing his own theme song? When that man is Shawn Michaels, you get an all-time classic. Originally sung by Sensational Sherri during his transformation into the ‘Heartbreak Kid’, this theme has signaled the arrival of Mr. WrestleMania for 22 years now and for me, it never gets old. This is admittedly about as era-specific as it gets—the whole thing reeks of the early 90’s —but it’s become iconic and could you really imagine HBK coming out to anything else now? A song that’s associated with many of wrestling’s greatest matches of the last 2 decades, it’s one that will live on forever—questionable singing and all. And honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way.


Chris Hero-‘Chris is Awesome’


Billy: “I’m pleasantly surprised to see this one make the countdown, as it’s one of my favorite themes of the last few years. Noted hip-hop head Chris Hero tapped now-late Philly MC Viro the Virus to spit his rhymes over ‘Summer Overture’ from ‘Requiem for a Dream’ and a masterpiece was born. The theme serves as a warning to Hero’s opponents, reciting all the different ways that Chris would destroy them once the bell rung. It’s become iconic during Chris Hero’s tours of the independent scene-ROH in particular-and never fails to pop the crowd as soon as the violin’s hit. Chris is awesome and the same can be said about the number 5 entrant on this week’s 10 Spot.


Randy Savage-‘Pomp & Circumstance’

Billy: “I still pop every time I hear this. One of my favorites of all-time had a song that was seemingly made just for him. ‘Pomp & Circumstance’ has been around since 1901 and has been used for graduations, marches & was even used in wrestling before by the great Gorgeous George. But as soon as anyone hears that first note, they don’t think about anything other than the ‘Macho Man’, first & foremost. An entrance truly befitting the spectacle that was Randy Savage, no one entered an arena quite like him and this music was a huge part of the Savage experience. A timeless song that will live for all of eternity, much like the legacy of one of the greatest of all time, the one & only ‘Macho Man’ Randy Savage.


Ric Flair-‘Also Sprach Zarathustra’


Robot Hammer: “The dawn section of Richard Strauss’ “Also Sprach Zarathustra” has an interesting history. It’s part of a tone poem, inspired by the works of Friedrich Nietzsche, that was used in, and made known to the then general public by, Stanley Kubrik’s ‘2001: A Space Odyssey.’ But if you ask any wrestling fan, they’ll tell you that song belongs to The Nature Boy.

Most wrestlers needed hard rock songs that shouted threats at their opponents. Flair used an instrumental, operatic swell of horns and drums to herald his appearances. ‘Also Sprach Zarathustra’ sounds like the music of a champion, and it accompanied Flair down the aisle, along with his beautiful robes, even more beautiful women, and the WCW Heavyweight Championship, the best looking title belt in the history of this great sport. Its music fit for a king. It was my number one vote on this list, and it wasn’t even a close race.”


Hulk Hogan-‘Real American’

Robot Hammer: “It’s goofy. It’s cheesy. It’s everything that made the 1980s a decade of super patriotism and over the top excess. It’s also one of the catchiest wrestling themes of all time. Hulk Hogan’s ‘Real American’ captures the true essence of the Hulkster as a real life superhero. He taught us that being a Real American meant fighting for what was right, standing up for ourselves and our friends, and that courage is the thing that sets us free.

And the video? Images of Washington, Lincoln, JFK, and Dr King. Hulk Hogan plays the guitar in front of the White House, in the Grand Canyon, and behind Mount Rushmore. The Hulkster rides his motorcycle to a parking lot, only to be surrounded by dozens of Hulkamaniacs. All of this mixed together with scenes of Hogan fighting Cowboy Bob Orton, Big John Studd, and Terry Funk. It’s the perfect complement to the song, and it’s another welcome addition to this edition of the 10 Spot.”


Steve Austin-‘I Won’t Do What You Tell Me’


Robot Hammer: “”When you hear the glass, it’s your ass!”

That’s how Stone Cold Steve Austin once described the opening to his theme song, and who am I to argue with the Texas Rattlesnake? When wrestling fans hear the glass break and the bass line kick in, we know that ol’ Stone Cold’s about to rain hell down around his opponents. It was as big a part of Austin’s persona as the Stunners, the beer, and any number of Zambonis.

“I Won’t Do What You Tell Me” is a chaotic song, with no frills and no lyrics. It’s pure, uncut aggression. It’s a clash of noises, with each part seemingly fighting for attention. It’s one of the most bad ass themes out there, and it fits Austin to a tee.”


A classic playlist, if I do say so myself! A  collection of some of pro wrestling’s most iconic themes in history made for a great way to come back to 4CR’s 10 Spot after a long absence. Big thanks to Robot Hammer for helping bring this to life and I hope we can make this a regular thing! As much fun as we had with this week’s article, it’s time to create some debate-worthy articles and next week’s 10 Spot is aiming to do just that. Coming next week, this column will count down the 10 greatest NWA/WCW United States champions in history! I know you want in on this one, and you can help create the next article by sending me your lists on Twitter. Thanks for reading and as always, just have fun with wrestling!


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