4CReview: Ring of Honor TV (5/31/14)

by Billy Carpenter (@4CR_Billy)


(First aired: May 31st, 2014)

Roderick Strong vs ACH

Roddy grabs a headlock to start, and both men look for control on the mat. Neither man finds the early advantage and get back to their feet where ACH hits a few chops on Strong in the corner. Criss cross, and now ACH with an armdrag followed by a side headlock. Back suplex attempt by Strong, ACH backflips out of it and back to the headlock. Roddy backs him in the corner though and lights him up with a chop. Irish whip to the far side turnbuckle, Roddy tries to follow in but ACH counters with a dropkick for 2. Strong rolls to the floor, ACH with a running kick from the apron. Split legged moonsault but nobody’s home! ACH lands on his feet though but Roddy launches him into the ring post as we go to break…

Roddy gets in the face of a young fan before attacking ACH and throwing him back in for 2. Strong hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for another near fall. Chops to ACH in the corner, Irish whip but Roddy misses the charge again. ACH up top but gets caught–Roddy looks for a backbreaker but ACH fights out. Off the ropes but Strong hits a big dropkick for 2. Good sell by ACH there. Strong goes for another Irish whip but ACH fights back with elbows. Corner clotheslines in succession are followed by a forearm & neckbreaker for 2! Strong back to the apron, ACH slides through and hits a face buster on the apron. Plancha over the top to the floor! ACH hits a springboard elbow for 2! Strong catches ACH with an elbow to the gut, goes for a back breaker but it’s countered into an armdrag. Springboard downward spiral for 2 by ACH! ACH charges into the corner but comes up short. Huge knee in the corner by Strong followed by an Olympic Slam for 2. Roddy puts ACH on the top turnbuckle and goes for a superplex but ACH fights it off. Double stomp attempt by ACH misses…big boot by Roddy. Enziguri! Gibson Driver–countered into a hurricanrana! Double stomp to the back and a big punt by ACH gets a near fall! Strong rolls back outside but gets kicked into the guardrail…AIR JORDAN to the outside!!! He throws Roddy in and goes for the 450 but misses–SICK KICK by Roddy! Vertical backbreaker and that’s all she wrote! A hell of a match to kick off the show this week.

Winner: Roderick Strong

Recap of Jay Lethal issuing an open challenge on last week’s episode. Lethal works really well as heel. It’s very fresh and he’s flourishing in the role right now. They show all the events leading to this week’s match…

3 Way for the ROH TV title:
Jay Lethal (c) vs Tommasso Ciampa vs Matt Taven

Lethal attacks before Ciampa’s entrance is over and all 3 men brawl in the aisle and all around ringside. Chaos ensues as we head to commercial…

Ciampa and Lethal are brawling outside still and Lethal uses a chair on Ciampa’s knee to get the upper hand as we come back. Taven grabs a mic and calls Lethal in the ring and also threatens to behead Truth Martini. The bell finally rings but Truth comes in and blasts Taven with the book of truth for the DQ.

Winner: No Contest (?)

They all continue to brawl after the bell. I’m assuming this will continue until we get to Best in the World somehow.

A recap of Mike Bennett vs Mark Briscoe from SCOH 8, as well as Adam Cole giving Matt Hardy Jay’s old ROH title lead us to this week’s main event…

Michael Bennett w/ Maria vs Jay Briscoe

They get right to brawling to start. Maria with a distraction allows Bennett to hit a pair of spears. He goes for #3 but eats a back elbow. Jay with a clothesline in the corner but Mike counters with a dropkick. Stomps in the corner but Jay fights back with rights & headbutts. Irish whip into the opposite corner, Jay goes up & over but gets superkicked off the apron. Mike launches him into the guardrail and jaws with the fans. Jay regains control with a whip into the guardrail to Bennett and they start brawling down the aisle. They trade shots on the stage, and Bennett goes for a suplex. Countered by Jay into a suplex of his own! They’re brawling around the  ringside area as we go to commercial…

Jay’s going up top for the crossbody as we come back but misses. Bennett hits a huge spinebuster to regain control. A Matt Hardy-esque second rope legdrop gets 2 before Bennett grabs a chinlock. Jay fights back and they trade shots. Both go for a crossbody and both men go down. Back up and Jay hammers Mike back to the corner. He sets him up top and they fight on the turnbuckle. Jay gets pushed off, but catches Mike with a facebuster into the buckle. Reverse neckbreaker for 2! Fireman’s carry but Bennett fights through–he picks up Jay for one too and it’s also countered…superkick by Bennett! Box Office Smash for a near fall! Bennett looking for the Twist of Fate but Jay grabs a sleeper! Mike gets to the ropes though, but Jay is ready to pounce. Looking for the Jay Driller but Bennett counters with a clothesline. Looking for the Anaconda Vice but Jay blocks it! Trading rights again and Jay gets the Death Valley Driver! JAY DRILLER and that’s all she wrote!

Winner: Jay Briscoe

Jay Briscoe calls out Matt Hardy to the camera and stares down Mike & Maria as we fade to black…

Good episode this week with 2 solid singles matches and build for the Best in the World PPV. ACH looked great and I’ve got high hopes for his singles run in Ring of Honor. Jay Lethal’s heel act is coming along quite well. Jay Briscoe & Mike Bennett had a fun brawl to main event the show this week and seemingly everything worked in building towards something and/or continuing storylines. Thumbs up for ROH TV this week, go check it out!




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