In Remembrance: Tag Team Wrestling

by Dylan Stakely (@Hylian_Hero423)


There are tag teams all the way back in the 70’s that I can think of, even though I wasn’t around back then.  But I believe that’s because the promotions cared about tag team wrestling.  It seems that every generation has those tag teams that everybody remembers, whether it be The Mega Powers and the Road Warriors in the 80’s, the TLC trio of the Attitude Era, or teams like Beer Money Inc. and The World’s Greatest Tag Team in the 2000’s.


This generation’s greatest team, but how many others from this era will you really remember 10-15 years from now?

But in the so called “PG Era” or “Reality Era” of WWE–and even TNA–it seems that tag team wrestling doesn’t matter all that much.  TNA was known for a good tag team division for years, but again it seems now like it’s not important there.  I say that because 10 or 15 years from now, what tag teams will we remember from mainstream wrestling in the ‘10s?  We will remember The Usos, The Shield, and The Wyatt Family.  But will we remember RybAxel?  Will we remember The BroMans?  What about Los Matadores?  We “die harders” may, but the casual fan might not.  The independent teams seem to be the ones we will remember from this era–The Young Bucks, reDragon, The Briscoes, etc.  Not that there is anything wrong with that.  But again, the die hard fans are probably the ones seeing these teams.


Tag team wrestling in the WWE seems to be more like pitting the two top faces against the two top heels in the main event of Raw, or a random 6-man tag bonding three different feuds together.  Those tag team matches are always prominent in WWE.  They seem to get more build than an actual tag team does.  There have been many times where I think maybe the tag teams will make a comeback, like when Lance Archer and Curt Hawkins teamed or when the Rhodes

Like so many other teams from this era, Rhodes Scholars were disbanded too soon to make a real impact.
Like so many other teams from this era, Rhodes Scholars were disbanded too soon to make a real impact.

Scholars were around, but the teams were dropped in just months.  As a huge fan of tag team wrestling, I always hope that there will be another time in  WWE where there’s a large and important tag team division but it doesn’t seem that it’s going to happen anytime in the near future.

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