4CReport: Ring of Honor TV (11/1/14)

by Billy Carpenter (@4CR_Billy)

Matt Sydal talks about his last few years in the wrestling business and how he is “reborn”. He hooks it up with AJ Styles tonight in what should be a great main event.

Kevin Kelly is joined by Truth Martini this week!

Mark Briscoe is out first this week to do battle against Caprice Coleman. Both men are ordained ministers, by the way. Some back and forth to start and Caprice is able to get a few arm drags. Briscoe regains the advantage and sends Coleman outside before getting a baseball slide. He looks for the Cactus Elbow but Caprice moves and gets the 1″ punch. Springboard Asai moonsault!  Back inside, Caprice gets a Hurricanrana for 2. Irish whip to the far side but Mark counters with a straight right hand. Clothesline gets a 1 count, but Coleman comes back with a springboard crossbody. REDNECK KUNG FU. Side slam by Mark, but his clothesline is countered into the Trinity for a near fall. Charge in the corner, Coleman misses and eats a DVD. Froggybow attempt but Caprice leaps up and Hurricanranas Mark off the top! Snapmare driver also gets a near fall. Mark comes back with more REDNECK KUNG FU but Caprice is able to counter until Mark dumps him on his head with a suplex. Mark spikes him with a Death Valley Driver and that’s all she wrote!

WINNER : Mark Briscoe (via pinfall)

Nigel McGuinness calls out Tommaso Ciampa after we come back from break. He tells Ciampa that he’s going to reinstate him next week under a zero tolerance policy. Ciampa is under the impression that he’s getting a world title shot next week, but Nigel let’s him know that’s not the case. He runs down Nigel before Jay Briscoe makes his way out. They jaw with each other and while Ciampa’s being pulled out by a gang of refs, The Kingdom comes down and attacks Jay. They hit a triple superkick and Mark Briscoe attempts to make a save on his brother’s behalf. It’s unsuccessful, and Taven & Bennett hit him with the Doomsday Device. The Kingdom poses mid-ring as we head to commercial. ..

Brutal Burgers are here! They’re taking on Adam Page & BJ Whitmer from The Decade this week. Bob is able to gain control and slams Cheeseburger on top of Page for a 2 count. Martini says that Cheeseburger looks like a ‘wet cigar’…Page & Whitmer take turns working on Cheeseburger but he’s able to tag in Evans. Bulldog by Bob followed up by an armbar on Page!  Super sized Stunner for 2! The advantage doesn’t last though and Page viciously crossfaces Cheeseburger. Fade to Black and The Decade picks up the win.

WINNERS : Adam Page & BJ Whitmer (via pinfall)


Main event time and Matt Sydal is out to great reaction. AJ Styles (still with IWGP title here) follows and you know he’s getting a big reaction in West VA. Crowd is finally fired up and we get some nice hold-for-hold action to start. Sydal takes control with a side headlock. After some more back & forth, AJ grabs a headlock himself before going to the arm. No man with a clear advantage and we go to break in the midst of a stare down…

Springboard crossbody countered into a pair of unique backbreakers by AJ as we come back. Springboard forearm by AJ. Cradle Surfboard by Styles but Sydal is able to get a pin for 2! Suplex attmept stopped when Matt goes after AJ’s knee before hitting a crucifix bomb! Both men trading shots, AJ goes for another suplex but Sydal counters again. Jumping knee send AJ outside but he’s able to trip Sydal coming off the ropes. Pump handle gut buster followed by a sit out facebuster for a near fall by AJ! Styles up, Sydal cuts him off and goes for a super rana but Styles just moved out of the way and Sydal lands on the buckle. Back up, Styles looking for a suplex but Sydal knocks him and hits him with a flying double knee for a near fall! Corner clothesline by Sydal, he’s looking for a top rope superplex. It’s blocked so he goes for a top rope rana! AJ trying to counter into a Styles Clash off the second rope but Sydal continues to fight it off. Back on the mat, AJ hits a spinning back fist but misses a clothesline…spinning enziguri by Sydal! Shooting Star press misses and AJ goes for the Styles Clash again…Sydal continues to fight so AJ spikes him on his head! Styles Clash! AJ gets the win in a great main event.

WINNER : AJ Styles (via pinfall)

Truth Martini follows Sydal back up the ramp and tries to offer some words of encouragement as we go off the air…

Another good edition of Ring of Honor TV, but holy shit, that crowd sucked outside of the main event. Not sure how deep we are into the TV tapings at this point but crowd fatigue may have been the issue. We were treated to a great main event, another chapter in the Ciampa angle and some more advancement between The Kingdom and the Briscoes. I’m assuming that this is leading to Cole/Jay at Final Battle for the ROH World title which I’m perfectly fine with. Also, we’ll see what comes of Truth Martini chasing Matt Sydal as a possible new HoT member. Jay Lethal has had a real resurgence and new life as a heel–could Truth do the same for the former Evan Bourne?


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