Rockstar iPPV – 5-on-5 Island of Death; Colin Delaney Debut on Fri, Feb 6!



Celebrate three years at the Rockstar Pro Arena this Friday, February 6 LIVE on iPPV from 1106 E Third ST in Dayton, OH with a 7:30 pmbell time.

* In the main event, the fight for the Rockstar Pro Heavyweight Title erupts in a 5-on-5 Ultraviolent Island of Death Barbwire match with Team Crist vs. Team Hyde!
If Team Hyde wins, DJ Hyde becomes the Rockstar Pro Heavyweight champion!

For Team Crist: Rockstar Pro champion Jake Crist, Aaron Williams, Dave Crist, Ron Mathis, and Dustin Rayz!
(See Team Crist announce their participants at
For Team Hyde: DJ Hyde, Mikael, Jock Samson, “Silverback” Chris Hall & one more to be announced!
(See what Mikael had to say at

* The Rockstar Pro debut of Colin Delaney!

* In an Aerial Assault match for the American Luchacore Title, any former American Luchacore champion is eligible to compete, including Remi Wilkins, “The Ginger Juggernaut” Jeremiah, “Best of the Best” Alex Colon, Nate Wings and current, defending champion “Sick & Twisted” Zakk Spadez

* “Darkstar” Matt Taylor vs. Benjamin Kimera
(Darkstar has words for Kimera at

* “Mr. Reality Check” Big Jim Hutchinson vs. “True Grit” Bruce Grey
(Hear Hutchinson’s warning to Bruce Grey at

* Plus, “Bulldozer” Matt Tremont, Best of 2014 Awards, & much more!

For sponsorship and vending opportunities, contact

Support Rockstar Pro ‘THREE’ on Facebook at!

Watch the most recent iPPV, featuring Jake Crist vs. Chris Hero on-demand NOW, as well as DVDs and other merch at!

See the latest from Rockstar, including their weekly Wednesday event at or see their Wednesdayevents in person at 1106 E Third ST in Dayton, OH!


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