Top 10 Indie Matches to Watch For: September ’14

This will be a new feature on 4CR. At the beginning of every month I’ll run down the 10 indie matches you should be looking out for come the next month.  So clearly the match will have to be announced coming into the month. These won’t necessarily be the matches I feel will deliver the highest in-ring quality, though that will often be a substantial be part of it, but based on the level of interest the match generates for me. Matches will also move up in my book by being the best match on their card.  If you don’t see a match you think should be on tweet me at @SammyJ_D. If you think a promotion is missing all together then when the time comes to suggest promotions or matches, TWEET ‘EM!

Every match has a link to the companies website in the picture

10. Dick Justice vs Colt Cabana

When/Where/Promotion: September 6th/Cleveland,OH/AIW
Unlike some of the other matches on this list this match is not here because of high quality in-ring work being likely. This match is here because this is one of those comedic acts in the form of wrestling that could actually work. I don’t love Cabana but he’s not in this one with someone he is going to drag through the mud. Colt is up against another formidable in-ring comedy performer. I’ve thought for a while that if there was a comedy match that would do well as far as drawing in an independent promotion it would Grado vs Dick Justice vs Colt Cabana. Dick and Cabana have teamed in Beyond Wrestling though this would be their first one on one encounter. This is probably the match most likely to deliver what it sets out to.

9. Monstrous BC vs Homicide

When/Where/Promotion: September 20th / /PWS
This makes the list for the curiosity factor. Honestly, I don’t think this is gonna be a bad match and could end up being pretty good but these are not names you’d imagine to be squaring off against one another. It is moments like these that I’m glad Pro Wrestling Syndicate exists to give these odd matches. I have yet to see post-WWE Brodus Clay but if he worked heel in this match, or if I at least knew he was going to, the interest level goes up. Cause that means Homicide would be the face. And if heel Brodus Clay up against face Homicide isn’t something you’d want to see unfold then I don’t know if you’re breathing, bubba.

8. Shane Hollister vs Eddie Kingston

When/Where/Promotion: September 12th/Berwyn,IL/AAW
This match is for the AAW Heavyweight Championship which Hollister currently holds. Hollister has been on top for what seems like forever. And by forever I mean since Silas Young stopped having all the large feuds. Hollister is a guy who truly want to have these consistently great matches. I’ve seen him have them. His match against Sami Callihan from Day of Defiance is wonderful. The issue is that he doesn’t put that together consistently.  I know he’s got it in him though. A match against Eddie Kingston though might be just what the doctor ordered. Kingston is notable for pretty much getting good matches out of everyone as Chikarra Grand Champion. While he doesn’t quite perform at that level outside the promotion I expect him to bring a big match vibe to this and give Hollister a notch on his belt to boost his reign. Or it could possibly be the end where Kingston gets another shot to have a terrific title run in another promotion.

7. Amazing Kong vs Lufisto

When/Where/Promotion:September 21st/ Etobicoke,Ontario/SMASH
Best female match that’ll likely take place in America for September. This is hoping that Kong is motivated of course. This is a part of SMASH’s CANUSA Classic featuring Canadian female wrestlers against American female wrestlers. This is the big marquee match and it looks like it could be a really fitting end with Kong being one of the most recognizable American female wrestlers active and not in the WWE. Lufisto clearly has found herself as a strong part of the female indie scene often being at or closing in on the top of the promotions she works. I often feel like she is closer to a Davey Richards than many would care to admit. She does happen to be going against someone who I think could turn some of those tendencies on their head and make this a tippy top contest.

6. Tim Donst vs Matt Tremont

When/Where/Promotion: September 27th/Stowe,PA/ West End Wrestling
Interesting match here and not something you’d expect as one of three certainly INDY matches that take place on the debut card of a promotion. The other two very indy matches being Silver Ant against Chris Dickinson and Eddie Kingston against Danny Havoc. Tremont is a dude that competes in many deathmatches but it is the base of those deathmatches, the brawling, that he’s really awesome at. I’d go as far to say he’s the best pure brawler on the indies. Tim Donst is part grappler and part brawler so he could compliment Tremont pretty well. If they want to get a bit wild this could be really something.

