4CReport: WWE Superstars (11/6/2014)

by Billy Carpenter (@4CR_Billy)

The Exotic Express leads Adam Rose to the ring to kick off Superstars this week. His opponent is the recently returned Curtis Axel. Axel dominates to begin the match, just beating Rose down before hitting a dropkick for 2. Rose fights out of a chinlock but eats a nice knee lift to the jaw for another 2. Backbreaker connects but Axel misses a second rope elbow drop. Adam Rose comes back with some forearms and hits Axel with a spinebuster. He charges into the corner but Axel hits a back elbow. The Bunny distracts Axel and Rose is able to get a rollup on Axel for 2. Both men back up but Rose hits the Party Foul and picks up the win!



WINNER : Adam Rose (via pinfall)

From RAW, the return of Mr. McMahon!  He raises the stakes for the Team Authority/Team Cena Survivor Series match:


Also from RAW, Mark Henry takes out The Big Show.

Dolph Ziggler defies The Authority and is forced to defend the IC title against Seth Rollins.

Xavier Woods does his best James Brown impression:

Superstars main event time and here comes Jack Swagger, along with Zeb Colter. His opponent is the one man rock band, Heath Slater (baybayyyyy!). Don’t count out Slater, he did beat Seth Rollins in a RAW main event this year. Go behind slams by Swagger, Slater tries for one of his own but to no avail. Off the ropes, Slater goes for a leapfrog but gets caught in a slam for 2. Irish whip to the corner but Slater gets his boots up on the charge. Swagger is able to get a big shoulder block off the ropes and clotheslines Slater out as we go to break…

…Swagger in control as we come back but Slater backdrops him out. Baseball slide into the announce table and Slater is in control. Near fall back inside and Slater works a chinlock. Jumping sidekick by Heath also gets 2 before going back to the rear chinlock. Jack gets a jawbreaker to get out of it but Heath quickly takes control back. Clothesline out of the corner by Swagger and he hits the Swagger Bomb for a near fall. Swagger gets the Patriot Lock but Slater counters with an enziguri for 2! Backdrop by Swagger–he sits Slater on the top and goes for a superplex. It’s blocked and Heath shoves him off and goes for a crossbody but Jack catches him in the Patriot Lock and Heath taps!


WINNER : Jack Swagger ( via submission)

Rybaxel with the segment of the week. Just fantastic. (Sorry, best quality video I could find):


We close out Superstars with RAW’s closing segment and The Authority as we know it is no more. Fun episode this week, featuring a solid Swagger/Slater match and that Ryback/Axel promo. Still think they could cut 1-2 RAW recaps and give us another match, but that’s likely wishful thinking.


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