4CReport: WWE Main Event (10/28/2014)

by Billy Carpenter (@4CR_Billy)


Miz TV starts off the show with Miz calling out the Usos based on what happened on RAW. I thought this was supposed to be Mark Henry on Miz TV to explain his heel turn, but ok. The Usos mock the Miz/Mizdow gimmick and this segment is already dying a slow death. Anyhow, all this leads into a tag match after the break…


Miz & Jimmy Uso start the match as we come back from break. Shoulder block takedown by Miz, but gets his hiptoss countered. Sliding clothesline for 2 and in comes Jey. Double team elbow also gets 2. Nice dropkick by Miz and the heels regain the upper hand. Crowd wants Mizdow so he gets the tag, albeit momentarily. Miz back in but gets hiptossed. Jimmy back in with an axehandle off the top rope.  Miz is able to fire back with a knee to the gut before stomping away on Uso. Reverse chinlock by Miz but a belly to back lets Jimmy make the tag. Miz to the floor with a clothesline, plancha by Jey but Miz pulls Mizdow in front to take the blow. Big boot by Miz and we go to break…

Jey firing back with chops but Miz gets his corner clothesline as we come back to action in the ring. Double axehandle off the top and Miz gets 2. Miz works a reverse chinlock, Jey tries fighting back but a Mizard of Oz gets another 2. Mizdow in, snap suplex also gets 2 before going back to the chinlock. Jey is finally able to get a dragon whip and tag in his brother. Samoan drop followed by a whisper in the wind gets 2. Jimmy up top again but Miz is up to stop the attack. Superkick attempt stopped but Jimmy is able to get a rollup before thwarting an oncoming attack from Mizdow. Clothesline by The Miz, but the Usos use some “twin magic” and Jey gets the inside cradle on Miz for the win!



WINNERS: The Usos (via pinfall)

Rating: **1/2


From RAW…


Paige is in the ring as she gets set to take on Natalya. Tyson Kidd will be sitting in on commentary for this one. Trading side headlock takedowns to start, Nattie gets a shoulder block takedown and a rollup for 2. Paige fires back with a big forearm and some stomps in the corner. Nattie slaps Paige out of the corner and gets a butterfly suplex, sending Paige to the floor. Baseball slide by Nattie but Paige goads her in and blasts her with a superkick on the floor. Back inside, Paige hits her with a series of headbutts before hitting her hanging kneelifts. Cover gets a 2 count and Paige goes with an abdominal stretch. Nattie is able to reverse into one of her own but Paige gets a snapmare and seated superkick before licking Natalya’s face (!). Nattie is incensed and she rains down right hands before getting trapped in a guillotine. Nattie goes to deadlift her way out of it but Paige reverses into a crossbody for 2. Discus clothesline by Nattie gets followed by a nice release German suplex. Sharpshooter attempt but Paige gets the ropes. She’s able to get the Paige Turner on Nattie but can only get a 2 count. Paige looks for the Scorpion crosslock but Natalya rolls through and looks for the Sharpshooter. Paige kicks her off and gets a rollup to get the win.


WINNER: Paige (via pinfall)

Rating: ***


Luke Harper (?) video. Kinda sure it was him.


Back from break and here comes Bo Dallas. He says that he’s offering himself to whichever Survivor Series team (Team Cena or Team Authority) truly ‘bolieves’. His opponent is Sheamus, coming off a successful US title defense at HIAC. The announcers discuss Ryback’s return on Monday, answering Bo’s open challenge. Dallas gets an armdrag to set the pace. Sheamus answers with a big shoulder block. Bo gets shot off, ducks a clothesline and hits a dropkick on Sheamus before taking a victory lap. Sheamus takes him down with a side headlock but Bo nips up out of it and celebrates! What an inspiration! Bo charges again but gets tossed to the outside. He comes back in and promptly gets clotheslined back to the apron. 10 beats of the Bodhran by Sheamus. Bo is able to trip Sheamus on the apron and get a 2 count back inside. Bo makes the mistake of slapping Sheamus a few times before attempting the Bo-dog. Sheamus tosses him off and Bo slaps him again! That’s all he can stand, he can’t stands no more and hits the Brogue Kick to pick up the win.


WINNER: Sheamus (via pinfall)

Rating: **1/4



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