4CReaction: WWE SmackDown (5/23/2014)

by Billy Carpenter (@4CR_Billy)





New theme kicks off SmackDown this week and we head right to the ring to Jimmy Hart. He introduces Hulk Hogan, who’s in a WWE ring in the UK for the first time in about 20 years apparently. Huge reaction for The Hulkster. He basically came to England to shill Legend’s House, of all things. Well then…




NO DQ match: Batista vs Dolph Ziggler

Batista overpowers Dolph early and takes the advantage. He goes outside and grabs a chair but Ziggler grabs it before he can get back in. Batista drags him out under the rope and works him over outside, including a power bomb into the guardrail. He looks for the spear but Ziggler moves and hits a clothesline over the barricade to take us to break…

Dolph beating on ‘The Animal’ with a chair as we come back. He throws him into the ring steps before sending him back in. A neckbreaker followed by DAT DDT~! (Copyright: Anthony Johns) gets 2! Dolph goes for the Famouser but Batista blocks it with a POWERBOMB attempt–Dolph slips out & hits it anyway for another 2. Batista outside but Ziggler with a baseball slide that sends The Animal over the announce table! He pounces now and goes for an Irish whip into the steps but it’s reversed. Batista throws him on the table before moving the ring steps. Looking for a powerbomb on the steps but Dolph with a low blow! He goes to the apron for a Famouser into the steps but Batista moves. Back in the ring–SPEAR by Batista and that’s enough for the 1-2-3!

Fun brawl and Dolph looked good here. Batista looks better & better with every outing too. I’ve enjoyed this little mini-feud between the 2, as it’s given Dolph a high profile guy to work with and I think it’s helped Batista get back in rhythm.

Winner: Batista
Rating: ***

Post-match, Batista hits the Batista Bomb to send a message to The Shield.

Nikki Bella & Eva Marie vs The Funkadactyls

Oh boy. There’s exactly one Diva in this match I’m interested in watching here. Summer Rae makes here way out to do ref duties, bringing that count to 2. Nikki & Naomi start and do stuff. Nikki goes for a cover but Summer won’t count. Cameron comes in and actually hits a Codebreaker. Nikki hits a dropkick before tagging in Eva, who also gets no count from Summer on a pin attempt. Cameron catches Eva in a rollup and the fix is in! Fast count by Summer and The Funkadactyls pick up the win.

Winner: The Funkadactyls
Rating: …

“The dawning of a new era” proclaims Michael Cole, as Bo Dallas makes his main roster debut. The entrance is fantastic, complete with Tebowing. His opponent for his SD! debut, Sin Cara is out next…

Bo Dallas vs Sin Cara

Bo takes the early advantage with an arm drag and he’s FIRED UP! They trade holds before an elbow catches Sin Cara. Suplex followed by some nice running knee drops gives Bo the upper hand. Sin Cara gets a pair of rollups and starts to take over on offense. Springboard headbutt by Sin Cara! Springboard crossbody & the handspring elbow get 2! Up top, Sin Cara rolls through a senton attempt. Big clothesline by Bo Dallas before he hits the rope assisted bulldog for the win! Do you BO-lieve?!

Winner: Bo Dallas
Rating: **1/4

Post-match, Bo goes back in and shakes Sin Cara’s hand and tells that if he bolieves, he can be just like him one day.

The Wyatt Family is in the ring as we come back from break. Bray Wyatt talks and he’s still fantastic at it.

Paul Heyman & Cesaro join the commentary team in time for the next match…

Non-title Match:
Alberto Del Rio vs Sheamus (US champion)

A distraction by Cesaro allows Del Rio to attack. They go back & forth before Del Rio gets the advantage with a boot to a charging Sheamus. A seated dropkick gets a 1 count and Sheamus is right back at it. A diving knee drop (!) by Sheamus gets 2. The champ is pounding away on Del Rio but eats a back elbow charging into the corner. He charges but gets caught with the Finlay Roll before getting clotheslined to the outside. However, Del Rio hits the step up enziguri off the ring apron as we head to break!

Back in the ring as we come back from break and both men are trading the advantage. Knee in the corner by Sheamus, followed by a running knee. Del Rio is able to hit the back stabber for 2 though and regain control. He goes for the seated superkick but gets rolled up. Del Rio charges again and gets hot with the Irish Curse for 2. Fireman’s carry by Sheamus countered by elbows from Alberto. He goes for the cross at breaker but is thrown off–Brogue Kick attempt but Del Rio moves and Sheamus goes over the top to the apron. They fight on the apron but Del Rio hits a superkick through the ropes for a 2! Del Rio goes for a rope splash but Sheamus moves and hits the 10 Beats! Pulls Del Rio in but Alberto is clinging to the top rope–cross armbreaker by Del Rio! Sheamus is in the ropes and Cesaro tries to interfere but he gets caught with a right hand! Sheamus gets a tilt a whirl powerslam and sets up for the Brogue Kick but Cesaro pulls him out and launches him into the steps for the DQ. He hits the Neutralizer on the floor before shaking an unconscious Sheamus’ hand. Good stuff before that though.

Winner: Sheamus (DQ)
Rating: ***

RAW Rebound recaps Stephanie’s demand that Bryan returns the WWE World title from this past Monday.

Vickie Guerrero is out now, claiming that she likes to party before introducing Adam Rose. He wants to know if Vickie is a lemon or rosebud? England thinks she’s a lemon, but she takes great offense to this. She heads to the apron and you can see where this is going…Rose teases her with his lolly (yeah, I know how that sounds) and she falls into the party, who carry her around the ring and on to the back. It was fun, Rose is fun…don’t be a lemon.

The Usos & John Cena cut a promo backstage and I have no idea what Cena was talking about. The Usos battle Erick Rowan & Luke Harper next!

Main Event
The Usos vs Erick Rowan & Luke Harper

The Usos start hot but a big right hand from Harper changes things up. Rowan in now but the Usos get control back. Quick tags in & out and Jimmy Uso takes Rowan over the top with a cross body as we go to break…

Usos still in control as we come back but Rowan is able to tag out to Harper. A little back & forth before Harper shoves Jimmy into the rope in a sick little slingshot spot. Rowan back in and digs his knuckles into Jimmy’s temples. Samoan drop by Rowan and Harper follows with an elbow for 2. Jimmy fights back but gets caught with a Harper superkick for 2! Harper sits Jimmy up top but Uso fights him off…whisper in the wind by Jimmy Uso! Hot tag on both sides and Jey with a cross body on Rowan! Jey is dominating now, hitting a Samoan Drop followed by the corner avalanche! He turns into a nasty big boot by Harper though, but here’s Jimmy to take Luke out with a superkick. Jimmy with a suicide dive on Harper to the outside. Back in and Rowan charges Jey but misses–Jey with a dive to the floor! Jey takes out Harper with a clothesline before sending Rowan back in. Up top for the splash, but Bray Wyatt shoves off Jey for the DQ. Cena comes in and hits the AA on Rowan while staring down Bray. They exchange words as we fade to black…

Winners: The Usos (DQ)
Rating: ** 3/4

Fun show this week, although not a must see show. UK shows are always fun and they seem to always deliver a decent outing at the very least.  We got the Bo Dallas debut, a decent Ziggler/Batista brawl & more Payback build.  Maybe I enjoyed it more than others after my near 2 week break from WWE but I didn’t feel like I’d wasted my time or anything. SD! is still a solid show that most will write off every week but I find it enjoyable more often than not. Check out this week’s  show if you’ve got some time to kill.


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