Wyatt Family Values: Agents of Chaos.

“Chaos often breeds life when order breeds habit” – Henry Brooks Adams


As the one year anniversary of the debut of Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper & Erik Rowan on the main WWE roster looms, I can’t help but look upon their current standing and despair a little. Sure, I adore the gimmick & characters but I think there lies an opportunity for something really creative to do with the family within the context of WWE’s current story directions, something that could give The Wyatts a new lease of life in WWE.

In the run up to SummerSlam 2013, the original run of Wyatt vignettes that aired on WWE television spoke heavily of “bringing down the machine” a ostensively vague statement that in reality turned out to be a reference to Kane, the “big red machine” instead of any WWE establishment, and that itself led to a massive disappointment as feud never really had much of a fitting conclusion as Kane just came back after his absence & found himself part of the new evil Authority as Corporate Kane. Despite the look, the fabulous promos by Bray, THAT Daniel Bryan storyline, a feud of the year candidate with The Shield and what started as a great program with John Cena, I like many am really struggling to maintain any interest in Bray and his current feud with a returning Chris Jericho.


It’s sad to say but Bray & Jericho have very little chemistry, Jericho seems to have just returned “just because” and much of what I loved about Bray seemingly stripped away (whatever happened to “The Devil made me do it”?) What I see is a clash of people with little better to do, and as we head into SummerSlam season, a time with strong resonance for me, that saddens me.

Having the Authority on top of WWE is actually at odds with the positioning of the Wyatts right now. The Authority represents order & regimen, but only an order & regimen that it deems to be correct, and anything that doesn’t fit this image should be perceived as the enemy. The slovenly, wild Wyatts definitely do not fit this image, and Bray’s talk of being “the eater of worlds” and threatening to “bring down the machine” should be at odds with the totalitarian regime, and as a by-product, the Wyatts should be among the biggest babyfaces in modern WWE.

This seems like a lifetime ago.
This seems like a lifetime ago.

Making better use of the Wyatts could be achieved by positioning them against the ultra conservative Authority. It may go against the usual heroic archetypes in wrestling but just by changing who the Wyatts are targeting you could have a very different, but very intriguing babyface faction. Keeping the trio just as wild and crazy as they have always been, but removing them from the “heel” roster & making them an almost neutral force, striking out at anyone and everyone and generally ruining the plans of Triple H, Stephanie and their cronies.

Similarly to how the unhinged Dean Ambrose has made it his business to make Seth Rollins’ cashing in his Money in the Bank contract an impossibility, a new Wyatts could take it one stage further & attempt to bring total anarchy to WWE all with the blessing of the fans, whose support of the family would also be a source of frustration to the Authority. The unpredictability that would come from an unleashed Wyatt clan, attacking anyone at will  would be akin to turning the traditional babyface/heel themes on their head, and could make for exciting television if WWE was willing to make an anarchist heel faction among its heroes.

Your new heroes?

Care would have to be taken with this, presenting an inherently “evil” faction as an almost heroic presence runs a very big risk of backfiring, but as it stands I’m finding it harder & harder to care about a seemingly directionless Wyatt Family at this present time. As agents of chaos, I could see Wyatt, Harper & Rowan once again be the talk of the wrestling world and with higher stakes & powerful foes it could refresh not only themselves but everyone they come into contact with. And as one last piece of fantasy booking to fire the synapses, just imagine the interactions between Bray & Triple H. Surely that’s got to worth considering, right?


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