Top 10 Indie Matches to Watch For: December ’14

This will be a new feature on 4CR. At the beginning of every month I’ll run down the 10 indie matches you should be looking out for come the next month.  So clearly the match will have to be announced coming into the month. These won’t necessarily be the matches I feel will deliver the highest in-ring quality, though that will often be a substantial be part of it, but based on the level of interest the match generates for me. Matches will also move up in my book by being the best match on their card. Little different this month where matches are in order of the date and I attached a HYPE Grade to give you a simple idea of how I am feeling about it.  If you don’t see a match you think should be on tweet me at @SammyJ_D. If you think a promotion is missing all together then when the time comes to suggest promotions or matches, TWEET ‘EM!

Chris Hero vs Big Daddy Walter(wXw 12/5)

Big Daddy Walter is not going to be the only big fella entering this one! Did we get the “Hero has put on some weight” obligatory comment? GREAT! The match itself is likely to be quite the doozy. If Hero’s stint in NOAH’s Global League is any indication he at the very least is in shape to compete. He might have to slow down a little bit but to counteract that he has simply added more beef to his already impressive strikes. Then we take into account that Walter is a behemoth that isn’t down for 100MPH BS-ing. Walter is in there for a battle of BIG proportions (nailed it). If this match boils down to two dudes beating each other up for 15-20 minutes I would be perfectly fine with that. These two have wrestled one another before with good results and now with even more seasoning from Walter I can only imagine how they can make this one better. Championship match that from afar comes across as quite the big deal.


Young Bucks vs Swann/Fox (2CW 12/5)

While this is technically a first time encounter what is holding this match from moving too far up the board is being a pairing for the Young Bucks we have really seen many times. Whether it be Ricochet and Rich Swann or AR Fox and Kalisto or a 6-man tag all four competitors were in this has been done before in PWG. What this does have going for it in a weak month is a high chance of being pretty darn good. Swann and Fox put on a great match for 2CW against Tajiri and Mikey Whipwreck and look to put another great 2CW match under their belt.


Throwbacks vs Devastation Corporation (CHIKARA 12/6)

I will level with you, I have not been keeping up with CHIKARRA this year and to level with you once again I don’t feel bad about it at all. Nothing I have seen or heard seems awfully appealing. But, BUT, when I was following the CHIKARRA these are the two teams I always came across enjoying. In fact, Max Smashmaster was easily one of my favorite indie wrestlers of 2013. He is so fat and so good at making you know he is fat. Dasher Hatfield is quality hand, should I said mitt(nailed it), in the ring but Mark Angelossetti is the man to watch on that team. He has an explosion in his move and is capable of some great character work. Chikarra has prided itself on its tag team division since inception which is why the tag titles preceded the Grand Championship by years. Easily the best match on CHIKARRA’s finale and has a very good chance at being the best match they put on all year.


Young Bucks vs Chris Sabin/Matt Sydal-(PWG 12/12)

PWG has an upgrade for their best on paper match over last month! Not a slight to Alexander vs Fish but Sabin and Sydal make an incredibly compelling team. The team of former TNA stud and WWE wrestler who could have been a big deal isn’t your typical pairing of indie juniors. Both talents are capable of pacing a match really well and are less prone to getting their stuff in at all costs. The Young Bucks aren’t everyone’s cup of tea but they are more than capable of putting on excellent matches. I am already getting excited about the FIP segment on Sydal. With a little bit of a different dynamic on paper than typical Young Bucks matches and the extra different aspect of PWG makes for a heck of an enticing encounter.


Caleb Konley vs Jon Gresham vs Alex Colon vs David Starr vs Mike Bailey vs AR Fox (CZW 12/13)

While I have enjoyed CZW in the past they have decided to crap the bed in impressive fashion for the majority of 2014. That trend looks to continue with typically their biggest event of the year. On a positive note they have decided to throw a bunch of talent into one match that promises to be a zany spot filled scramble. Do I think this is the best use of this talent? Not one bit and to me it is insulting to put wrestlers capable of good matches all together instead of giving fans a few potentially quality matches. Okay, attempting to stop raging on CZW and say why you SHOULD look forward to this match. Like I said, most of these wrestlers are capable of good matches and if they are going to be deduced to big spots then guys like Starr, Fox, and the underutilized Bailey can definitely bring this one up a few notches. The rest of the field, while not my favorite wrestlers in the world, can certainly add to this environment. We could be talking about one of the best scrambles of the year when this is done.


