4CReport: WWE Superstars (10/9/2014)

by Billy Carpenter (@4CR_Billy)






Superstars kicks off with the long lost Zack Ryder (!), who still manages to get a pop despite his current position on the card. Or more accurately,  his lack thereof. His opponent this week is the lone survivor of 3MB, Heath Slater. Zack is back to trunks, for those keeping score. Slater gets the advantage with some boots before taking control with an armbar. Zack counters and gets a pair of armdrags. Flap jack by Ryder followed by a clothesline that sends Heath to the floor…baseball slide connects!  Zack tosses him back in and gets a schoolboy for 2. Dropkick by Zack and he goes for a crossbody, but Slater ducks and Zack falls to the outside as we go to break…

Back to action,  Slater works a rear chinlock. Zack fights out but eats a high knee coming off the ropes. Stomps in the corner by Heath, Zack attempts to fight back but Slater is overwhelming with some clubberin’. Irish whip but Ryder gets a face buster to turn the tide! Clothesline by Zack, followed by a 2nd rope dropkick! He charges but Heath drills him with a leaping sidekick. Suplex attempt countered into a reverse neckbreaker by Ryder for 2! Rough Ryder attempt countered by Heath into a power bomb for 2! This match has definitely picked up. Slater goes up top but gets caught by Zack…Broski Boot! Rough Ryder!  Zack wins!

Rating: **3/4


Well worked match that picked up down the stretch. Would’ve loved to have seen this get 5 more minutes.

Commercial break!

From RAW, Dean Ambrose & John Cena share a moment. You know, the more I think about it, I have a feeling we may see them go 1 on 1 at ‘Mania next year. A nice slow build, and Ambrose can legit be the guy to get the torch from Cena. Just a thought…maybe I’ll bring it up on a show this weekend?

I’m curious to see what’s on the new Brothers of Destruction blu ray…if you’ve picked it up, is it worth it?

Backstage,  Byron Saxton interviews Zack Ryder,  who says he just needs one more shot. He promises the ‘Ryder Revolution’ will take over…WWWYKI.

The Rock makes a surprise appearance on RAW and I loved it. Many hated it so I guess that puts me squarely in the minority. We’ve complained for months now about the stagnation of the flagship show and this segment was–pardon the pun–the most electrifying thing that’s gone down in ages. The crowd loved it, Rusev wasn’t buried (sorry, he wasn’t) and it leaves us to speculate if there’s a match somewhere on the horizon between the two.

Naomi, who is unfortunately still rocking the Funkadactyl theme, is out now to take on *sigh*, Cameron. Cameron won’t put her mirror down and gets caught with a quick rollup. Naomi tosses the mirror and catches Cameron in a Thesz press. Cameron rolls out and Naomi flips to the apron in pursuit, but Cameron heads back into the ring. High kick by Naomi but Cameron comes back with a shot to the midsection and a kick of her own. Snap suplex followed by the split leg drop gets 2. Double chicken wing by Cameron but Naomi comes back with a stunner. Flipping lariat followed by the Rear View finishes this off before Cameron had a chance to ruin the match.

Rating: *3/4


Naomi dances into the next commercial break. Someone please insert her into the title picture–she would definitely freshen things up and is capable of hanging with the top dogs of the division.

SmackDown 15 sounds like it could be some fun this Friday.


The new Erick Rowan video plays and man, it’s just as good as the Harper one. They’ve successfully rekindled interest in the Wyatt Family and all it took was a little effort and letting Bray talk. Shocking, I know. DE–

Superstars closes out this week with Ambrose & hot dog cart taking out the Authority to close out RAW, so this is where I leave you. Not much to see here this week outside of the opening match and in case you missed Rock returning for the night on Monday. Wondering if they’ll have a mini-story for Zack Ryder on this show now,  as the nice little in-ring story we got between Sin Cara & Justin Gabriel a few weeks back made me hopeful of such things.  Guess we shall find out in the weeks to come. Not worth going out of your way for this week though.


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