4CReport: Ring of Honor TV (10/25/2014)

by Billy Carpenter (@4CR_Billy)


Jay Briscoe wants to know if Mike Bennett is ready for his title shot tonight.

Jimmy Jacobs & Roderick Strong of The Decade make their way out to kick off this week’s show. They get a shot at the ROH World tag titles held by possibly the tag team of the year, reDRagon. O’Reilly & Jacobs starting off and Jacobs gets a headscissors. Fish in but Jacobs cuts him off and takes him down with a choke.  In comes Roddy but Fish is able to take him to reDRagon’s corner. Tag to Kyle and he & Fish take turns kicking Roddy. Jacobs is able to grab O’Reilly from the outside and cause a distraction for Roddy. Jacobs tagged in and he hits some double stomps. Electric chair senton by The Decade gets 2! Kyle gets a dragon screw and in comes Fish. He takes out Jacobs & Strong before Jacobs gets another spinning headscissors. Kyle cuts him off with a dropkick though and reDRagon goes to work on Jimmy. Back suplex by Fish gets 2 as we head to commercial break…

…reDRagon still in control as we come back. Tilt a whirl backbreaker/flying knee drop combo gets 2! Irish whip to the corner but Jimmy flies off with a cutter! Tag to Strong and he’s on fire. Olympic Slam on Fish and he catches Kyle off the top rope with a modified Powerbomb for 2. Guillotine choke by Kyle! Jacobs locks one on Fish! Fish & Roddy power their way out of both chokes before firing shots on one another. Kyle & Strong on the ring now and a sick kick takes O’Reilly down. Adam Page tries to slip Roddy a chair but he refused and throws it back at Page. Ax & Smash!  Back suplex by Fish! Chasing the Dragon and that’s it for The Decade!

WINNER : reDRagon (via pinfall)
Rating: **3/4

It’s time for the second title match of the show, as Will Ferrara takes on the man he eliminated from the Honor Rumble a few weeks back, the ROH World TV champion Jay Lethal. Lethal takes over early, raining down punches before throwing him to the floor. He continues to toss Ferrara over the top, making reference to him being tossed out of the Rumble. Ferrara keeps fighting back and is able to hit a trio of elbows in the corner. He’s able to get a suplex but is soon caught with a Lethal Combination. Hail to the King but Ferrara gets a boot up to counter. Tornado DDT sends Lethal to the floor, which Ferrara follows up with a topè suicida! SICK German suplex gets a 2 count. Jesus, he dropped Lethal right on his neck. He gets nailed with a superkick though and a Lethal Injection gets the win for the champ.

WINNER : Jay Lethal (via pinfall)
Rating : * * 3/4

Main event time and here comes Michael Bennett, as he’s set to challenge for the ROH World title. Maria Kanellis, though…
Kid in the front row with a Jay Briscoe shirt and that just lets you know that parenting is being done right in WV. Bennett with a slap to kick start the match and Jay gives chase around the ring. Bennett cuts him off in the ring and works over the champ. Jay fights back but misses a splash in the corner. Suplex by Bennett gets 2. Double axehandle off the top gets reversed into a corner facebuster by Jay. Scoop slam followed by a leg drop gets 2. Jay continues to work over Bennett before sending him back out with a clothesline. Bennett is able to Irish whip Jay into the boards to regain control. At the top of the ramp,  Bennett goes for a suplex but it’s reversed by Briscoe as we go to the final commercial. ..

Jay throwing forearms as we come back from break. Ratchet Neckbreaker by the champ gets 2. Fireman’s carry by Briscoe but Bennett fights out of it…superkick! Spinning flatliner into the Anaconda Vise by Bennett!  Jay gets to the rope to force the break. Bennett looks to piledrive Jay on the apron but Todd Sinclair puts a stop to it. Jay with a DVD on the apron! Jay looking for a crossbody off the top but it’s countered with a dropkick…spear by Bennett gets a near fall. Michael Bennett calls for a Twist of Fate but Jay counters into a sleeper. Jay Driller attempt,  Maria slides the Title of Love in to distract Jay and Bennett gets a piledriver for a very near fall. Somersault senton misses, Briscoe recovers and hits the Jay Driller to win the match!

WINNER: Jay Briscoe (via pinfall)
Rating : ***

Maria confronts Jay post match and the champ goes for the Jay Driller until Adam Cole attacks. Mark Briscoe makes the save but it’s only momentarily as Matt Taven makes his return and takes out Mark. He reveals that he’s joined The Kingdom and they all stand over the Briscoes as we go off the air…



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