4CReview: WWE Superstars (7/3/2014)

by Billy Carpenter (@4CR_Billy)



Big E makes his way out to kick off the show this week. But the big news here is the lovely Renée Young is making her broadcast debut on the show!




Titus O’Neil is out next and we get the next chapter in the biggest feud on Superstars this year!


Big E vs Titus O’Neil


Titus slaps Big E’s chest to start. E is fired up and comes with a takedown. We get some criss cross action before Titus nails E to send him down. Shoulder blocks in the corner on E followed by an Argentina backbreaker gets 2. Titus working over E now before standing over him…


Titus goes for a leg drop but Big E moves. Couple of clotheslines, followed by a belly to belly and a splash. E thinking Big Ending but Titus nails him with a big boot. Titus misses a charge in the corner and gets caught in the Big Ending!






Recap of the return of both The Miz & Chris Jericho, as well as the Wyatt Family/Jericho altercation.


Byron Saxton is backstage with Alberto Del Río. He promises victory at the Intercontinental title battle royal at Battleground.


Recap time again, as we see AJ Lee make her surprise return to work on RAW and defeat Paige for the Divas title.


R – Truth raps himself & Xavier Woods out to the ring for our Superstars main event. He’s taking on the ‘Escencía de Excelencía’, Alberto Del Rio!


Alberto Del Rio vs R-Truth

Truth starts out hot but is cut off by a kick to the gut. Del Rio goes for a backdrop but gets sent out by a clothesline. Truth sends Alberto back in first but eats an enziguri as we go to break. .. Truth looking for a sunset flip as we come back to Superstars and gets a 2 count. Del Río catches him with a DDT though. He punches and kicks away at Truth in the corner.  Truth fights back but misses a corned charge and hits the steel post. Del Río boots Truth in the head and follows up with a flying axe handle for 2. He locks in a chinlock. Truth fights out and eventually hits a scissors kick for 2. Corner splash by Truth but Del Río blocks the Lie Detector. Alberto rocks Truth with a seated superkick and sends him outside. He tosses Woods into the guardrail for the hell of it. But gets caught in a pin attempt back inside. Truth reverses into another roll up but Del Río kicks out again. Truth misses a corner charge and gets hit with the hanging double stomp. Del Río sinks in the cross armbreaker moments after and R-Truth has to tap! WINNER : Alberto Del Río


We close out the show this week with a recap (of course) of John Cena & Roman Reigns vs Kane & Randy Orton from RAW.


Decent edition of Superstars this week. Disappointed in the Titus/Big E match because Titus really needs to start making some serious strides soon. He’s a big guy who can move well and has a lot of charisma…it baffles me why they just pretty much ignore him and leave him to do nothing on Superstars. Del Río & Truth had a nice little match too. Not bad at all this week.


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