4CReport: NXT (10/23/2014)

by Billy Carpenter (@4CR_Billy)



The Ascension is here to kick off the show this week. They’re taking on the team of Tye Dillinger & Jason Jordan. Very squashy. Fall of Man ends this rather quickly.


WINNERS: The Ascension

Post match, Hideo Itami storms the ring looking to exact revenge, but it doesn’t end well for the former KENTA. Fall of Man leaves Itami laying.

CJ Parker, radical hippie, makes his way out as we come back from break. His opponent this week is former #1 contender to the NXT title, Tyler Breeze. CJ attacks early but a springboard dropkick turns the tide. It’s short lived. As Parker quickly regains control. Double axehandle off the the top gets 2. Mojo Rawley makes his way out to zero reaction outside of some scant “boos”. Leg trip by Breeze, followed by a Hurricanrana. They trade go-behinds, Parker misses a leg lariat but Breeze hits the Beauty Shot to take the match.

WINNER : Tyler Breeze

Mojo makes his way to the ring but Breeze walks right past him. For whatever reason, that made me giggle.

*URAHURAHURAH* TITUS O’NEIL gives us his thoughts before he challenges Adrian Neville for the NXT title tonight.

A Baron Corbin promo airs next. It’s stylized a la Sin City, and reminded me of something I would’ve seen on WCW Saturday Night in the mid 90s.

The Vaudevillains are here! They’re taking on Buddy Murphy & Wesley Blake. Murphy takes control of the arm of English but the Vaudevillains regain the advantage after a tag. Blake & Murphy are able to put together some tandem offense though, and a springboard senton gets 2 for Murphy. The Vaudevillains work the arm to regain control but a jawbreaker allows Buddy to make the tag. Blake with forearm shots for everyone but a blind tag thwarts the offensive flurry. Gentleman’s Congress finishes things off and the Vaudevillains pick up another win.

WINNERS : The Vaudevillains

Bayley is out next and as she makes her entrance,  I can’t help but wonder if this character would get over on the main roster. Sasha Banks is her opponent this week. It’s a brawl from jump street, which sees Bayley take the first advantage. Nice springboard armdrag by Bayley, but Sasha is able to take control. Snap mare followed by a loud slap by Banks. Surfboard variant by Sasha in the middle of the ring. Bayley scoops up Sasha and works her over in the corner…flying back elbow gets 2. Scoop slam attmept, but Banks counters nicely into the Bank Statement (lung blower into a crossface) to pick up the win!


WINNER : Sasha Banks

After the match, Sasha continues the attack on Bayley until Becky Lynch makes the save. It was all a ruse though,  as she turns on Bayley and walks out with Sasha.

Carmella, Enzo Amorè & Big Cass are in the back. “As you well know, I’m a g. But what you might not know is that I’m 4G, because I’m well connected.” Enzo is world class, ladies & gents.

Main event time, as Titus O’Neil challenges Adrian Neville for the NXT title. Adrian grabs a side headlock to start and grabs the early advantage with his speed. He tries to slide between O’Neil’s legs bur gets caught. Titus takes him into the turnbuckle. Neville is able to grab a front face lock but Titus sits him on the top rope and just shoves him out of the ring. Multiple backbreakers before Titus just tosses Neville away. Bearhug in the center of the ring. Neville kicks his way back into it, but a big boot by Titus stops the momentum. O’Neil just clubbing away on Adrian in the corner but Neville rocks him with a solid right…Titus charges back in and meets Neville’s boots! RED ARROW! Neville retains the title!


WINNER : Adrian Neville

Neville celebrates at the top of the stage but Sami Zayn comes out to tell Neville he’s coming for the belt. Neville’s not worried because “we all know, you can’t win the big one.”

Solid, if unspectacular, edition of NXT this week. I believe this is the end of the O’Neil run on NXT,  which was ok at best. Some interesting developments in the women’s division and we get more build in the Sami/Neville story. Good hour of wrestling,  but you won’t miss much it you don’t watch it.


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