5. Rickey Shane Page vs Candice LeRae

When/Where/Promotion: September 5th/Cleveland,OH/AIW
This match is a big opportunity for both wrestlers but in pretty different ways. For Rickey Shane Page he will be facing a wrestler that is established in the most buzzed about indie in the country in PWG. He has been getting some more opportunities this year such as his match against Eddie Kingston but the recognition hasn’t quite followed. This weekend, and this match, could open up a couple doors for him outside the Midwest. For LeRae it is a chance to establish herself in another part of the country \ with this being possibly her most interesting match of AIW’s WrestleRager weekend. Probably should also note that she is a pretty big part of the continual push of intergender wrestling on the independents, AIW being a major part of the push as well. Or you can view it as a push to allowing the best wrestlers to face each other without barriers. The match will most likely be a big versus little type match. Expect some athleticism to be shown through from RSP despite being bigger than most indie wrestling types. Also probably should expect LeRae to do a couple nutty bumps. This could easily be the best match from WrestleRager with the talent involved.

4. Juicy Products vs Beaver Boys vs OI4K: LADDER MATCH

When/Where/Promotion: September 13th/Voorhees,NY/CZW
Honestly, this might be a poor man’s Threemendous III ladder match. There are worse matches you could end up being a lesser imitation of. Or should I say less crazy. These teams have had pretty bonker moments in their matches before and I wouldn’t expect for them to try and fit as many of those moments as possible into. Beaver Boys stands out as a notch below the other two maybe but they are by no means a bad team. Dave Crist was involved in the nutty ladder match at DWTS 2012 against AR Fox and this match could honestly top it. That is if there are a couple wrestlers in this match willing to take half the kind of death bump Fox does.

3.  Zack Sabre Jr. vs Biff Busick

When/Where/Promotion: September 14th/Brooklyn, NY/EVOLVE
Zack Sabre Jr. returns to EVOLVE and he gets Biff Busick. Biff was one of the three quality workers that participated in EVOLVE’s Style Battle Tournament, sorry Raideen, and while Buff isn’t quite as well versed on the mat as Gulak and Thatcher he can certainly hold his own. At the same time, Biff is more able to increase his speed than those two. Sometimes that can be a gift and a curse but here it certainly feels like a gift. Sabre and Busick working a more strike heavy match with grappling mixed in should separate it from Sabre’s other match in EVOLVE.

2. Young Bucks vs OI4K

When/Where/Promotion: September 12/Rome,NY/2CW
Two teams of two brothers battling over which sibling pairing his better. Young Bucks are probably one of the best tag teams on the indies and Planet Earth as a whole. Truly not sure if any team outside of the Usos can make a claim for top being the top tag team of 2014.This will be their return to 2CW with their last appearance being their debut weekend which featured a match between themselves and Kevin Steen facing Johnny Gargano and, their opponents, Jake and Dave Crist. Maybe it isn’t an intended extension of that match but an extension nonetheless. OI4K seems to get the short end of the stick when it comes to being a renowned tag team but in 2CW they are often treated as an upper echelon team which is much deserved. This match is one that gets bonus points for most likely being MOTN on this card.  Expect some fireworks in this one.

*Disclaimer:This is my local promotion and will attending the show live. Bias may appear.

1. Zack Sabre Jr. vs Timothy Thatcher

When/Where/Promotion: September 13th/Queens,NY/EVOLVE
What a match! This is the best Zack Sabre Jr. indie match I could imagine. Timothy Thatcher has quickly escalated his profile in 2014 and is now being recognized as an elite independent talent. This match has a lot of the positives of Sabre’s Busick match on paper. The one thing I think that’ll boost this is that Thatcher is truly a special matworker and that his where Sabre shines. Now, I’ve been adamant that Thatcher is more than a “World of Sport clone” that I feel he is weirdly being saddled with. That being said, this match will likely do no favors for that. Don’t be shocked if this looks like a Terry Grudge versus Marty Jones match ripped straight from World of Sport. If you don’t know who they are then you need to go watch one of their matches right this instant and enjoy. And then realize how great this indie match will be.


Zack Sabre Jr. only has two matches announced for the United States and they will likely be his only two matches for the month in the United States. With that though, those are two are the best matches on their cards and one being #1 in the rankings. Sabre’s matches alone makes the EVOLVE cards in NYC worth dropping money on.

What do you think? Send comments, feedback, or your own list to @SammyJ_D or @4CRADIO.


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