Biff Busick/Drew Gulak vs Super Smash Bros(SMASH 12/14)

Remember when Super Smash Bros were killing it in PWG? Well they have been doing that in what some call the “PWG of Canada”. From what I have seen SMASH puts on some fun shows and just put on Gulak and Busick vs the Young Bucks. That match had me quite excited but this? Yeah, this is a match you would have trouble finding anywhere else. Maybe C*4 or some other Canadian promotion could have but it just makes sense that it was SMASH. Gonna be honest, Player Uno is not the most dynamic wrestler but he DOES add a dynamic to this team. Player Dos is your more athletic wrestler and possibly the most athletic wrestler in the match. His exchanges with the American grapplers could be worth the price of a ticket. Best match announced so far for SMASH’s card and is would be the best among a good chunk of shows.


Ricochet vs AJ Styles (HOG 12/19)

Some may call this a dream match. I call this a match I am incredibly surprised has not happened during AJ Styles’ return from the pit of wrestling hell they call TNA. Ricochet has killed it kayfabe style this year and has a few stand out awesome matches. Styles has had a decent kayfabe year and a sizable chunk of MOTYC. House of Glory is coming off a show headlined by Low Ki and Ricochet. I am a massive fan of an indie giving a wrestler just a streak of big matches that feel like big matches. PWX did it with Cedric Alexander at the end of 2013 into 2014 and HOG is going back to back with big ones for Ricochet. Would be very welcomed to Styles working a match similar to his match with Naito from the G1 would be nice so we can get some real contrast with heel and face.


Amazing Red vs Shynron vs Ricochet vs Anthony Nese vs Tracy Smothers vs Brian XL(PWS 12/20)

On a show with AJ Styles vs Rob Van Dam THIS is the match that is easily most interesting. Can think of very few matches with this many high level high-flyers and then this is mixed with the ultimate juxtaposition. Tracy Smothers is a wrestling god. How does it incorporate into the match? DOES IT MATTER?!?! Amazing Red can still go and it is a lot easier on him with 5 other people in there with him. Shynron has made his name off being properly nutty which I can bet will be on full display here. Ricochet is a world traveled guy who I don’t expect to bust out his BIG stuff but he can do a couple of cute spots and call it a day. Nese can bust his butt doing over choreographed spots. This probably won’t be as good as CZW’s scramble but this has the TRACY SMOTHERS BUMP!


Shane Hollister vs Louis Lydon (2 out of 3 falls) (AAW 12/26)

This could be a diamond in the rough for December. Hollister is someone who has not blown me away recently but I know he is capable. Lyndon on the other hand seems to just need an opportunity in order to really go to the next level. Maybe it is the Midwest, maybe it isn’t. Matches under 2 out of 3 falls has more possibilities but they need to take advantage of them. Lyndon is capable of taking it to the air as well as hit the mat. Honestly, he would be pretty rad in a lucha promotion. Funny how I come to that conclusion before a 2 out of 3 falls match. Hollister is a more traditional indie wrestler but if his match from Day of Defiance against Sami Callihan is any indication then given the right opponent he can bust out something impressive. Then again, I thought Eddie Kingston would be that guy. High risk, high reward match. A match between two Midwest wrestlers though in a year end show with not TOO fancy of rules but still fancier than normal amps it up in my book.


Chris Hero vs Eddie Kingston (AIW 12/26)

When I heard about this match single tear rolled down my cheek. I was absolutely overjoyed to hear that before 2014 closes out we will get a return to the rivalry between Eddie Kingston and Chris Hero. This is one of the most intense indie wrestling rivalries in the 21st century and AIW gets it to return. Neither man has had the greatest year of their career but that doesn’t take away from them being incredibly gifted wrestlers. AIW has been home to Kingston this year with Chikara being a turd and it is only fitting they bring this feud back for possibly one night only. These two could put on a mat based match and it would probably be really good but I don’t see them going that route. I predict a real stiff “strong-style” battle. Expect Kobashi chops, big boots, and massive suplexes.




You probably could have guessed the outcome based on two of the most HYPED matches. Hero and Kingston is something that gets me excited for the whole month. Him against Walter I also view as something that could be truly awesome. Hero also has a match in Beyond the same weekend as the Kingston match. Don’t know the match yet but Beyond does a pretty good job with their cards so I am hopeful.

Agree? Disagree? Send me a tweet @SammyJ_D and tell me what you think! 


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