4CReport: CWFH TV (10/15/14)

by Billy Carpenter (@4CR_Billy)

#TheList is out first this week, as they’re set to take on the team of Thomas Namaste & Gregory Sharpe. Namaste has a yoga gimmick, for those wondering. Sharpe is a ball of energy, which gives us a wacky pairing. #TheList attacks first, sending Namaste to the outside. Sharpe attempts a springboard clothesline that doesn’t really go according to plan, but he sends both Ethan & Cross to the floor. Namaste feigns a dive before rolling backwards into a meditation pose! ZEN. Ethan HD isn’t sure what’s going on, but gets caught in a rollup for a near fall. Knee lift gets followed by a flying clothesline and Namaste is cooking. Suplex gets followed by a Rocket Launcher for a near fall. Sliding clothesline by Sharpe and he goes for another pin but it’s broken up. Ethan is finally able to tag in and Cross hits a hip toss on Sharpe onto Ethan’s knees! #TheList hit a tandem elevated reverse DDT and have taken full control. Sharpe is able to hit a clothesline to turn the tide, but Ethan pulls Namaste down from the apron during the pin attmept. Cash Drop followed by a Boston crab and Sharpe taps to Cross!


Anderson Cruz makes his way out to do battle with Ian Sutton. The lovely Allie Parker is here too (!). Cruz  gets caught with an armdrag,  followed by a big clothesline. Irish whip to the corner,  body splash by Sutton and a leg lariat gets a 2 count. Cruz is able to clip the knee though and takes advantage of the situation. He continues to work on the knee, and hits a forearm/enziguri combo in the corner for 2. Irish whip to the corner, Sutton is able to get a boot up…clothesline to the back of the head followed by a kick to a seated Cruz for 2. Stepdaddy Sutton is on the apron for some reason and Ian runs into him on the ropes. The distraction allows Cruz to roll up Ian, but only for 2. Cruz jaws with the elder Sutton, Ian sends him crashing into his step dad and hits the neckbreaker over the knee for the win.

WINNER: Ian Sutton

The Hollywood Heritage champion The Hobo vs Biagio Crescenzo is up next as we come back from break. Biagio refuses to shake the hand of the champ and Hobo takes him down with a side headlock. Hobo continues to outwrestle Crescenzo before he retreats to the outside. Crescenzo is met with some elbows & kicks upon returning to the ring, but is able to counter an Irish whip to gain control. He gets absolutley rocked with a back elbow on a charge into the corner and The Hobo kicks it into another gear. Big splash on Biagio in the corner followed by a TKO neckbreaker and that’s all she wrote for Crescenzo.

WINNER: The Hobo

Big Duke promises to kick Ryan Taylor’s ass and take the MavTV title later tonight.

Ryan Taylor claims his success is God’s work.

Evan Thomas is out for the next match. His opponent is the massive Sgt Major. The smaller Thomas looks for a go-behind but to no avail. Major bench presses Evan 10 tomes before just dropping him. The Grappler is out to distract the Sarge but it doesn’t work. He drills Thomas with a right hand and follows it up with clothesline. Dead lift suplex and the TKO finishes off Thomas.

WINNER: Sgt Major

Post match, Othello comes out and attacks Major. He let’s everyone know he’s “coming for that number one spot”.

Main event time on CWFH,  and Big Duke is here to challenge Ryan Taylor for the MavTV Title. The whole crowd turns their back to the ring during Taylor’s entrance, tremendous. Taylor gets a wristlock to b start but Duke fights out. They trade some pin attempts but a big boot stops Taylor in his tracks. Duke charges in after a whip to the far side but Taylor pulls down the top rope and sends him crashing to the outside. Ryan looking for a plancha, but lands on the apron instead. Cartwheel off the apron and he sends Duke into the edge of the ring! He sends Duke into the stairs before tossing him back in. He grapevines Duke’s left arm with his leg and cinches in a submission as we go to break. ..

Taylor still on the attack as come back but Duke catches Taylor in a fall away slam. Duke goes up but gets caught with a running boot before getting armdragged off the rope. Another submission attempt but Duke fights back with a jawbreaker. Big boot and a neckbreaker and the momentum is in Duke’s favor. Modified spinning flatliner gets two. Black hole slam coming out of the corner also gets 2. Taylor is able to come back with an axe kick for 2 before locking in an armbar. He turns that into a figure 4 keylock and transitions into another armbar. Duke powers him up and hits a turnbuckle Powerbomb though! Taylor kicks him back and goes to the top, but Duke grabs him–snake eyes! Running knee! Tito Escondido is out for the DQ and they work over Duke. Boo!

WINNER: Big Duke (DQ)

Taylor hits the Perfect Circle post match, but Joey Ryan is out for the save! Taylor nails him with a chair though and he & Tito destroy Ryan, Duke & half the roster with chairs. Scorpio Sky makes his return to CWFH though and cleans house, hitting a TKO on Taylor to close the show.

Let me know if you’d like to read more of these recaps for Championship Wrestling from Hollywood! You can always reach me on Twitter, on the 4CR Facebook page or at our email.  Check out the podcasts and just keep having fun with wrestling!


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