4CReport: NXT 10-30-2014

by Billy Carpenter (@4CR_Billy)

Tag team battle royal to determine the new #1 contenders to the Lucha Dragons’ tag titles kicks off the show. We’ve got The Ascension,  The Vaudevillains, Enzo & Big Cass, Team Thick and Dillinger & Jordan. Recapping battle royals isn’t my thing, but Connor & Viktor toss out both Team Thick and Ty & Jason. We’re alreasy down to the last few teams–Ascension, Vaudevillains and Enzo & Big Cass. The Vaudevillains roll out unnoticed and the Ascension take turns beating both Amorè & Cass. They eliminate our favorite Jersey natives by tossing Enzo into Cass. Hideo Itami comes out and stares down The Ascension and the Vaudevillains eliminate them while they’re distracted!


WINNERS: The Vaudevillains

Itami charges after the match but it doesn’t end well for him, as The Ascension dismantle him before threatening to send him back to Japan in a box.

Emma is back at Full Sail and her opponent this week is Carmella. No move for move review here, I wanted to assess the newest member of the NXT women’s division. First, she’s definitely solid in the ring and I actually thought she was a bit more crisp than Emma here. Alot of Emma’s move set looks clunky, some of which I’m sure is dictated by her character. The big drawback right now for me as far as Carmella goes is that her character came off like a knockoff Sasha Banks, but that can easily be fleshed out over time. In fact, I can easily see her aligned with The Boss in the near future. This match was solid enough and Carmella gets a win over an established NXT/WWE star.


WINNER : Carmella

They show a pretty cool ‘behind the scenes’ video of the Performance Center, which ties into an article in the new Muscle & Fitness magazine.

Justin Gabriel & Bull Dempsey up next…clash of styles, yes? Dempsey charges to start and Gabriel tries his best to fight back. Wheelbarrow facebuster gets 2 for Bull. Attack continues and a big sidewalk slam also gets 2. Bull locks in a cobra clutch to ground Gabriel. Bull goes for another side slam but Gabriel gets a tilt-a-whirl reverse DDT for 2…moonsault off the top also gets 2! Justin goes for something off the middle rope but gets caught and backdropped. Dempsey just runs through Gabriel a la Vader coming off the Irish whip. Bull goes up top and hits a flying headbutt to finish things off.


WINNER: Bull Dempsey

Backstage, Bayley discusses Becky Lynch’s turn from last week. She tells Becky to bring Sasha next week and she’ll bring her friend, Charlotte.

Baron Corbin makes his way out to take on some guy with “Briggs” on the back of his singlet. Corbin quickly hits the End of Days and that’s that.

WINNER : Baron Corbin

Sylvester Lafort and Marcus Louis are out already for the next match. Louis looks crazed and ends the match quickly with a uranage slam.


WINNER: Marcus Louis


Main event time and Sami Zayn is here to take on Titus O’Neil,  who’s…still on NXT. I wasn’t a big fan of the first encounter,  maybe this one will be different. Titus just tosses around Sami to start and gains an early advantage. Zayn fights back but O’Neil knocks him back down. Couple of backbreakers and Titus is in control as we go to break…

…O’Neil with a bear hug clamped on as we come back. He just starts head butting Zayn’s chest before tossing him off and getting a near fall. Titus starts slapping Sami,  who fires back with some shots of his own before a thunderous scoop slam stops the momentum. O’Neil tosses Sami out of the ring twice but Sami holds on the third time. He’s able to get a crossbody off the top for 2 before Titus damn near beheads him with a clothesline for a near fall. Argentina backbreaker drop but Sami won’t stay down! Titus charges Sami in the corner but he gets caught…Exploder suplex by Sami into the corner! Helluva Kick to Titus and Sami gets the win!


WINNER : Sami Zayn

Post-match, Tyler Breeze comes out to inform Zayn that they’ll meet on next week’s show before we fade to black…


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