4CReview: WWE Superstars (6/19/14)


Superstars kicks off with Nikki Bella making her way out to the ring. Her opponent this week is Alicia Fox. Might be a decent little match to start things off.

Nikki Bella vs Alicia Fox

Nikki goes right after Fox with a Thesz press before going to work on the arm. Hip toss followed by a seated dropkick by Nikki sends Alicia to the apron. Alicia catches her with a hangman over the top rope though and comes back in to cinch in a chinlock. Northern Lights suplex gets 2 and Fox goes back to the reverse chinlock. Nikki fights back with a clothesline & a single leg dropkick,  followed by a facebuster into the knee for 2. Alicia reverses an Irish whip and sends Nikki into the corner but misses a big boot. This gives Nikki the chance to hoist her up and hit Shock Treatment for the win!

WINNER: Nikki Bella via pinfall

Post match, Alicia does her shtick.

A video package of WWE’S involvement with this year’s Special Olympics runs.

Recap of the Money in the Bank happenings from RAW.

HBK & Y2J from ‘Mania 19 on the next WM Rewind!

Zeb Colter hypes up Jack Swagger in the back. “Break him down like a 410 shotgun.”

Back to RAW and a recap of the battle royal that Roman Reigns worked his way in to. This match made Roman look like a million bucks and also made me want to see Reigns & Rusev do battle someday.

Time for our featured match this week:

Jack Swagger vs Rob Van Dam

Swagger gets the early advantage,  grabbing an overhand wristlock. It doesn’t last though, as Van Dam hits some kicks before sending Jack out with a clothesline. Up & over with a plancha! RVD rolls him back in and hits a leg drop for 2. Both men up and Swagger backs RVD into the corner but RVD slips out and heads to the opposite corner.  He heads up top but Swagger pushes him to the floor and we head to break…

Back to the match and Swagger has an arm bar locked in. He follows this up with a clothesline for 2. Jack keeps the pressure on and gets a chinlock. He sends RVD in the corner but misses a charge and eats a kick to the face. RVD on the attack and goes for Rolling Thunder but gets caught in the Patriot Lock! He frees himself before hitting Swagger with the step over spin kick. RVD up top and hits a thrust kick and goes back up–looking for the 5 Star but Jack with a belly to belly throw off the top! Looking for the Patriot Lock again but Van Dam with a roll up for 2. Jack catches RVD off the ropes with the OCEAN CYCLONE SUPLEX! Jack looking for the Swagger Bomb now but gets a foot to the face. RVD up top…5 STAR FROG SPLASH and that does it!

WINNER : Rob Van Dam via pinfall

A flashback to Cena winning the MITB match in 2012 before highlights from his stretcher match against Kane from Monday close out this week’s edition of Superstars. A nice little Swagger/RVD match was hidden in all the MITB hype videos & RAW recaps and was the highlight of the show this week. Might be worth checking out if you’ve got nothing to do for 15 minutes this weekend.


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