4CReport: WWE Superstars, 10/16/2014

by Billy Carpenter (@4CR_Billy)


Bo Dallas is out to inspire us all to kick off this week’s Superstars. His opponent is Zack Ryder, who may or may not be getting a little mini-push on Superstars. Trading hammerlocks to start, but Ryder takes advantage with an armdrag. Bo is able to get a pretty neat rope assisted clothesline on Zack. Short-arm clothesline and a combo key/headlock and Bo let’s us know this what happens when you don’t Bolieve. Irish whip, Bo looking for a backdrop but eats a face buster. Ryder follows up with a lariat & a 2nd rope dropkick. Front dropkick launches Bo into the corner–Broski Boot attmept but Dallas goes to the floor. Bo grabs Ryder’s legs and trips him up,  leading to the Bo Dog and that finishes things in disappointingly short order. Could’ve been a fun 8-10 minute match.

WINNER : Bo Dallas via pinfall

Recap from RAW as The Usos, The Dust Brothers and Ambrose & Cena do battle. They’re gonna do that “reluctant partners win the titles” thing with Cena & Dean, aren’t they?

Cesaro has fun at Byron Saxton’s expense backstage.

We take a look at the feud between Rusev & the Big Show. Rusev has to be top 3-4 in WWE this year. I was a skeptic, but damn if it isn’t working.

Byron Saxton interviews Bo Dallas on his win earlier against Zack Ryder. “Have a Bo-tastic day, alright?”.

Kofi Kingston vs The Swiss Superman,  Cesaro, is up next. Again, the robe/towel combo is top notch. Back and forth to start,  Cesaro cinches in a headlock. Kofi tries a backwards leapfrog off the ropes, Cesaro catches him for a back suplex–Kofi flips out of it and hits a dropkick! Kofi tries a wristlock and gets punched in the mouth. Irish whip and Kofi counters with a springboard dropkick. Cesaro on the apron and both men jockey for a suplex. Cesaro opts for a hangman and hits a top  rope axehandle as we go to break…

Cesaro with a key lock as we come back to the show and Kofi tries to fight out of it but gets a knee to the gut and a double gut stomp for his troubles. Another submission from Cesaro but Kofi gets a rollup for 2. Hurricanrana attmept but Cesaro blocks it. Powerbomb attempt but again Kofi with a counter and gets a sunset flip for 2. Cesaro comes back with a big boot that stops Kofi though. Running uppercut in the corner! Cesaro goes for a 2nd but Kofi counters with a pendulum kick. Springboard crossbody to the floor by Kingston! SHADOWS OVER HELL BY KOFI! Near fall! Boom drop and Kofi is looking for Trouble in Paradise…he connects with the SOS instead for 2. Sunset flip by Kofi, Cesaro rolls through and looks for the giant swing. Kofi counters out and leaps to the top rope but gets hit with SWISS DEATH~! That’s all she wrote for Kofi, but this was a fantastic little match.


WINNER: Cesaro

Another Bray Wyatt promo and creative has, at the very least, gotten the audience interested in the Family once again. Really well done videos the last few weeks.

We close things out with a look back to RAW once again, as Dean Ambrose wins the right to face Seth Rollins at HIAC by defeating John Cena.

Good episode of Superstars this week, with what might be the company’s match of the week. I would’ve been ok with the opener going a little longer, but that’s a minor gripe. Watch Cesaro/Kofi if you have some time to kill.


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